Making your practice work for you

Many doctors who got into the medical industry hoping to help people have been frustrated to find that the insurance company lobby, backed by the federal government, is making it especially hard to provide the right kind of care for patients without taking a substantial financial loss in most cases. … [Continue reading]

Shine on your Graduation Day with Short Cocktail Dresses from DressV

March is one of the most anticipated months of the year. This is not only because it is the prelude to a great summer ahead of us but because it is also an epilogue, an end of a journey of sorts, for the students who would be marching proudly with their parents on their graduation day. Graduation … [Continue reading]

Sweet Summer Giveaway : $50 Amiclubwear GC

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Although it is still spring in the US, some part of the globe is experiencing and getting the feel of summer already and what's better thing to do during summer is to  get out of your own haven and see the perfect beam of the sun and enjoy the waves of water and beauty of nature. To prepare you for … [Continue reading]

Top Graduation gifts for girls

It's graduation month again and if your those lucky family who will be celebrating graduation this year, then I believe by now, you are looking for … [Continue reading]

Dear Hello Kitty

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Lately, you have been in my daughter's mind and hearts and you enter our home with a beaming smile, perhaps because of the thought that  you are … [Continue reading]

Fashion Finds : Your choice matter

With different choices of accessories especially ring collection, it is sometimes hard to choose among them.  Scott Kay cobalt rings can be one of … [Continue reading]

Unique and Fashionable Shoes for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and has been starting to knock on your door. The climate may seem unforgiving at times but we all have been waiting … [Continue reading]

Dolan: Brings Kids Fever Faster

Being a mother, it's really hard to see our kids get sick, honestly it makes me insane somehow to see them both sick, it is the fact that nursing sick … [Continue reading]

Perfume madness : Rock your smell

Smelling great is just like looking great.  Perfume or cologne are just something every man and woman has in their vanity kit.  Some could not go out … [Continue reading]

Common Skin Problems

When you suffer from a common skin condition, it can sometimes seem impossible to always put your best face forward. While it may sometimes feel like … [Continue reading]