Lesson Learned: Rings and Locks

It's another lesson learned for me yesterday.  We were busy preparing to go out as early as possible and prepared all the things we needed to bring since the night before. Good thing, when we arrive at mother in law's place, the street is not yet closed and the parade are just making preparing for … [Continue reading]

“Alternative” Medicine

“Alternative medicine” is termed as such, but it is not “alternative” to modern medicine. Alternative medicine is the original medicine used for thousands of years, and modern medicine is the alternative; although, it is mainstream. Alternative medicine utilizes vitamins and nutrients from plants to … [Continue reading]

Experience Singapore F1 2014

If your one of the many F1 enthusiasts, i know this news of Singapore   Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix night would be a  great news for you, no it doesn't involve shipping cars internationally but sharing a great night of entertainment with worldwide known singers and … [Continue reading]

Free Shipping for Essential Things

There are many things that we need everyday.  Some are essential things and some may not.  Your usual  tour to the grocery may be for the basic … [Continue reading]

Choosing The Right Pearl Accessory

Women are said to love pearls as much as any other type of jewelry, but there are many ways for gentlemen to purchase pearls for women. Women want to … [Continue reading]

SCHICK INTRODUCES #SMOOTHLEEADVENTURE.  Get a chance to win exciting prizes by downloading the Smooth Lee app.

SCHICK’S SMOOTH LEE PROMO OFFERS AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Want a trip to Hongkong and Macau for four days 3 nights with a free tour at Ocean … [Continue reading]

Weddingshe cheap wedding dresses for every bride

Dreaming of that special day , that day were you walk hand in hand with the man you love. It's indeed a day that every woman dreams, a day wherein … [Continue reading]

Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter: Complementary Skin Moisturizing and Healing Properties

Dermatologists and medical researchers from all over the world are enthusiastic about the benefits of coconut oil, milk, and water for the body and … [Continue reading]

Dressv vintage lace bridesmaid dresses

Looking pretty and nice that's what all bride would want to be in their special day.  Preparations for the entourage is commonly done months or a year … [Continue reading]

Pink Basis Gladiator Sandals : Designer Looks for Less


They say that diamonds is girls best friend but then shoes are definitely something we can't  live without.  From a pair of sneakers, to flip flops, … [Continue reading]