4 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

When a marriage ends, some women can find themselves suddenly and unpreparedly responsible for car and home payments, plus other recurring bills. Before scrambling to pay your bills on time, consider selling one big asset: your engagement ring. How do you make money off your already-worn diamond? … [Continue reading]

Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s

Love is definitely in the air and everyone seems to be happy and enjoying the sense of feeling loved and cherished on this special day of February. It’s a great day to express our love to the ones we really care about and spend some quality together just like the rest of the couples around the … [Continue reading]

Three Great Ways To Invest In Your Child’s Future

If you're like most parents, raising a well-rounded child with high self-esteem is at the top of your priority list. Luckily, there are several simple strategies that you can implement to invest in your child's future this way. Here are three: 1. Support Their Hobbies. One of the greatest ways … [Continue reading]

Life as it seems

Have you tried something new in your life that you end up thinking that I have should  not done this or have you tried to go against your own belief … [Continue reading]

Something to Live By

There maybe times I could not say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful for all the things you have done.  For all the support and … [Continue reading]

6 Best Hairstyles for six different faces

sassy hair infographics

  Check out more details on what hairstyles will suite you on Sassy6. … [Continue reading]

Finding your perfect engagement ring

We never had an engagement ring, although i'm not complaining nor ranting, it would be nice though to have one if i may say.  custom engagement ring … [Continue reading]

A Passionate Gratitude

Saying thank you in the most passionate way is something I would want to achieve. Even I am a vocal person, it's very hard for me to say thank you … [Continue reading]

Fashion Finds: Kate Spade Fall 2015 Collection

One of the leading brand in the fashion market today, Kate Spade at New York Fashion Week unveil the details of their Fall 2015 Collection.  Such a … [Continue reading]

Valentine ready in fashionable curls

The month of love is already here and everyone with their hearts in the right places is very excited for the events. Men are stressed on how to make … [Continue reading]