Top Skin Care Products of 2014

skin care

Having a great skin is a must nowadays. More and more women, even men are getting very keen when it comes to taking care of the skin. A young, healthy and glowing skin can really do a lot in improving one's confidence. Skin imperfections can now be solved with the perfect and most suitable skin care … [Continue reading]

Hair Extensions and its Benefits

The hair is out crowning glory. The fact remains that changing our hair style and hair color is not as easy as changing the color of our nails. Thus is not a surprise that more and more women are leaning into wearing hair extensions. The trends when it comes to hairstyle changes from time to time. … [Continue reading]

How to Find the Perfect Evening Dress

A line of parties are up for this December till early next year so you are probably worrying on what to wear and how to practically blend in or hopefully stand out in the partying crowd. Basically you have one thing to consider before buying that peach cocktail dress or that bright blue one. Never … [Continue reading]

Don’t Let Fine Lines And Wrinkles Drag You Down, Fight Back With Botox

Fine lines and wrinkles literally can drag a person down. Our skin succumbs to the ravages of gravity as a person ages. Unfortunately, the effect is a … [Continue reading]

Nursing Home Or Assisted Living

When the time comes to think about placing your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are some things to keep in mind about … [Continue reading]

Holiday Gift Guide : Drum it on

It's almost Christmas, perhaps your gifts are all ready, packed and wrapped for your special one.  But if you still haven't had any idea of what to … [Continue reading]

Your One Stop for Overall Health and Wellness

Bio3Fitness, located in Quebec, Canada, is a private company offering a variety of services for weight loss, personal training and overall health and … [Continue reading]

When You Need to Find Answers

When you are plagued by gastrointestinal problems, it can feel like a true guessing game. Whether you are dealing with a bloating issue that simply … [Continue reading]

Be Practically Stylish with Wigs

Our hair is our crowning glory and it plays a vital role in the total look that we want to portray. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to wear any hair … [Continue reading]

PH welcomes Fine supplement products from Japan; Launches new potent collagen drink

Among most Asians, the Japanese are considered to possess not just flawless and youthful skin, but also live well beyond their years, with a longevity … [Continue reading]