2013 Fashion Trends

Each beginning of the year, many fashionista and trend setter are always on the look out of the latest fashion.  What would be the new color of the year, the design that will totally rock, bags, accessories, materials that will be used, those are just one of many fashionable people would like to know.

Last year, studs and spikes dominated the scene and I have seen many different designs and innovations of studs and spikes.  Unlike the usual black, brown and white,  bright colors was used to incorporate studs and spikes.

This year, would be another interesting year for fashion because of the latest trends that are coming out in the market.  Bright and neutral colors would stay as usual and I guess prints and stripes or water colored design would dominate the trend because of the year of the  water snake.

marie claire fashion trends

Different fashion designer have shown their version of  stripe designs from simple to complex style and I just wonder if I can have the chance to wear them.  Another dominating color would be green (is  it because the snake is mostly green) as they say it is the color of the year.

michael kors fashion

Another fashion come back is the all white slice and dice,  different dress styled with slices and dice all over the body. Something, i don’t think i can freely wear each day but look deliciously and angelically tempting.

victoria beckham

So, what do you like best?  I guess, i would just stay with the usual denim and shirt or the prints dresses that i can buy on the mall. But who knows!

image source :  Marie Claire

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