Automating Pest Control Enhances Outdoor Living

Enjoying the porch, patio, or swimming area is one of the hallmarks of summer activity, and if the weather is mild, being outside can be an everyday task. Of course, nothing spoils a good time faster than mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests, which is why many homeowners are turning to mosquito misting systems to help alleviate the problem. Some of the things to consider when upgrading to a spraying system involve override controls and automatic performance, durability, and winterizing or filling the system with chemicals. Once these details are evaluated, property owners can take a lot of the work of maintaining a pest-free zone for their outdoor living needs.

Automatic with Override Control

The big advantage to misting systems is automatic control. When the sprayer system is programmed to turn on at a certain time and treat the desired area, the entire process becomes a simplified experience. However, the designated area can find itself in need of additional treatments throughout the day, and override ability to provide an extra layer of protection helps homeowners keep the location free of pests. Basically, being able to treat an area at will is a great convenience factor.


Because pipes, nozzles, and controls are all present in an automatic system, durability concerns should be considered by potential buyers. Systems that utilize nylon tubing and corrosion-resistant nozzles are materials that can provide years of service without needing too much attention. By selecting a company that installs systems noted for durability, homeowners can save time and frustration after the initial installation process.

Winterizing and Filling

Dealing with mosquito and tick repellent can be a job that no property owner gets excited about, which is why using a contracted specialist to monitor and fill the system is a great option. Plus, the professional will be able to properly winterize the pipes and associated hardware to prevent cold weather from causing leaks and other premature failures.

In the end, homeowners thinking about installing automatic systems should consider vendors that offer override controls, durability, and third-party services. These systems are great assets to any outdoor area, and being able to enjoy a pest-free patio, pool area, or deck, can be the highlight of any home. Automated systems take all the guess work out of pest treatments, and the right product can provide years of reliable service, which adds value to the home.

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