A Different Kind of Fashion Career

Are you looking for a career that combines art, science and fashion in a unique way? Consider Lash Technology. That’s right, the Art and Science of Eyelashes. Just when you thought that spectacular lashes were just another fashion trend, it turns out there’s a whole science behind the research and production of lash extensions, application and developing formulations that take natural lashes to a new level of lush. Companies like SugarLash Pro are at the forefront of this emerging field of fashion career.

What is Lash Technology?

Cosmetics companies ranging from budget to luxury products have flooded the market with eye makeup that does everything from nourishing lashes to making them longer, fuller and more lush. Recent trends also include the development of mascaras that add fibers to ‘grow’ lashes instantly. However, the wave of seems to be lash extensions.

The leading edge of the technology side seems to be with the so-called “Russian Treatment,” which is sweeping Europe and Asia. Called 3D extensions, these are lighter and longer-lasting than traditional extensions. This technique differs because instead of lash-on-lash application, there are 3 – 4 ultra-fine extensions applied to each natural lash. The company also focuses on safety and innovation.


What Are Lash Extensions?

These aren’t your grandma’s false eyelashes. Lash extensions offer a permanent solution to the problem of short or sparse lashes. A technicians applies lashes to the end of the natural eyelash with an adhesive bond; think of it as nail tips for your upper eyelid. Well-made extensions from a reputable manufacturer, applied by a certified lash technician, are a safe, long-term way to add the level of thickness and length desired by clients everywhere.

Lash extensions can be made of natural human hair, mink, faux mink or fox fur and even silk. When properly applied, they can lat up to one month. However, experts recommend a touch-up every 2 – 3 weeks to keep them in good repair. They can be worn with makeup, but be careful about getting them too wet or using oil-based makeup removers when you’re wearing extensions. The good news is that you won’t need to bother with mascara any more. Be aware that they must be removed by a professional lash technician or allowed to fall out on their own. Trying to remove them yourself could damage your natural lashes.

Are Certified Lash Technicians Really a Thing?

Yes, it is, and many cosmetology programs and colleges now offer certification courses in lash technology. This is a good option for those who are already working in the industry and want to add a specialization, students entering the field of cosmetology, makeup artists and beauty industry entrepreneurs. The only requirements are a passion for the job, steady hands, good eyesight and concentration. If attention to detail, the ability to work well with people and a string head for business are among your defining characteristics, lash tech may be a good option for you. Lash technicians can work at teaching, in beauty salons or spas and as makeup artists for private clients as well s in the film and stage industries.

The Way Forward in the Lash Industry

The new research and development models also move forward a feminist agenda that includes a sisterhood of scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating a foundation of products for women by women in all sectors of the industry that extends from makeup artists to CEOs. We want to create products that are safe, sustainable and ethical without using animal testing or exploiting women. Innovators strive to develop products that offer breakthroughs for longer-lasting, better looking lashes that truly pup up the ‘wow’ factor for even the most discerning of clientele

Whether you’re a cosmetologist, a research technician or you just adore beautiful lashes, I think we can all agree that advancing the industry in a way that’s sustainable and responsible benefits everyone. Beauty and science can coexist, and innovators in fashion are at the forefront of pushing forward into the 21st century and beyond.

2015 Best Skin Care Products

Staying beautiful nowadays seems to be a hard thing to achieve with all the worries and fast paced activities we all have to go through in our daily lives. Thanks to trusted and reliable beauty products available in the market for busy men and women alike, looking great and feeling confident is still possible, even with the enormous list of things we all have to do in our lives. Here are the top 5 best skin care beauty products available in the market this 2015.

melandriaonline best skin care products


Clinique is one of the best beauty products brand preferred by women. It is considered as a one stop shop where fragrances, make-up and skin products are available. Perfect for sensitive skin, Clinique  is indeed one of the top brand perfect for any woman, anywhere in the world.


Olay is one of the skin care lines under Procter & Gamble. The beauty brand is well-known for its anti-ageing skin care product that brings the best in any woman. It is also best known for is cleansers, scrubs, sunscreen lotions, perfumes and serums. It is also one of the most affordable high-end brands available in the market.


Personal skin care products are what Neutrogena does best. It also has hair care and hair loss cure products as well as several make-up items. The brand was earlier introduced to the market as “Natone” but was later on changed to Neutrogena after being taken over by Johnson & Johnson in 1994.


One of the most trusted and reliable cosmetic and beauty companies that originated in France is L’Oreal. It has several products under its belt which also include hair colors, skin care creams, sun blocks, several make-up items and perfumes. By far, this brand is the most preferred brans for beauty salons and by professional hair stylists.


Personal care is what Dove is well-known for in the beauty industry. From basic skin care to its hair replacement products, Dove has the best to offer when it comes to keeping the skin looking and feeling young and clean. The brand is own by Unilever and has a wide range of deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions and facial care both for men and women. This is another inexpensive yet very reliable beauty brand available in the market.

Disclaimer; this post is based on my personal experience of best skin care products used and reviews found in the internet. 

Tanning Without the Sun

One of the annual traditions associated with summertime is a great sun tan. There are more than a few reasons to show off a great summer look. Whether looking to prepare for a vacation in a tropical location, wanting to show off some great color, or trying to get that perfect look for a special event, sunless tanning offers the ultimate in convenience and safety for everyone. However every tanning salon is not created equal, and choosing a facility with high cleanliness standards, a professional staff, and multiple options, like Sun Tan City, can be a huge factor in a pleasant experience.


Cleanliness standards are something that every consumer should demand from their tanning salon. A clean and presentable atmosphere inspires confidence from the customer, and attention to the tiniest of details underscores a quality experience. In short, a clean facility is a place where customers and staff can feel comfortable and confident about the experience.

Professional Staff

Tanning salons with professional consultants can pinpoint the exact shade for a specific skin tone, which means that anyone and everyone will look their best after their sessions. In addition, interacting with polite and professional workers is the hallmark of a quality location. Instead of simply waving a hand or pointing at a booth, when workers take the time to escort customers to their locations and explain the options available the entire experience is much less intimidating.

Multiple Options

The days of a single setting tanning bed are long gone. Potential tanners should demand a customized experience with a number of different options. Those options do not apply to shades, but also apply to spray tans and types of tanning booths. Facilities that offer a number of different options transform a tanning appointment into an experience. After all, tanning should be an experience and not simply something checked off a to-do list.

In the end, finding the perfect salon with the right mixture of cleanliness, professional staff, and customized options is important. Not only can customers feel right at home as they embark on their busy day, but the salon can be a comforting experience that provides a few minutes of shelter from business as usual. No matter what the reason for visiting a tanning salon are, choosing the right one can often make the entire experience something to talk about and get everyone looking their very best.

Esthetics: Be your own boss

In the brutal economy that has been going on for the past several years, many people are being laid off. Finding a good job is a difficult thing to do nowadays. However, there are some solid career options out there that you may have never considered before. For example, a career in cosmetology offers very steady work in a profession that will always be in demand. Also, going to a cosmetology or esthetics school does not take the four years that it takes to earn a standard college degree. It also does not cost nearly as much money. Here are some of the benefits of a career in cosmetology.

1. Never work in an office again

Have you spent your entire life working in an office? Are you tired of the constant office politics and backstabbing that usually goes on in an office environment? If you answered yes to these questions, cosmetology might be the right career choice for you. You will be able to dress casually, so you can say goodbye to that uncomfortable suit and tie, except if you are going to attend a wedding or other special event. You will also not have someone constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you are working, as is the case in many offices.

2. You can be an entrepreneur

If you have ever dreamed of opening your own business, now is your chance. Once you become a licensed cosmetologist, you can open your own shop. If you have enough success, you will be able to open more shops. If you have a knack for business, you can have a special chain of salon franchises. The sky is the limit in this profession. People will always need the services of cosmetologists, so they will never stop being in demand. This business will never dry up.

3. Be your own boss

There is nothing better in life than controlling your own destiny. This is especially true when it comes to your career. It can be awful to go to work every day and despise the person you are working for. This is no way to live. If you open your own salon as a cosmetologist, you will not have someone telling you what to do all day. You will call the shots. If business is slow and it is nice weather, you can close the shop early. It is entirely up to you.

4 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

When a marriage ends, some women can find themselves suddenly and unpreparedly responsible for car and home payments, plus other recurring bills. Before scrambling to pay your bills on time, consider selling one big asset: your engagement ring. How do you make money off your already-worn diamond? Read on.

1. Know what you have. Before agreeing to sell, you’ll want to have a clear idea of how authentic your ring is and how high the quality of the diamond is. Bring your ring to a qualified appraiser, ideally one who doesn’t buy or sell diamonds. They’ll give you an unbiased opinion. You can also start to figure out how much your diamond engagement ring is worth by visiting https://www.diamondlighthouse.com/how-much-is-my-diamond-worth/5.

2. A professional appraiser, who doesn’t buy diamonds for themselves  should give you a more honest estimate.   The Gemological Institute of America provides undisputed appraisals for a small fee.

3. Decide whether you want to sell the ring to the diamond industry or to the public. Sometimes price isn’t the only consideration; many sellers want to get rid of their ring quickly, even if it means getting a bit less than it’s worth. If time is of the essence, the quickest deal you can make is with someone in the diamond industry.

4. Try to leave your emotions out of the deal. Engagement rings carry a lot of promises and memories with them, and it can be extremely difficult to part with yours. Since you view the ring as sentimental, you may want to put a higher price on it than a seller is willing to pay. If you’re not able to leave emotions out of the selling process, you may want to wait a while.

If possible, try not to rush the sale of your diamond. Resale prices for diamonds vary greatly, so if you put a little extra time into research and finding a buyer, you can really make out.

6 Best Hairstyles for six different faces

sassy hair infographics


Check out more details on what hairstyles will suite you on Sassy6.

Ms. Philippines MJ Lastimosa’s National Costume Gown at Ms. Universe Pageant

I have always been a fan of beauty pageant. I didn’t get the chance to watch the Ms. Philippines  2014 beauty pageant but was able to check that our current candidate for the Ms. Universe Pageant MJ Lastimosa has tried her luck twice to get the title and on the third time, she was able to bagged Ms. Philippines Universe.

Well, I have nothing to say about her beauty although i have heard from some that she’s much older than the other candidates but who cares, age is just a number as i always believe. But what took my interest is the recent pictures that are showing on my feed.

For the national costume competition she was wearing a creation  made by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza which was inspired by the Panagbenga Festival of Baguio.

image47MJ Lastimosa (national costume gown) photo credit AP

Different reactions are made, some says she was able to look good and others are just shocked and wished that it would be better if it was just done by a Filipino designer.

Panagbenga Festival is indeed a beautiful festival of flowers. Although the dress was full of colorful flowers, it’s just not as we wished it to be.

On the other hand, we all wish her luck 🙂

Haute Hair for the Holidays

Christmas is a great time for merrymaking, but then it can also be a terrible season for stress. Work may greatly increase as the holidays approach; add to that a heavy rotation of parties, intense decision-making on what gifts to buy and frantic scheduling for gatherings.

All these frenzied activities may take a toll on your appearance, especially your hair. Your mane may tend to misbehave at this point, just when you’re about to attend one party after another. But don’t stress yourself out, as the acclaimed Japanese hair-care brand, SYOSS, gives you the haute coiffure pampering these holidays.

SYOSS offers professional hair care, styling and coloration that provide a wide range of benefits and solutions to help turn dreaded bad-hair days to experiencing great salon-beautiful hair every day. Isn’t that what every woman wants and desires?

Through its wide range of high-performing products that address the most common hair dilemmas of women in more than 50 countries, SYOSS stays true to its brand philosophy of helping them achieve professional hair care at an affordable price.

SYOSS contains a specially formulated hair-care technology called “Pro-Cellium Keratin,” which was developed by top Japanese hairdressers to provide treatment for damaged hair by penetrating hair strands and reconstructing them from the inside.

SYOSS lets you look sensational, as its shampoos and conditioners come in three variants: Repair Therapy, Moisture Intensive Care and Anti-Dandruff Control. Repair Therapy is designed to repair heavily damaged, stressed, colored or permed hair. Moisture Intensive Care is formulated to moisturize dry, frizzy and brittle hair. Anti-Dandruff Control contains Zinc Pyrithione, which fights dandruff from the first application while providing smoothness to the hair.

syoss hair

SYOSS also has a hair coloration range that provides perfect gray coverage with long-lasting and intensely vibrant colors. Women can choose among eight shades: Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Mocha, Medium Brown, Dark Ruby Red, Medium Ash Blonde and Extra Light Ash Brown.

No hairstyle is perfect for the holidays without a styling product’s final touch! The SYOSS hair styling products make it easy to achieve professional-looking hairstyles without going to the salon. Curl Control whip and cream give defined, long-lasting curls, full of perfect bounce and smoothness while Strong Hold wax provides mega-strong hold to achieve individual looks easily.

SYOSS also introduces a revolutionary new range, the Oleo Intense, which is an oil-infused salon-quality range for 100% intensive nourishment and color intensity. It comes in shampoos, conditioners and hair coloration products and hair replacement product.. The shampoo and conditioner, when used together, nurture your hair with precious oil that results to opulent shine and suppleness. On the other hand, the pure oil in Oleo Intense hair color intensifies the coloring action, delivering a higher amount of pigments, deeper into the hair cortex and maximizing the color efficiency.
Avoid the Christmas rush and let SYOSS make you look sensational this season. Find it at all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide.

About Henkel
Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Beauty Care, Laundry & Home Care, and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 47,000 people and reported sales of 15,605 million euros and adjusted operating profit of 2,029 million euros in fiscal 2011. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX.

Top Skin Care Products of 2014

Having a great skin is a must nowadays. More and more women, even men are getting very keen when it comes to taking care of the skin. A young, healthy and glowing skin can really do a lot in improving one’s confidence. Skin imperfections can now be solved with the perfect and most suitable skin care product in the market nowadays. Now, here’s our list for the Top Skin Care products of 2014 based from different products I have tried so far.

Did your skin care product made our list?

2014 best skin care

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Who said fine lines are the hardest to remove or hide? Removing this unwanted lines is now possible with this skin care product that promises extreme rejuvenation. You can even track the difference starting from day 1. Enjoy a facial at the comforts of your homes everyday with this skin care product.

Obagi Professional C-Serum

Neutralize free radicals at all the layers of the skin with this formula that targets to diminish the damaging process of the skin cells turning it dull and lifeless. Rejuvenate skin while hindering the ageing process is what this product does best. It contains antioxidants that helps protect the skin daily.

Ponds Age Miracle Cell Regen Day Cream

Hydrate your skin everyday with this rich and creamy formula that can easily penetrate the  skin from within. A day Cream which has SPF 15 . Reduce dryness and get smooth, soft and radiant skin with this product.  It has 6 vital bio-actives that helps skin care regenerate faster. I believe it’s okay to age but age beautifully.  It also far more affordable compared to its contemporaries.

Stay beautiful, young looking and confident with any of these skin care products that has become a favorite for women in the year 2014.

Hair Extensions and its Benefits

The hair is out crowning glory. The fact remains that changing our hair style and hair color is not as easy as changing the color of our nails. Thus is not a surprise that more and more women are leaning into wearing hair extensions.

The trends when it comes to hairstyle changes from time to time. To be able to be fashionably forward and be up to date when it comes to hair style using extensions seems to be the most practical option we have.

human braiding hair

What are the practical benefits of hair extensions?

1. Easy to use

Simply use thread the air extension you have in your mind onto your hair and feel great afterwards. Check out CC Hair Extensions for example.

2. It looks as equally natural

Hair extensions are not more natural and look exactly like real hair. You do not have to endure using plastic and synthetic extensions and wigs anymore.

3. You can personalize as you need it

Have red hair, green, blue or any color you want instantly without having to worry about damaging your hair. Simply pick a color you feel like wearing and put it on.

wigs for black women

4. No chemicals involved

We all know how dangerous hair chemicals can be to our hair and to our health. With hair extensions, we do not have to worry anything about it.

5. Cheaper than other hair treatments

Besides being more affordable compared to other hair treatments, you will also get the chance to save time with hair extensions. Extensions like  hair weft  would fit just any hair.

Enjoy any hair style you want at any color with hair extensions!