Don’t Let Fine Lines And Wrinkles Drag You Down, Fight Back With Botox

Fine lines and wrinkles literally can drag a person down. Our skin succumbs to the ravages of gravity as a person ages. Unfortunately, the effect is a noticeable sagging of our face and body that makes our features seem aged and unhealthy. When this is happening to you, it can be shocking and it may feel like there is no line of defense.

Botox injections are proven to be the most effective method of attack in the war against wrinkles. As fine lines begin to form around the eyes, mouth and eyebrows where we express our emotions, it can dramatically change the way we look. With age, skin cells lose the ability to maintain robust barriers between each other and create noticeable weak points. The formation of wrinkles can begin at any age in both men and women after adulthood. While it is largely genetic, other factors can contribute to the appearance of your skin, ranging from cell weakness to vitamin deficiencies, to stress hormones and environmental factors.

Cosmetic injections are a wrinkle-reversing treatment that has been proven to work, no matter what the cause may be. As the injection works its way into your muscle to pinpoint and reverse the signs of aging, it becomes a rejuvenating compound in any area of the body. The treatment is most commonly and effectively used on the face. This is where early furrows appear and sagging skin can wreak the most havoc. While celebrities rely on cosmetic injections because they make a living from their appearance, anyone who wants to regain their youthful looks can benefit from them.

You’ll be happy to know that the procedure is painlessly injected into the fatty portions located underneath major patches of skin. All skin contains elements of water, cellular material and adipose tissue. Finding the right location for an injection doesn’t have anything to do with the fattiness of your facial tissue. It just identifies the proper location for the treatment where excess tissue can be properly absorbed. Once it enters the body, Botox will immediately begin to reverse the hormonal tendencies of your skin cells. The cells absorb it like any other natural substance and use is to bolster the integrity of cells and cell walls. Young people possess hormones and chemicals under their skin that make their face and body appear smooth and firm. These qualities are lost over time as it becomes more difficult to naturally replenish skin cells. Cosmetic injections rejuvenate the skin when aging, stress and other factors take their toll.

If you’re interested in receiving cosmetic injections to lessen the effects of fine lines and wrinkles, book an appointment with a reputable clinic that has a long track record of administering the treatment. Toronto’s Skin Vitality Clinic is the top Botox provider in Canada, and is available for a free consultation to discuss the procedure at length. (For more information, go to: Any doctor will tell you that it is painless, quick and a procedure that rarely requires any “down time.” The amazing properties of your facial tissue allow for a quick absorption of the treatment and an immediate transformation. While they may not talk about it, everyone from the politicians in Ottawa and the actresses in Hollywood have benefited from cosmetic injections. This skin procedure is a virtual miracle, as well as being a time-saver. Don’t be defined by your wrinkles, erase them for good instead.

PH welcomes Fine supplement products from Japan; Launches new potent collagen drink

Among most Asians, the Japanese are considered to possess not just flawless and youthful skin, but also live well beyond their years, with a longevity that is probably the envy of others.

It is a good thing that Filipinos can now also enjoy the benefits of not just looking young, feeling young and moving young as these same secrets are brought to the Philippines by FINE Japan Co., Ltd. Established in 1974, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is a nutraceutical company with a reputation to manufacture, research and develop excellent beauty and wellness supplement products that help restore youthful glow to their skin. For more than 40 years, FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is also known for its top-notch ISO 9001 certified manufacturing processes of its products, beginning with research, production to inspection that are all done in-house.

Its success was further highlighted during fiscal year 2013 when FINE Japan Co.,Ltd. posted annual sales of more than JP¥ 2.6 billion, or around P1.06 billion. Its unprecedented success in the field of beauty and wellness thus prompted company officials to further expand the business.

Among its well-known creations include natural health-food supplements whose ingredients were gathered and extracted from various plant and animal sources. These were then transformed to food products, health-food supplements, even beverages and cosmetics, all discovered using outstanding product research and made by consistently following high manufacturing standards that will help contribute to a better society.

These qualities further enhanced FINE Japan Co., Ltd.’s reputation as a quality manufacturer of health and wellness products that spread throughout the world, in countries such as the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Vietnam, and now in And now, added to the products that will further lift the company’s image in the nutraceutical industry is its newest and most innovative product, Premium HyC 150, which possesses some of the most natural elements that will help restore skin’s youthfulness and active glow as we advance in age. Premium HyC 150 has a unique combination of 150 mg. of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Collagen, and Ubiquinol, three major components especially made potent with the right amount of dosage in one sachet to effectively counter the rapid deterioration of the skin because of aging. It works from within, making it more effective than topical creams and lotions, plus the effects are more sustainable and ever increasing. The product is proven effective and truly safe for use by people who not only want to delay the effects of aging but also improve their health. Attesting to the superior quality of the product, Premium HyC 150 has won the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Award in 2014.

“We want more Filipinos to enjoy their lives longer and healthier, and maintain youthful skin, especially for those advancing in age. With the help of Premium HyC 150 and the expertise of FINE Japan Co., Ltd., consumers can look forward to ‘revealing their new youth’ through beautiful, flawless and youthful skin they can be truly proud of,” explains Imelda Manook Tesalona, RPh, President of Fine Nutrition Trading International, the local importer of food supplements by FINE Japan Co., Ltd..

Collagen is a major component of the body that helps keep skin flexible while Hyaluronic Acid, found in the body’s skin tissues, helps hold moisture in the body, reduce skin dryness and at the same time hydrates the joints and connective tissues to prevent problems such as osteoarthritis, and even cataract. Ubiquinol on the other hand is an antioxidant, providing energy and protects skin against free radicals.

Other elements in Premium HyC 150 include Elastin, a protein that allows the skin to “spring back” and keep it resilient and firm. Biotin, on the other hand, helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy, and ease eczema and dermatitis.

The Pearl Coix extract, meanwhile, serves as a detoxificant and promotes clear, fair and luminous skin, while Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, helps repair the body’s natural collagen and maintains the strength of our body’s tissues. Premium HyC 150 is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by BrightRAY Enterprises, now available in Watsons stores nationwide. For more information, visit

Know the companies that bring this newest collagen in the Philippine market;

Bright RAY Enterprises (BRE) is a fully Filipino-owned company based inMandaluyong City, Philippines. It opened its business in 2013 as a start-up firm  that focuses on the wholesale and distribution of high-quality food supplements. It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and certified bythe Bureau of Food and Drug Administration (BFAD) with License to Operate (LTO) number CFRR-NCR-FW-5649 issued last February 28, 2014. The company was recently appointed as exclusive distributor of FINE supplement products in the Philippines by Fine Nutrition Trading International, an affiliate of FINE Japan Co., Ltd., a nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan that manufactures, researches and develops health food supplements for the past more than 40 years, featuring advanced bio-science and nanotechnology research in developing consumer products that aid in health and beauty.

Fine  Japan Company Ltd.

FINE Japan Co., Ltd. is a nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan that has been manufacturing, researching and developing fully organic health food supplements for over 40 years. The products that come out of its factories—from research, manufacturing, to inspection—are all done in-house.

It boasts of the highest nutraceuticals, food and cosmetic production certifications in Japan (ISO9001, Good Manufacturing Processes, Organic JAS, HALAL) and is a consistent product awardee from prestigious award-giving bodies (Monde Gold Awardee 2011 and Monde Silver Awardee 2011 in Brussels, Belgium).

The company aims to provide health-conscious people and those with special nutritional needs with high-quality, reasonably-priced and innovative nutritional products and cosmetics worldwide. It is now present in several major countries, with subsidiaries/affiliates in the USA, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam and now the Philippines.

Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter: Complementary Skin Moisturizing and Healing Properties

Dermatologists and medical researchers from all over the world are enthusiastic about the benefits of coconut oil, milk, and water for the body and skin. According to “Coconut Oil: Amazing Health, Skin and Cooking Benefits,” (2013) using coconut oils and coconut body lotion can prevent skin from dryness and flakiness while promoting extremely soft and glowing skin. Coconut oil’s ability to lock in skin moisture is significantly higher than other traditional emollients and is even more effective than rich lanolin.

Fatty Acids and Natural Tocopherols

Harvard University School of Medicine reports that coconut oil, on the skin and in the diet, can actually help to make skin tissue stronger over time while promoting skin cell turnover. Fatty acids, including caprylic, capric, and lauric varieties, help to keep skin supple, and this can delay the process of wrinkle formation. Researchers believe that coconut oil’s composition is the reason why. It contains high levels of natural tocopherols, also known as Vitamin E, which protect the skin. In fact, coconut oil is so effective at protecting and promoting skin health, it’s been found to promote healing in patients with psoriasis and eczema. Many doctors recommend coconut oil products to patients with severe sunburn or insect bites and stings. 

Healing Properties of Aloe and Shea

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Some researchers also recommend aloe vera and shea butter to promote skin health. Aloe vera was considered the plant of the immortals during ancient Egyptian times. The plant’s leaves were given to the dead as a gift on their way to the afterlife. 

Today, researchers know that aloe has commendable healing properties. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) says gel from the leaves can be applied directly to the skin for the purpose of wound healing or soothing irritations. The gel is naturally antiseptic.

Shea butter is derived from karate shea tree nuts from Africa. Raw shea butter’s plentiful levels of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids make it a natural anti-inflammatory aid and moisturizer. People around the world have ground nuts from the shea treat to relieve dry skin, hair, and lips. According to the American Shea Butter Institute, natural shea butter is a fast-acting moisturizer that can even soften and heel extremely dry or cracked skin.

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The benefits of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe, and shea butter are known to relieve and heal dry skin. Products which combine these ingredients offer complementary skin moisturizing and healing benefits.

Fashion Jewelry For Every Lady

Ladies who want to make an investment in shell of fashion jewelry can buy from or a similar store. The many types of jewelry that ladies can wear will match a number of different outfits that ladies have in their closets. Every woman deserves the chance to wear a piece of jewelry that perfectly matches their favorite clothes. The shirts that needs a good necklace is no different than the exciting pair of pants that ladies need to wear a gorgeous bracelet with.


Simple bangles are great for ladies who are going to wear a new piece of jewelry every day. These bangles are light in nature, and they are easy to wear even if the weather is hot outside. These bangles also work well for ladies who prefer to wear a little bit of jewelry with their swimwear or beach wear.


Light bracelets are great for ladies who do not prefer to wear something that is too heavy. Many women try to keep items off their wrists, but they can choose these light bracelets to make sure they feel light on their feet as they get dressed.


The earrings that ladies wear can easily weigh them down if they are too heavy. The best thing for ladies to do is purchase many small sets of earrings that they can change out every day. The earrings may dangle or not, but a few nice pairs of earrings are going to change the way that a lady gets ready in the morning.


The rings that ladies choose to wear with their outfits may also change every day. Ladies will keep their wedding rings on, but they may want to wear a little extra jewelry to make sure that they are carrying around a sparkle that makes them look and feel beautiful.

There are many ways for ladies to choose jewelry to wear casually, and they must make sure they start with fashion and shell jewelry that works in the summer. These lightweight pieces are some of the best things ladies can wear when they are organizing their personal style.


The Benefits of Wedding Directory Websites

Congratulations are always in order for a couple that wants to marry. Although the event is a joyous occasion, the couple now has to plan for the big event. The planning process can be quite stressful for even the most dedicated and organized couple. 

The aspects that become a big concern are the main services a wedding will include. This includes where the reception will be held, the food service, the table settings, a DJ/music service, and photography or filming. All of these individual aspects of a wedding event are heavily competitive in the marketplace. That means that a couple will have to search through hundreds of wedding photographers in their region to find the best one. 

Although the internet can add overwhelming choices for a couple, new websites are crafting strategies to find the perfect professional for a couple’s wedding. New websites are popping up across the internet that are focused on providing a search directory for couples to use. These search directories can help the couple find a professional for a specific aspect of their wedding quickly and without stress. 

Many of these websites are centered on a specific aspect of the wedding. For example, couples searching for a photographer can use a company like SnapKnot at or thousands of other websites like it. On these websites, a couple can find a professional, like a DJ or photographer, within their a few miles of their zipcode. The search functions may also include search options, like a price range so the couple can find a professional within their price range. 

These websites do not just help couples find people, they may also include articles and blog posts related to weddings. These articles or blog posts can offer unique insights on wedding planning, tips to help with the wedding planning process, and general news related to wedding trends or the wedding planning industry. 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the options out there for wedding services, couples can use certain websites to find the professional they need. From the DJ to the photographer, these websites can help a couple find an affordable professional in their region to help with their wedding.

Common Skin Problems

When you suffer from a common skin condition, it can sometimes seem impossible to always put your best face forward. While it may sometimes feel like you are suffering alone with your condition, there are plenty of other people in the world that understand exactly what you are going through. Whether you are suffering from acne, eczema, scars, melasma, rosacea or simply want to remove excess hair or have a tattoo removed, you can rest assured knowing there are others just like you out in the world that would give anything to reduce the physical and emotional pain caused from skin conditions. Most people are unaware that a quick visit to a licensed esthetician can treat or cure many of the common skin conditions that plague a vast percentage of our population.

Some people eventually turn to estheticians for help only after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on home treatments with little to no results. If you have often thought you could not afford to visit a professional esthetician, you will be surprised to find that treatments are often more affordable than some of the products you may have purchased at department stores or beauty specialty stores. If you want clear skin for good, reach out to a professional skin treatment center like Gold Cosmetics in Brooklyn. They have been servicing clients since 2001, and they offer treatments that help everything from stretch marks to deep wrinkles and nail fungus; they can help you permanently clear your skin.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Every Occassion

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but her shoes would always remain to be her good old trusted side kick. A good shoe will bring you to places you’ve always wanted to go and even to places you just dreamed of getting to.

Just like any side kick, you need to choose a shoe that you could tag along to different places and different occasions.

Here are some simple tips you could follow in choosing the right shoe for every occasion that begs for your attention.

1. Always choose comfort over style. Never attempt to use a wedge on your hiking trip just  because it looks good on your floral dress. Wear shoes that are fashionably and practically  appropriate.

totally hot shoes,  fashion and passion for shoes

2. Little black dresses are standard wardrobes every girl should have in her closet. a little black  power pumps or stilletto would always come handy for these little black dresses you have. Follow the general fashion rule – always have a classic piece you could pull of for that “it” moment.

3. Never be afraid to mix and match. Fashion trends nowadays are very straight forward. So  yes, at orange mule will rock with your red jacket and your classic black tote bag. And no you  do not need to find a green crocodile skinned peep toe to match your newly purchased suitcase.


Imagination and creativity will definitely take you a long way.  Shoes like diamonds comes in different shapes and sizes. What creates a difference is the  confidence you emit as you walk the walk in those uber hot heels.

2014 – The Year of the Wooden Horse

It’s the time of the year that every family with  Chinese decent or Chinese Heritage is busy preparing for a brand lunar year.  With these  new lunar year comes the hope for a better and prosperous life not just in their family but also in business and relationships.

There are many traditions that accompany the beginning of the lunar year and it’s not that you need to do all of them to guarantee success in life , your success is still depends on how you perform and how you persevere in life.

Luck may not come to many and others will experience hardships and trials but I do hope that this year will also be a year for realization and picking up the pieces for those who were broken and down last year.  With the events that happened in the past, i do pray that they were able to cope up with the demands of life and they can finally say that life is indeed beautiful after all the suffering.

Passion for Music – Pushing your limit

Music plus modern technology create a magnificent musical creation. In disco bars, the disc jockey must be knowledgeable enough to combine sounds, tweaks to make upbeat music and aside from his talent he needs a modern instrument to make it like how excellent push ableton be to musicians.

Can you imagine that from scratch a music is created, and the listeners are sure to enjoy it, like in bars wherein you can obviously see the excitement and enjoyment on the faces of the dancers as they dance. So musician should not hesitate to invest in modern music instrument because, music comes along when time evolves.

Make it a passion to take care of yourself

Your health is an important thing to take care of. If you are in overall good health but you are striving for even better health, there are a number of natural supplements available. These supplements can provide you with additional health benefits that are not included in prescription and over the counter medications.

While medications prescribed to you are often used to fix a health problem, a supplement can help you boost your natural defenses to prevent some health problems from occurring. Many supplements are vitamins that the body needs to function properly. Vitamins C, B and K can easily be found in foods, but for someone suffering from a poor diet or vitamin deficiency, a supplement can be a necessary tool to maintaining health.

If you are already under a doctor’s care, it is important to talk about vitamins and other supplements before you start taking them. You will want to make sure there is no potential reaction with and prescribed medication that you are already on. Your doctor can help recommend the products that you can take safely.

It is easy to learn more about natural supplements so that you can discover what products may work best for your lifestyle. Whether you need to supplement your vitamin intake, lose weight or supplement your digestive system with enzymes, natural supplements can be the answer.