Life as it seems

Have you tried something new in your life that you end up thinking that I have should  not done this or have you tried to go against your own belief just to please someone but in the end you still end up the one truly messed up.

I could not think of a better way to describe what will happen when you tried to wear a garter belts while running faster that you could imagine. Sometimes this thoughts stay on my mind for a while and I end up looking weird and totally out of this world.  Maybe that was what life is, sometimes we think of something very incredible and in the end we end up laughing over it.  We dream of things that would never happen in real life and we think of something that is out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I felt like dancing the rumba but the mere fact that I don’t know what is it makes me even more silly. Well, I might be day dreaming again and could not think of  a better way to make my day pass than to make you smile.

The New You

People do what they want to do. Regardless of New Years’ resolutions or any other goal, people won’t achieve what they want until they’re serious enough to take charge. Once a person decides that they want something bad enough, they set out to get it–no matter what. There are ways to decide what a person wants and ways to ensure success.

Many people create “vision boards,” which are boards that visually portray what a person wants in their life. It could be a fitter body or having a large house. For people who are visual, vision boards provide a good reminder of what a person really wants. Until a person is consistently thinking about what they want, they won’t take the steps that are necessary to get to what they want. Think about it. People are easily distracted. They have children, TV, bills, solitaire and many other “things” that fill up the day and take their attention away from achieving their goal. However, having a constant reminder of what’s important helps a person to remember what they want and steadily work towards that.

Set out to journal daily. Write about current thoughts and feelings that could potentially serve as a distraction from what’s desired. Write down those things that are desired. Create daily steps toward realizing that goal. Doing so helps a mind to remain focused. It’s also a good idea to list out how it will feel achieving a goal. Rewarding the brain helps it to accept change because changing presents a benefit.

Some people need accountability partners or someone else that will help them to stay accountable. Telling people personal goals is a good way to get them started and stay on the right track. People will invariably ask about progress. Knowing that someone will ask about progress helps a person to keep focused. Another way to involve others in personal goals is to seek help with a business that is tailored towards helping people achieving their goals. For instance, those who wish to improve their bodies can seek out services that will help them to achieve this. As an example, find out now here.

Anything is possible. All a person has to do is believe that they can change and set out to make that change occur. Taking daily steps to do so will eventually lead to a point of total goal realization.

How to begin your passion site

The internet has served it’s purpose very well this days.  It is not just a source of important things but also a source for great reading and expressing your passion for just anything.  By using this tool to create a new website you can start to express your own views and opinion for different things.

If your just a newbie blogger or writer who only wants to express your thoughts on different subject.  It is best to get free website platform.  When I’m starting to blog, google gives me the best of everything and answer all the questions i have in mind.

You can start with Blogger or wordpress or tumblr depends on what would you want to begin with.  Although, there are many limitations using free platform but if you only intend to share your thoughts, it’s okay to start using this sites.

But if you are serious enough that you think that this would definitely go a long way, then it’s best to get your own domain and start your niche blog but of course with this, comes the hosting and yearly dues.

But whatever choices you make, don’t forget your main purpose and that’s to entertain and keep your readers interact with you.  So, if you are just a newbie in blogging and want to learn more things about it, feel free to ask me and i will do my best to help you.

Wise buying with Ever Buying


I must admit, I can be shopaholic sometimes especially when I’m stressed out, i tend to buy things even there are less of value to me but then I can be very frugal too and will definitely scrutinize and not just think twice but many times , the things i will buy.

Now, I even though i’m earning well, I intend to think first before i buy something. The first thing that I will consider is whether this brand or this things are appropriate for me and my children or whether it’s essential or not.

Well, I guess i believe that it’s not also bad to indulge yourself sometime. Whether things are essential or not, if it really makes you happy then go on, especially if those things could make your children jump for joy.   Just like the dog you are seeing above, my two kids have been wanting to have a real dog but since I’m still mourning with the lost of our dog, me and hubby told them that for now, just settle with stuff toys , aren’t they cute and the fact that there’s no additional maintenance on our part.

But since, we are all busy and we rarely have the chance to go out in the mall to shop this days except on doing the grocery, my best shopping companion this days is the internet.  Yes, I admit it, it’s totally addicting and since you don’t have to go out and fixed yourself or wait on a very long line in the mall, online shopping becomes my kind of thing.

There are lots of online shops now that offers different services and things available to the public, even gadgets , toys and apparels can now be bought online. One shop that I love the browse the most is Everbuying, with it’s wide array of different products and mind you, it’s not just affordable but the customer service is accommodating too.  But of course, there’s always a con on this type of thing, since if your buying dresses or shoes, there is a possibility that it wouldn’t fit you but with my experience, it’s very rare.

You can also find great deals on their site, like a huge gadget discounts  or try a certain product for free with doing minimal requirements which doesn’t require so much of your time.

Overall, i recommend this to mother’s like me and those single as well who doesn’t have the luxury of time of going out to shop but of course this will not suit for those who are in a  hurry to use the product since it would take sometime for the delivery.

Passion for Music – Pushing your limit

Music plus modern technology create a magnificent musical creation. In disco bars, the disc jockey must be knowledgeable enough to combine sounds, tweaks to make upbeat music and aside from his talent he needs a modern instrument to make it like how excellent push ableton be to musicians.

Can you imagine that from scratch a music is created, and the listeners are sure to enjoy it, like in bars wherein you can obviously see the excitement and enjoyment on the faces of the dancers as they dance. So musician should not hesitate to invest in modern music instrument because, music comes along when time evolves.

Make it a passion to take care of yourself

Your health is an important thing to take care of. If you are in overall good health but you are striving for even better health, there are a number of natural supplements available. These supplements can provide you with additional health benefits that are not included in prescription and over the counter medications.

While medications prescribed to you are often used to fix a health problem, a supplement can help you boost your natural defenses to prevent some health problems from occurring. Many supplements are vitamins that the body needs to function properly. Vitamins C, B and K can easily be found in foods, but for someone suffering from a poor diet or vitamin deficiency, a supplement can be a necessary tool to maintaining health.

If you are already under a doctor’s care, it is important to talk about vitamins and other supplements before you start taking them. You will want to make sure there is no potential reaction with and prescribed medication that you are already on. Your doctor can help recommend the products that you can take safely.

It is easy to learn more about natural supplements so that you can discover what products may work best for your lifestyle. Whether you need to supplement your vitamin intake, lose weight or supplement your digestive system with enzymes, natural supplements can be the answer.

Beauty Review : Etude Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam

etude foam wash

This is my first post for 2014 and I’m trying to be more productive and give you more beauty and fashion review in the next few days and months.  I have been hiatus last year and i must say that i was really crazily lazy to blog and busy to mend my personal life.

 So to start a fresh new year, i bought this Happy Teatime Green tea cleansing foam along side with other Etude beauty products on my very short visit to Manila last December. It was short since it only lasted a day or i wouldn’t consider it a day since it was only roughly 12 hours.

Since, I have been hearing good things about Etude products, i thought it would be very nice to try some of them.

etude happy teatime foaming cleanser

This mild cleansing foam has green tea on it and for some who doesn’t know the benefits of green tea in our skin, I will elaborate some.  Since green tea has many antioxidants on it, used in beauty products it can give a glowing skin and perhaps you can achieve a more prettier acne free skin which I have been wanting to have one.

The name Happy Teatime is definitely eye catching and for the price of only less than Two Hundred Pesos or  $5.00 it’s definitely worth your money.  I chose the green tea since it says that it cleans your pores and provide less oil which i badly needed since my skin tends to become oil this days and i really hate this acne and the blemishes that it caused after the breakouts.


There are 5 types of cleansers in this line which are; 

Green Tea – Pore cleansing and oily shine relief
Milk Tea – Moisturizing and smoothing formula
Lemon Tea – Vitalizing and nourishing formula
 Peach Tea – Brightening and clarifying formula
Aloe Tea – Moisturizing and complexion health formula
When you used them on your face i can feel that it dry my face immediately after using them perhaps it’s the work of tightening my pores but it goes back to it’s usual texture after i go out of the bathroom.  You only need a pea size each time so i guess this bottle will last for months based on usage. I have been using this for a week but i couldn’t see any improvements yet.  My face is still oily sometimes and some breakouts are still visible.
The smell is quite good since green tea is known for it’s relaxing and calming effect.  I hope i can try the other variants since I have been loving this green tea cleansing foam.   I will definitely update you after a month of usage.

A Christmas Greetings

This is the time of the year to thank all the followers who keeps on reading and visiting my site, without all of you, I would have lost the passion to write a long time ago.  Although, promises are made to be broken, i would do my best to give you more interesting post and articles in the future.

I may be busy for a while since I’m planning to pursue my studies but this would not be the reason to hinder giving you fresh articles and possible product review.

Before the year end, I’m sharing you this beautiful card i found in the net.  I wish i can have this in my card collection.

christmas greetings,


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