Esthetics: Be your own boss

In the brutal economy that has been going on for the past several years, many people are being laid off. Finding a good job is a difficult thing to do nowadays. However, there are some solid career options out there that you may have never considered before. For example, a career in cosmetology offers very steady work in a profession that will always be in demand. Also, going to a cosmetology or esthetics school does not take the four years that it takes to earn a standard college degree. It also does not cost nearly as much money. Here are some of the benefits of a career in cosmetology.

1. Never work in an office again

Have you spent your entire life working in an office? Are you tired of the constant office politics and backstabbing that usually goes on in an office environment? If you answered yes to these questions, cosmetology might be the right career choice for you. You will be able to dress casually, so you can say goodbye to that uncomfortable suit and tie, except if you are going to attend a wedding or other special event. You will also not have someone constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you are working, as is the case in many offices.

2. You can be an entrepreneur

If you have ever dreamed of opening your own business, now is your chance. Once you become a licensed cosmetologist, you can open your own shop. If you have enough success, you will be able to open more shops. If you have a knack for business, you can have a special chain of salon franchises. The sky is the limit in this profession. People will always need the services of cosmetologists, so they will never stop being in demand. This business will never dry up.

3. Be your own boss

There is nothing better in life than controlling your own destiny. This is especially true when it comes to your career. It can be awful to go to work every day and despise the person you are working for. This is no way to live. If you open your own salon as a cosmetologist, you will not have someone telling you what to do all day. You will call the shots. If business is slow and it is nice weather, you can close the shop early. It is entirely up to you.

Three Things To Look For In A Mobile Medical Unit Company

These days, many healthcare organization leaders are interested in using mobile medical units to enhance the efficacy and expedience of their companies. If this is the case for you, it’s important that you obtain the units you need from a qualified, high quality company. To ensure that you can, make sure you’re looking for the following attributes in the mobile medical unit company you select:

1. Experience In The Industry.

One of the first things you should take into consideration when you start your search for the ideal mobile medical unit company is how much industry experience they have. This step is important because the companies that have the most experience tend to offer the most precise, efficacious services. When you start looking for the perfect company, keep an organization like LifeLine Mobile in mind. LifeLine Mobile has been in operation since 1987 and is a leader in the mobile laboratories industry.

2. Reasonable Rates.

Another characteristic you should definitely be looking for in a mobile medical unit company is reasonable rates. If you’re like most healthcare organization leaders, you’re not interested in spending a dollar more than you have to. In recognizing this reality, it’s important that you locate a mobile medical unit company that offers excellent rates. To ensure that you can, make sure that you look up several service providers and compare their costs.

3. A Superb Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rates.

One final characteristic you should be looking for in a mobile medical unit company is a superb Better Business Bureau (BBB) rate. The BBB is known for providing the public with excellent information and analyses regarding how efficacious specific companies are in serving the public with honesty, integrity, and excellence. As such, you can view the ratings they offer to get a good idea of whether a company is fit to do business with. Typically, a mobile medical unit company that has obtained an A rating or higher will be effective in offering you high quality services and products.


If you work in the health sector and are interested in optimizing your company’s performance, it’s a good idea to start investing in mobile medical unit services. To ensure that you can do business with the most qualified company out there, make sure that the organization conforms to the aforementioned characteristics. Good luck!

Life as it seems

Have you tried something new in your life that you end up thinking that I have should  not done this or have you tried to go against your own belief just to please someone but in the end you still end up the one truly messed up.

I could not think of a better way to describe what will happen when you tried to wear a garter belts while running faster that you could imagine. Sometimes this thoughts stay on my mind for a while and I end up looking weird and totally out of this world.  Maybe that was what life is, sometimes we think of something very incredible and in the end we end up laughing over it.  We dream of things that would never happen in real life and we think of something that is out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I felt like dancing the rumba but the mere fact that I don’t know what is it makes me even more silly. Well, I might be day dreaming again and could not think of  a better way to make my day pass than to make you smile.

Something to Live By

There maybe times I could not say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful for all the things you have done.  For all the support and understanding you have given on this stubborn girl, i thank you for that.

For all the love you have given to our family and for listening to my whims and desperation. For giving me positive thoughts and trying to calm me when I have my unreasonable tantrums.  Even though you have your own way , I am very grateful for that.

I may not always say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful and I do hope in some other way, you can feel that I am happy for having you and the kids around me.

Be Practically Stylish with Wigs

Our hair is our crowning glory and it plays a vital role in the total look that we want to portray. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear any hair color we want at any length and any cut without the fear of having to cut our precious locks and end up having a bad haircut?

We can definitely be the star in any crowd with a winning crown on our heads with the different wigs available at Simply pick any color that you want at any shade, length and style and mix and match it with your outfits. The great thing about theses wigs is that it looks like real hair so you are basically working on a completely all natural ensemble even with wigs on. You can even attend several parties in one day without having to go through the process of having to fix your hair. Simply pin your favorite wig and then go!

Parties are very common this season and the themed parties are so nowadays so see you being faced with the fashion challenge of having to portray different characters at different eras. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend most of your time looking for the best dress that will fit the occasion and just instantly “wear” a hair that completes the total look of your outfit. Going to different parties with different hairstyles will definitely draw attention to you. Just like the Medium Layered Shag Hairstyles that will fit any occasion.

Walk with attitude and play your character in style with the perfect wig perfect for your outfit in completely all the parties that you would attend this year. Whoever thought that being in style and catching up with what’s latest and fashionable and costly? With the right wig and the right attitude, you’ll definitely end the year with a bang with those rocking and beautiful locks or just

Modest homecoming dresses 2014 from DressV

Homecoming is undeniably one of the most anticipated school celebrations in a teenagers life. This is the time wherein boys and girls gets the chance to spend their night with someone they consider special. This is also the chance wherein teens can express themselves openly when it comes to their fashion choices. But of course we all know how forward fashion is nowadays. Modesty and chastity has already become a scarce adjective for the types of dresses we have nowadays and that’s the belief of dressv.

Luckily there are still a lot of modest homecoming dresses to choose from in the market. Teens could still stay fashionable and can shine during this important moment in their lives without compromising modesty. A simple spaghetti strap gown with a princes neckline is a perfect example of a modest yet fashionably forward attire for homecoming. This year , there are many Modest homecoming dresses 2014 that you can find, has many dresses to offer. 

Light colored shades like peach, yellow and cream are also advisable color choices when it comes to dresses and gowns for homecoming. An above the knee bloom dress is also a girly, hip and attention grabber piece you could wear for homecoming and there are lots of it at

You could always be the homecoming queen without having to bare too much skin or trying to hard to dress up for the occasion.  After all remember that you are going to a homecoming affair in your school and not somewhere else. The designs I have mentioned above backed up with a redeeming personality and a bubbly attitude will surely make you the queen bee of the night even with your simple and modest dress on. So grab a friend and go hunting for the perfect, vibrant , fashionable and modest dress that suits the queen bee in you.

Making your practice work for you

Many doctors who got into the medical industry hoping to help people have been frustrated to find that the insurance company lobby, backed by the federal government, is making it especially hard to provide the right kind of care for patients without taking a substantial financial loss in most cases. There is very little leeway that the insurance companies are willing to provide medical practices that do not have a great deal of power. There is also no effective lobby that doctors have created to combat this trend – at least until now.

Many doctors have made the transition into a completely different kind of medicine: a weight loss program that provides the doctor with the ability to give the treatments that are actually best for the patient without having to worry about any subsidies from insurance companies. Patients are happier and healthier, and the doctor is able to pocket more of the money than ever before. The records of this practice are also not subject to many of the needless regulations of the federal government such as the switch to an expensive and inefficient centralized electronic medical records system that is now mandated.

We have information and the doctors who have been successfully able to transition their practices from a family office that was dependent on insurance company payments to a completely free office that now calls its own shots. You can follow the same example and do the same thing for your patients as well.

Get information about the transition here and free yourself from the ridiculous bureaucracy that is forcing many family doctors to completely shut their doors. Your patients are depending on you for the best medical care that is out there. If the insurance companies are stopping you from providing this care, then you owe it to yourself and to them to seek out other ways of providing it to them. We have the way; all that you have to do is avail yourself of the technical and personal resources that we are giving to you. Change is possible if you take that step into the realm of new business!

Dear Hello Kitty

Lately, you have been in my daughter’s mind and hearts and you enter our home with a beaming smile, perhaps because of the thought that  you are welcome here and my family can be your second home beside the many homes that you have entered into.

There is a certain smile in your face, something that every little children would love to see.  Sometimes, you can bring headaches on many mom’s head especially when their children would go into tantrums if they could not see or get you.

hello kitty, cakes, birthday, awesomeness,

Your cuteness can overpower even the tenor sax reeds at guitar center and your lovely bow can definitely melt a child’s heart.

I don’t know what they see in you but you possesses a charisma that is so overpowering the minds and heart of many children and perhaps mom and dad too.

hello kitty madness, hello kitty cakes,

Since you are indeed a darling, a hello kitty inspired birthday celebration is something every little girl would love to have. Whatever the reason it may be, i answer will surface and that is your so cute and tempting, the reason why many little kids like my daughter loves so much.

Dolan: Brings Kids Fever Faster

Being a mother, it’s really hard to see our kids get sick, honestly it makes me insane somehow to see them both sick, it is the fact that nursing sick kids is really challenging and you have to take care of them for as far as your eyes are open, keeping track of their fever and making sure it doesn’t stay high so as to avoid more possible problems.

Aside from the cold water and towel , I rely on ibuprofen Dolan to make their fever go away.

I myself can attest how it works on my kids and save me from more sleepless nights of tending their high fever.

“Fever, fever go away, don’t come again and make me strong again”,  that’s what we always sing, good thing I have Dolan to back me up.

Swish your love to a new level

swish mouthwash,  clean breath all the time, Love is the most greatest thing that any could have. To love and be loved is something most of us wished to experienced. Isn’t it just heaven to be near with people we treasured most. But definitely it would be a turn off and uncomfortable to talk when we have bad breath caused by the bacteria on our mouth or perhaps because of decaying tooth.

Since, it’s the love month, a romantic dinner or just a relaxing day with our family, relative and friends is a common scenario , so don’t lose that confident of being close to them.  Swish Mouthwash , a quality product from Unilab can help you stay fresh whole day long, powered by Surefresh Technology which kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis, you can be assured that you will have an enjoyable experience everyday because it’s alcohol free.

love and friendship, romantic experience,

Keeping a bottle of Swish Mouthwash in your bathroom, kitchen and your bag can assure you a whole day experience of fresh breath especially with their latest flavor, you can have that whole new level of confidence. Now, you don’t need to play hide and seek with your date.