Relax, you need it!

As a child, you may have been used to standing, running and jumping without feeling any weariness on your joints. As you get older, it’s not easy to do any of those activities support. The body gets more fragile as it ages. When you were a child, if you fell, you could easily pop back up. As an adult, if you fall, the impact of an injury can stay with you for years. Most people don’t understand what they really need to do to take care of their physical bodies. However, when it comes to your feet, there are a few practices you’ll want to adopt.

1. Regular Pedicures and Massages
Take care of your feet by getting pedicures. Many people look at these treatments as luxuries that are only reserved for rich housewives. There’s a healing power in touch. Your feet experience a lot of stress as they carry your body from place to place. Show them some care by allowing them to soak in warm water, essential oils and salts. Keep them clean. Make sure they get moisturized and massaged. The act of a massage is extremely good for the lymphatic system as well.

2. Insoles
As you transition to more comfortable shoes, the current ones may not be at the level of comfort you need. Use gel insoles to soften the blow. Once you use the insoles, you’ll feel as though you’re wearing a completely different shoe. The effects are monumental.

3. Supportive Shoes
Sure, the heels in the display window are beyond gorgeous. However, what’s the point of looking gorgeous if the heels throw your back out of alignment? As you get older, it’s important to be responsible and take care of your health first. There are tons of shoe lines that cater to those who long for comfort along with cuteness. Learn more about the options. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

4. Doctor Visits
Each time you visit your primary care physician, be sure to tell them about any pain that you’re experiencing. Even if it’s a pain you’ve gotten used to, this doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Sometimes, the solution is in a few sessions with a chiropractor or physical therapist. Always seek the advice of a medical professional. After all, they’re there to serve you.

These four tips will only benefit you in the long run. Start these habits today and watch the difference it makes in your body a year from now. Besides, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Three Great Ways To Invest In Your Child’s Future

If you’re like most parents, raising a well-rounded child with high self-esteem is at the top of your priority list. Luckily, there are several simple strategies that you can implement to invest in your child’s future this way. Here are three:

1. Support Their Hobbies.

One of the greatest ways to invest in your child is to support their hobbies. If you know that your kid has a love for a specific musical instrument or sport, play into it by attending their recitals and games. In so doing, you will help build your child’s self-esteem and let them know that you respect their personal preferences and the professional aspirations they may lead into. If you find that your child has fallen in love with the world of sports, visit the website of a great company like BabyFans. Once on the site, you can find cool items like Chicago Bears baby clothes.

2. Talk About Nutrition.

Another strategy you can implement to invest in your child’s future is to talk about nutrition with him or her. Eating the right foods elevates mood, fights obesity, boosts immunity, and increases self-confidence. These are only a few of the wonderful benefits of eating right, and this is why you need to emphasize the power of good nutrition to your children. Also remember that many children operate according to a “Monkey See, Monkey Do” mentality, which means that you need to be modeling the proper eating habits and patterns for your children.

3. Spend Quality Time.

Spending quality time is another important practice that you should engage in to invest in your child’s future. When you take time out of your schedule to interface with your children, it shows them how important they are and can thereby boost their self-esteem. When you spend time with your child, be sure that it’s not all about adopting a teachy, preachy tone and telling them about all the things they’re not supposed to do. Simply enjoy taking them to a movie, restaurant, or football game sometimes. Children don’t always need to be lectured. Sometimes they just need to be loved.


If you’re serious about ensuring that your child has a productive and positive future, it’s important that you have several strategies that you can implement to make it happen. By using some or all of the parenting techniques outlined above, you will likely find that your child becomes the healthy, happy adult that you want them to be.

Something to Live By

There maybe times I could not say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful for all the things you have done.  For all the support and understanding you have given on this stubborn girl, i thank you for that.

For all the love you have given to our family and for listening to my whims and desperation. For giving me positive thoughts and trying to calm me when I have my unreasonable tantrums.  Even though you have your own way , I am very grateful for that.

I may not always say thank you but it does not mean that I am not grateful and I do hope in some other way, you can feel that I am happy for having you and the kids around me.

Top Graduation gifts for girls

It’s graduation month again and if your those lucky family who will be celebrating graduation this year, then I believe by now, you are looking for that special gift to give your graduating kids or relative .

Although a big celebration isn’t necessary, a token as your appreciation for their hard work is indeed a manifestation of support and appreciating their effort for a job well done.

Here are some ideas that you can check out for a simple and affordable gifts for your kids on their moving up day. This applies to toddler and big kids only.

  • Personalized accessories or stuff toys- a personalized  necklace or bracelet and stuff toys with their names engraved on it will be a special gift to remind this graduation day.  You can put the date of their graduation as well.


  • A new set of clothes – although we always buy them new clothes, indulge them for a new set as a reward on this special day.
  • A new bag – although it would not be considered as a reward, buying them a new school bag can make their heart flutter and of course it can serve two purposes.
  • Letter and cards – it might be old fashioned but i always find letters and cards sweet and I love reading them all over again and keeping them on my book of keepsakes.
  • A photo book – make a compilation of their pre-school or grade school life pictures and bind them in a photo book or album and give them as a gift.  They will surely treasure this for a long time.  It is also a chance to remember those good days in school.
  • Keepsake boxes – if your a kind who loves to keep keepsakes, this is the chance to show your kids the love for it too.  Give them a nice box for them to keep their own precious memories too.
  • A dinner or lunch treat – although it is always done many times in a year, but celebrating with a treat will be extra nice for them.
  • Travel – this may be the most extravagant of all but if they achieved something well in class especially if honors are obtained, i guess treating the family for a destination travel would not be too much as long as it keep on your budget range. 

Dear Hello Kitty

Lately, you have been in my daughter’s mind and hearts and you enter our home with a beaming smile, perhaps because of the thought that  you are welcome here and my family can be your second home beside the many homes that you have entered into.

There is a certain smile in your face, something that every little children would love to see.  Sometimes, you can bring headaches on many mom’s head especially when their children would go into tantrums if they could not see or get you.

hello kitty, cakes, birthday, awesomeness,

Your cuteness can overpower even the tenor sax reeds at guitar center and your lovely bow can definitely melt a child’s heart.

I don’t know what they see in you but you possesses a charisma that is so overpowering the minds and heart of many children and perhaps mom and dad too.

hello kitty madness, hello kitty cakes,

Since you are indeed a darling, a hello kitty inspired birthday celebration is something every little girl would love to have. Whatever the reason it may be, i answer will surface and that is your so cute and tempting, the reason why many little kids like my daughter loves so much.

Dolan: Brings Kids Fever Faster

Being a mother, it’s really hard to see our kids get sick, honestly it makes me insane somehow to see them both sick, it is the fact that nursing sick kids is really challenging and you have to take care of them for as far as your eyes are open, keeping track of their fever and making sure it doesn’t stay high so as to avoid more possible problems.

Aside from the cold water and towel , I rely on ibuprofen Dolan to make their fever go away.

I myself can attest how it works on my kids and save me from more sleepless nights of tending their high fever.

“Fever, fever go away, don’t come again and make me strong again”,  that’s what we always sing, good thing I have Dolan to back me up.

Fashionable Stress Free Travel with your Kids

When it comes to travelling with children, planning is key. From packing the right things to thoroughly studying your itinerary, there are lots of steps that you can take to make your trip worry-free.

Here are some travel tips for a smooth and easy trip:

– Bring snacks. No matter how long or short your trip is it may be a good idea to bring some snacks along with you. This may help you keep the children occupied while you are taking care of check-ins or baggage claims.

– Grab some comfort items. Traveling can be scary for some children. Be sure to pack comfort items like a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to help put them at ease.

– Have activities. It may be a good idea to bring along some activity books or electronic gadgets to keep your child occupied while you are en route to your destination. Gadgets like compact, portable DVD players, MP3 players and tablets are small and easily portable.

– Dress comfortably. Whether you are flying or driving to your destination, you will want to be as comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable pants like jeans or sweatpants. Bring along a jacket or sweater, just in case. Also, you will want to have a versatile travel bag like the travel bags from Ghurka Luggage to carry-on the plane with you.

With a little preparation, traveling with children can be easier than you think. Keeping them engaged and comfortable is the key to a fun, stress-free trip.

Celebrating National Language Month


It’s almost mid of September and everybody is busy thinking about the coming holidays.  It’s a merry September month for our city since we are celebrating the feast of our Dear Ina “Penafrancia”, the patron saint of the Bicolanos.

With all the busy thoughts and preparations, i forgot to talk about my daughter’s participation last month on the celebration of our national language.  From a day celebration becoming weeks and now a month long celebration, it is just right that our national language should be given a big importance since it’s a part of what we really are.

Back to my daughter’s performance, she was really  excited on that day since she was assigned by her teacher and placed in the middle to become the leader.  Although it’s not really quite much but for a little girl, it means very important.  That’s why I have been busy preparing her national costume as well as her igorot costume for the dance number.

The event was a success and I’m so happy seeing her performing the dance she memorized for weeks.  With all the busy stuff, i guess I think i needed a much break i have been wanting to have. Recently, i have been planning to visit Manila and might as well think of buying a coupon that can help me win an awesome prize for groupon getaways.  You know how much I’m addicted on winning prizes and great deals, i bet this would really help me de-stress somehow.

Stylish Dress for your kids

It’s always a dream of little children to become a beauty queen , especially for those who watches pageant shows in the television.  When, I’m still a child, i used to watch Ms. Universe and will give my opinion and bet on who will win.

I even get a cape and a long dress and walk like a princess, waving my right hand and making a light bow pretending that i’m the winner.  It’s no secret that many children always had that same desire feeling.  Joining a pageant contest is not a simple one as we thought it was.  You need effort and money to be able to get the things you needed.

Some will even buy their own girls pageant dresses or let their seamstress to create one.  Gowns or pageant dresses differs in many forms, design and color.  Usually, black ones are very in demand in the evening but since girls pageant was usually held in the morning,  a colorful gown/dress with accents are indeed a wise move.

Dresses varies on different style. Usually, it will always be a long gown with accents like pearl or swarovski completed with a beautiful accessories.

Seeing your children walk in the cat walk is truly something we all proud of and knowing that they were able to win is absolutely a great bonus.

Lazada’s Top Gift Ideas for Newly Grad

Graduation is one of the happiest moment in a parents life.  It is a delight to know that after several years of perseverance and hard work, your children will be reaching another milestone in their life.  Not everybody student got a chance to finish their studies because of many circumstances, so seeing your own children receiving their diploma is something every parent is proud of.

That’s why in this milestone, Lazada Philippines knows exactly what you would love to give to your newly grads.  They have wide arrays of products from gadgets, to apparels, fashion accessories and even for all the book lovers out there.

I took the privilege to choose the best gifts i can found on their site.  Here are some of the gifts your newly grad would really love to receive.  Whether your a parent, a sibling or just a friend, they will truly be delighted to know that you are proud with their accomplishments.

apple ipad mini 16gb

Apple iPad Mini 16gb  with Wi-Fi Php. 19,800 -Php. 15,990  –  With many people gearing for gadgets, your newly grad would surely be ecstatic to receive this tablet.   You get it with a discounted price and free shipping within the Philippines.  Cool deal indeed.


Samsung Series 5 NP-535U3C-P01PH 13.3″ Laptop (Brown) –  After graduation, she/he will soon get a job and having this Samsung laptop will give your newly grad an edge in technology and knowledge.  Ooh, just give them a reminder that learning is good but never indulge viewing bad websites. ( wink -:)

Nikon J1 10.1 MP w/ 10-30mm NIKKOR Lens (Red) – Php. 26,449.  – Php. 20,790.00 Ever heard about this mirrorless camera?  Ohh, i have been wanting to have my very own and who know’s someone would be generous to give me this as a gift not for graduation but for being truly awesome.

Forgive me, i’m such a bag addict and i can’t help to leave this on my list. But definitely ladies out there would totally agree that this is such a great catch. Fides Francesca Hand Bag (Blue) can accommodate all your things.  Working for a new company,  it doesn’t need to impress them but just as they always says, first impression last and giving a good impression about you is something worth having.

Music in our life is such a sweet delight.  Treat your newly grads with this Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Pink), comes in different colors with built in speaker and a 5mp isight camera.  It’s a handy thing for lazy days waiting on heavy traffics while finding your dream job.

  Above lists are just some of the awesome things you can find on their online site. And here’s a great deal,  Lazada Ph delivers free of charge when you reach a certain amount but of course shipping fees differs when a product is big enough. Payment methods can be via Visa, Mastercard or cash on delivery and they always have a costumer service available to answer your questions.

Know more about this exciting ideas from Lazada by visiting or following their social media;