Staying Cozy and Warm throughout the Coldest Winter Nights

No matter where you live, the coldness of winter will eventually catch up with you. From the bitterly cold winds of the Upper Midwest to the humid chill of the Southeastern United States during a cold snap, you are sure to spend part of the winter shivering. However, you can warm up quickly and stay cozy longer when you use the following tips.

Dress in the Right Layers

Dressing in layers keeps your body warm by trapping heat close to your skin. Remember that natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, trap heat better than synthetic fibers, such as polyester, do, and they help your skin breathe, decreasing sweat. If you are a leggings lover, consider swapping out your favorite pair for a layer of long underwear beneath your jeans.

Eat or Drink Something Warm

When you eat or drink something warm, you raise your internal body temperature. This is especially important before bedtime when your body temperature tends to drop. If you plan to be up for a few more hours, you may want to eat spicy foods or healthy fats, which tend to speed up your metabolism and create body heat.

Stock up on Blankets

Wrapping yourself in a blanket is another good way to trap heat close to your body. Make it easy to warm up no matter where you or your family are in the home by stacking blankets over chairs, tossing them at the end of the bed or stocking blankets in large baskets in the family room.

Try Heated Bedding

If you really have trouble warming up at night, heated bedding can do wonders to help you drift off to dreamland. Most new heated bedding is designed with automatic shutoffs, giving you peace of mind that you will stay safe throughout the night. While electric blankets and heated mattress pads abound, you may want to opt for a smaller home heating pad if you only want to warm up fingers or toes at night.

Invest in a Space Heater

Space heaters can be excellent ways to heat up smaller rooms that are closed off to the rest of the house. However, you must be sure to use them safely because they can become fire hazards if they are used too close to furniture, bedding or drapes. As a rule of thumb, always keep them three feet away from any other items.

Seal Doors and Windows

Your home could be losing loads of heat, raising your utility bill and keeping you shivering even though your furnace runs continuously. Take the time to change out or improve the weatherstripping around doors and windows, or purchase a simple window insulation kit at your local hardware store.

By following these simple tips and tricks for your clothing, your bedtime routine and your home, you can indeed stay toasty warm throughout the rest of the winter months. No matter how big or small your budget is, there are simple things you can do to decrease heat loss in your home, keep your body warm and stop the shivering. When you are warm, you will feel more comfortable in your home, you will feel that you can be more hospitable to guests and your skin, fingers and toes will thank you.

A Different Kind of Fashion Career

Are you looking for a career that combines art, science and fashion in a unique way? Consider Lash Technology. That’s right, the Art and Science of Eyelashes. Just when you thought that spectacular lashes were just another fashion trend, it turns out there’s a whole science behind the research and production of lash extensions, application and developing formulations that take natural lashes to a new level of lush. Companies like SugarLash Pro are at the forefront of this emerging field of fashion career.

What is Lash Technology?

Cosmetics companies ranging from budget to luxury products have flooded the market with eye makeup that does everything from nourishing lashes to making them longer, fuller and more lush. Recent trends also include the development of mascaras that add fibers to ‘grow’ lashes instantly. However, the wave of seems to be lash extensions.

The leading edge of the technology side seems to be with the so-called “Russian Treatment,” which is sweeping Europe and Asia. Called 3D extensions, these are lighter and longer-lasting than traditional extensions. This technique differs because instead of lash-on-lash application, there are 3 – 4 ultra-fine extensions applied to each natural lash. The company also focuses on safety and innovation.

What Are Lash Extensions?

These aren’t your grandma’s false eyelashes. Lash extensions offer a permanent solution to the problem of short or sparse lashes. A technicians applies lashes to the end of the natural eyelash with an adhesive bond; think of it as nail tips for your upper eyelid. Well-made extensions from a reputable manufacturer, applied by a certified lash technician, are a safe, long-term way to add the level of thickness and length desired by clients everywhere.

Lash extensions can be made of natural human hair, mink, faux mink or fox fur and even silk. When properly applied, they can lat up to one month. However, experts recommend a touch-up every 2 – 3 weeks to keep them in good repair. They can be worn with makeup, but be careful about getting them too wet or using oil-based makeup removers when you’re wearing extensions. The good news is that you won’t need to bother with mascara any more. Be aware that they must be removed by a professional lash technician or allowed to fall out on their own. Trying to remove them yourself could damage your natural lashes.

Are Certified Lash Technicians Really a Thing?

Yes, it is, and many cosmetology programs and colleges now offer certification courses in lash technology. This is a good option for those who are already working in the industry and want to add a specialization, students entering the field of cosmetology, makeup artists and beauty industry entrepreneurs. The only requirements are a passion for the job, steady hands, good eyesight and concentration. If attention to detail, the ability to work well with people and a string head for business are among your defining characteristics, lash tech may be a good option for you. Lash technicians can work at teaching, in beauty salons or spas and as makeup artists for private clients as well s in the film and stage industries.

The Way Forward in the Lash Industry

The new research and development models also move forward a feminist agenda that includes a sisterhood of scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating a foundation of products for women by women in all sectors of the industry that extends from makeup artists to CEOs. We want to create products that are safe, sustainable and ethical without using animal testing or exploiting women. Innovators strive to develop products that offer breakthroughs for longer-lasting, better looking lashes that truly pup up the ‘wow’ factor for even the most discerning of clientele

Whether you’re a cosmetologist, a research technician or you just adore beautiful lashes, I think we can all agree that advancing the industry in a way that’s sustainable and responsible benefits everyone. Beauty and science can coexist, and innovators in fashion are at the forefront of pushing forward into the 21st century and beyond.

Beauty 101: Strategies That Will Help You Look Your Best

Being beautiful can take an individual’s life from average to incredible. Unfortunately, not everyone knows which techniques to implement for the purpose of getting gorgeous. If this is one of your life challenges, the solution is here. Below you’ll find several beauty strategies that can empower you to look your very best:

1. Shop For Jewelry Online.

One simple strategy you can utilize to help you look your best is shopping for jewelry online. This technique will help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outfits, thereby improving your overall physical appearance. If you’re looking for jewelry such as women’s rings, know that you can obtain the items that you want from online retailers such as Molten Store. One big key to success with online shopping is typing in a relevant, specific keyword phrase. Also be sure to do substantive research on the online retailer in question to ensure that you can purchase your jewelry from an upstanding company.


2. Focus On Your Face.

Because your face is the single most visible region of your body, it’s important to focus on making it as appealing as possible. Luckily, there are several relatively simple strategies you can implement to get the skin of your face in great condition. One of them is obtaining a monthly facial from a licensed, certified aesthetician. These individuals possess the education and experience necessary to implement specific strategies that will eliminate or minimize specific skin issues such as premature aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, and dryness.

3. Work Out.

Working out is another wonderful strategy you can implement to take your appearance to the next level. Exercise promotes beauty in several ways. First, it functions as a natural weight management modality that can preclude you from putting on the excess pounds that result in a frumpy appearance. Additionally, exercise optimizes physiological processes such as the removal of toxins from the body, thereby contributing to clearer, more youthful-looking skin.

Note that there are several forms of physical activity you can engage in to start optimizing your appearance. Some of them include cycling, kickboxing, yoga, jumping rope, and running. You might also consider the value of working with a personal trainer who can put together a customized fitness routine on your behalf.

4. Drink More Water.

One lifestyle factor that could be detracting from your physical appeal is not drinking enough water. Note that dehydration can result in the accumulation of toxins within your body, thereby increasing your susceptibility to unwanted outcomes such as breakouts and weight gain. Dehydration can also result in overeating, another factor that could lead to acne and putting on more pounds than you’d like. Luckily, there are several ways that you can work more water into your life. One is by taking a water bottle with you to work, school, and any other public settings that you spend extended periods of time within.

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Be More Beautiful Now!

If you lack self-confidence or a sense of value due to your appearance, know that there are several steps you can take to improve your look. Four of them are outlined above. Start implementing these strategies immediately so you can take your aesthetic appeal to the next level soon!

Managing Your Weight in the Real World

Fad diets, miracle creams and every invention in-between tell you that weight loss is a simple goal. Because obesity plagues society at every level, this weight-loss simplicity doesn’t have much merit. You can achieve a healthy weight by altering a few factors in your life. There’s no need to starve yourself. Take a look at these weight-management tips that work in the real world.

Shoot for a Lifestyle Change

Jumping on the latest diet trend will only lead to more weight gain in the future. Consider a lifestyle change that involves your meals. Add more fruits and vegetables to each meal while reducing the levels of fats and processed foods. You can still have your favorite foods, including cheeseburgers and pizza, but portion them into smaller amounts than before.

The main types of foods on your plate should be fruits and vegetables. If you add up this food from a volume standpoint, you can eat more items in one sitting while cutting calories at the same time. This situation doesn’t occur with only pizza slices piling up on the plate.

Keep Up With Your Activity Level

You don’t have to be an athletic superstar. Simply keep up with a solid, activity level. Take a walk, hop on your bike or shoot some hoops with your friends. Getting active in any capacity means that your body is burning calories. The trick is to have fun performing the activities so that they don’t become boring.

Change up your activity on a daily basis. By trying something different, you give the body a challenge to accept. Weight loss occurs without a lot of effort on your part.

Try the Latest Supplements

Most of your nutrients should come from the foods that you eat. However, supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is still a viable option. Choose elements that may be lacking in your diet, such as calcium, to support your healthy weight.

In addition, buy appetitive suppressants too. These tablets give your willpower a little boost so that you only eat proper portions throughout the day. Major cravings remain at bay.

Allow for a Cheat Day

Nobody is perfect. Don’t mentally drown yourself in negative thinking if you eat a fast-food meal one day. Try a cheat day each week or month as a structured part to your lifestyle. Don’t eat everything in sight, but allow yourself to splurge a bit. Try a unique dessert while pairing it with some healthy options, such as an entree with a salad. The remaining days in the week can return to healthier options. Weight gain is negligible with this strategy.

Focus on Health

Most people concentrate on a weight number as they observe their figures. Try to focus on your health, such as current blood-pressure numbers or cholesterol. If you shoot for a healthy body, the weight will naturally drop off. Your vital signs should be your main concern at any age.

Keep your loved ones close because healthy living is contagious. If at least one person in your group tries to eat and live in a healthy manner, the idea catches on with everyone else. Try group exercises or healthy cooking at home. Your family and friends can quickly lose weight and feel better with just a few minor changes each day.


Top Two Women Catalogues

Women who love to look their best, wear designer names, and are always on top of the latest fashion trends, need to know which UK catalogues to shop with. When shopping for clothing, shoes, and accessories, these are a couple catalogues for women, to consider if you want to find the latest fashions, trends, and truly distinct styles to wear.

La Redoute –
The popular French mail order catalogue truly offers the latest, distinguishing styles for you to wear. Bringing you the latest clothing collections from the catwalks of Paris, you are going to wear what designer models wear, find your favourite style of lingerie, and even the sportswear you want to put on to go for a run, in order to always look your best. Sheer, lace, distinct traits, and unparalleled design and styles, are just a few of the perks you will find shopping through this site’s catalogue pages.

Artigiano –
Since 1955 this catalogue has been offering premier designer styles, for those who want to wear the finest Italian fashion brands. For women who love to look their best, you will find what the runway models are wearing in this catalogue. Beautiful Italian stitching and tailoring, custom design pieces, distinct material finishes, and clothing takes inspiration from the season’s most popular looks and styles. If you love to look your best, want the distinct styles, yet want to be ahead of the curve with the latest fashion styles and trends, you will find it all here when browsing the extensive selection of great looks for women on this catalogue site.

No matter what look or style you want to pull off, there are several top catalogues for women to find the latest in designer clothing. These are a couple to visit if you like the new look, styles, and classic trends in women’s clothing and designs.

Tips on finding that perfect pair of jeans

Everyone owns a pair of jeans they simply love. They are worn out, you’ve washed them countless times, and they are shredded to pieces from how much you wear them. So when the time comes to replace those jeans which have no life left in them, and you want to find the perfect pair of jeans and fit, these are some ways to go about doing just that.

Try it on –
And no, not just one pair. Try on several pairs. Try on different denims, try different fits (flare, slim, boot, etc), try out different brands. One is going to fit like a glove, but you have to try out several before you find the right fit and comfort level.

Do the sit test –
Yes, this does exist. Sit down in those dozens of pairs of jeans you are trying on. Squat, sit down crossing your legs, see if they ride up or fall down. Make sure they fit you perfectly, and aren’t moving, chaffing, or otherwise coming off your body when you sit. Since you will sit and stand often each day, make sure the jeans are going to stay on for the ride with you.

Fit test –
NEVER buy jeans which are too big. Throughout the course of the day they will get bigger. After you shower, your body cools, so they will loosen up. When you walk, and get out of bed, puffiness over your body goes down, so the jeans will feel a little looser. Make sure you don’t buy something skin tight (unless this is comfortable to you), but also don’t size up too much, as you’ll regret it.

There are so many styles, fits, and denim options when purchasing jeans, you can join the trend like this embroidered jeans but you can always go with the basic and classic one. It will require some getting used to and trying on countless pairs, but these are a few simple tips to help you find the ideal fit, and pair you are going to love to wear every day. Before you commit the buying a pair of jeans you should always shop around to see if they can pick them up for cheaper in another store. I would recommend using a catalogue comparison site.

Tips on How to Dress Pretty and In Style

Beauty is I the eye of the beholder but we can never deny the fact that girls and women generally have the same taste when it comes to pretty clothes. However, when it comes to dressing, there is still exist a rule that one-size-does not fit all. Styling and accessorizing can still make a big difference in making your outfit standout and be classified as pretty. Here are some tips on how to dress pretty and In Style.

The best tip when dressing pretty is to purchase clothes that complements your figure like a nice jackets for women. Some girls can pull off the t-shirt dress or the Korean pop-star look and some girls don’t. Experiment with the look that suits you best and dress according with your personality. However, there are clothing items that falls on the “pretty category” that suits any body type and figure.

The basic white shirt. Printed or not, the basic white shirt when accessorized properly and paired with a comfortable bottom like shorts and pants would go a long way. Click for more Dresses with side cuts, whether high or modest would also look pretty for any girl or woman. With the right belt and a plain top paired with a nice necklace, one can definitely feel and look pretty all day long.

Dressing pretty is still all about comfort and your personal style. Stick to this and you will never go wrong when it comes to dressing pretty. Shop for Thanksgiving day and buy that pretty dress you have been wanting to have.

Get to Know your Jeweller Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

You know that heavy feeling in your gut when you hand in your money to pay for something expensive and you just hope, really hope, that this thing is worth it. Well, that feeling is even more magnified when you’re buying something as valuable as diamonds. They’re tiny pieces of stone but their prices are no joke. You could easily lose $4000 if you’re careless with this tiny piece of stone.

We’re not saying diamonds aren’t worth the investment. Of course they are (cough!) And because they are really worth it for such a tiny size, it’s only important that you put careful consideration into it before buying. One of the things to consider is the jeweller. There are many jewellers who sell diamonds but only a handful will truly have your best interest. This is why it’s so important to know who your jeweller is before purchasing any diamond jewellery.

So what makes a good jeweller and where do you find one? Well, that’s a question we will answer in this post.

1. Listens to your needs

A good jeweller, such as Diamond Jewellery Studio, will listen to you and ask you the right questions to help them determine the kind of diamond jewellery you are looking for. If they persistently push you towards items that you don’t really like despite having clearly defined what you are looking for, run. This is a big red flag. They don’t really want to help you find the perfect diamond, they just want your money.

2. Loyal customer-base

A good jeweller is someone who is established and has gathered a number of loyal customers. If you know someone who has been with their jeweller for quite some time, you might want to get a reference. This is usually a good sign since it means that the jeweller is trusted enough to help their long-time customers pick the right jewellery they need.

3. Wide array of services

Your jeweller can’t just be the person who persuades you to buy diamond jewellery. They should have other services that go along with their products such as diamond inspection, repair, resize, and custom design. A reputable jeweller will be able to answer or should have staff that can answer any questions you have with ease. It’s even better if your jeweller sells loose diamonds as they are often more knowledgeable about the qualities of diamond than most. If you’re interested, you can check out wholesale diamonds in Brisbane from Diamond Jewellery Studio.

4. Wide selection

Okay, so maybe going into a big jewelry boutique might not be the most ideal since you could get overwhelmed by the choices. Despite the huge selection, a good jeweler will go the extra mile to help you find the jewelry that you’re looking for and narrow down your choices. They can’t just present you with ring after ring hoping that you’ll settle for something they can quickly sell.

5. Recommends other jewelers

So we mentioned that your jeweler should at least have a decent amount of jewelry to choose from but if they don’t have the specific jewelry you’re looking for, they will readily recommend another store that might have what you need instead of maligning their competitor.

6. Respects the value of jewelry

And not just the money that comes in exchange for it. If you have a special design in mind that you want to have made or you have a broken piece of jewellery that you want repaired, your jeweller should be able to take the extra step in helping you fulfill those needs. They respect the value of jewellery as well as the feelings of their clients in regards to their needs and the sentimental value of their jewellery.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to settle for the first jeweller that you meet when there are others that can readily give you more than just a hard sell. If you want to get the best value out of your purchase, it pays to take the time to choose a jeweller that is reputable, respected, and genuinely cares about your needs.

Finding a good Women’s clothing website

Women often have a very difficult time shopping for clothes. There are many reasons why this is the case. Some women are very picky about the style and color of the clothes they buy. Others have a hard time finding the right size. Whatever the case may be, the key to finding the clothes that you will be proud to wear is simply knowing where to look. The Internet is a very big place. There are websites for almost anything these days. There are an enormous amount of sites that specialize in selling women’s clothes. It will be up to you to find the best ones and determine where to do your shopping in the future. What makes a good women’s clothing website? Here are some things you should consider during your search.

A superb inventory

Having to go to many different sites to find the exact clothes you are looking for can take a lot of time out of your day. Therefore, you should try your best to find a site that will make those treks around the Internet a thing of the past. Ideally, you want to find a site that has everything you need in one place. This may sound like a fantasy. However, your goal should be to find a single site where you will be able to do at least 90 percent of your shopping. This will have a couple of benefits. Obviously, it will save you a significant amount of time. It will also save you a lot of money when it comes to shipping. Buying clothes from multiple sites will certainly cost you more than having all of your purchases sent to you in one or two boxes. Peak Boutique is a great example of a site with an outstanding inventory of women’s clothing.

Shipping fees that are reasonable

The price that sites charge for shipping is something you must keep a close eye on. There are many sites that have started charging a flat fee for the shipping of many of their orders. However, there is a big problem with doing this. The customer is often ripped off because the flat fee is far more than what is costs to ship the item. The site then pockets the remainder of the money as profit. Therefore, you should try to avoid clothing sites that use this practice. Make sure you understand how each site is arriving at their shipping fees.

Applying a Mehendi Design the Right Way

Mehendi designs are varied and unique, and each culture that uses them has their own traditions and history behind the practice. They’ve become popular as a form of self-expression and body art in the West, but unless you were raised in the rich cultural atmosphere that created the art of Mehendi, the how-to is probably a mystery.

You can either make the paste yourself, or purchase pre-filled Mehendi cones. If you use home made, you can use a zip-lock bag with a decorator tip fitted into the one corner. The make it last on the skin requires further preparation. There are a number of design templates available for download; this is how to apply the paste.


You should cleanse the area to be decorated with rubbing alcohol to remove excess oils that can keep the dye from penetrating or adhering properly. Make sure to use plastic or rubber gloves (like surgical gloves or the kind you use for dying your lace wigs) when applying the henna paste, and protect any surfaces or clothing in your work area.


The thinner the skin in the area where you’re placing the design, the darker the stain. The most common placements are hands, wrists, feet and backs. Place the tip of the cone directly on the skin and apply pressure until the dye emerges; once you get a sense of how fast or slow the dye will come out, you can proceed with more confidence.

Once the design is finished, let it dry completely. Some people cover the area with plastic wrap for up to 10 hours, and others allow it to air-dry until the excess paste flakes off. A properly applied new mehendi designs will last for up to a month.

To remove the design, you can either wait for it to fade naturally as your skin exfoliates, or you can use one of the following methods:

1. Soak in a hot bath, and then use an exfoliating body sponge or scrub.

2. Using a whitening toothpaste that contains peroxide and/or baking soda will remove some of the residual stain.

3. Apply an Aplha or Beta hydroxy-based skin cream that accelerates the exfoliation process.

4. Chlorine helps fade the dye, so if you swim frequently, your design will fade quicker; just make sure to never use straight bleach or chlorine directly on your skin or you will get a chemical burn.

Thanks to the Internet, websites like Craftsvilla provide a wealth of information about the history and proper use of cultural symbolism and spiritual practices. It’s important to know the meaning behind traditions like Mehendi, It’s a sign of respect for the culture and history of the people, and you’ll avoid looking foolish or offensive.