Get to Know your Jeweller Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

You know that heavy feeling in your gut when you hand in your money to pay for something expensive and you just hope, really hope, that this thing is worth it. Well, that feeling is even more magnified when you’re buying something as valuable as diamonds. They’re tiny pieces of stone but their prices are no joke. You could easily lose $4000 if you’re careless with this tiny piece of stone.

We’re not saying diamonds aren’t worth the investment. Of course they are (cough!) And because they are really worth it for such a tiny size, it’s only important that you put careful consideration into it before buying. One of the things to consider is the jeweller. There are many jewellers who sell diamonds but only a handful will truly have your best interest. This is why it’s so important to know who your jeweller is before purchasing any diamond jewellery.

So what makes a good jeweller and where do you find one? Well, that’s a question we will answer in this post.

1. Listens to your needs

A good jeweller, such as Diamond Jewellery Studio, will listen to you and ask you the right questions to help them determine the kind of diamond jewellery you are looking for. If they persistently push you towards items that you don’t really like despite having clearly defined what you are looking for, run. This is a big red flag. They don’t really want to help you find the perfect diamond, they just want your money.

2. Loyal customer-base

A good jeweller is someone who is established and has gathered a number of loyal customers. If you know someone who has been with their jeweller for quite some time, you might want to get a reference. This is usually a good sign since it means that the jeweller is trusted enough to help their long-time customers pick the right jewellery they need.

3. Wide array of services

Your jeweller can’t just be the person who persuades you to buy diamond jewellery. They should have other services that go along with their products such as diamond inspection, repair, resize, and custom design. A reputable jeweller will be able to answer or should have staff that can answer any questions you have with ease. It’s even better if your jeweller sells loose diamonds as they are often more knowledgeable about the qualities of diamond than most. If you’re interested, you can check out wholesale diamonds in Brisbane from Diamond Jewellery Studio.

4. Wide selection

Okay, so maybe going into a big jewelry boutique might not be the most ideal since you could get overwhelmed by the choices. Despite the huge selection, a good jeweler will go the extra mile to help you find the jewelry that you’re looking for and narrow down your choices. They can’t just present you with ring after ring hoping that you’ll settle for something they can quickly sell.

5. Recommends other jewelers

So we mentioned that your jeweler should at least have a decent amount of jewelry to choose from but if they don’t have the specific jewelry you’re looking for, they will readily recommend another store that might have what you need instead of maligning their competitor.

6. Respects the value of jewelry

And not just the money that comes in exchange for it. If you have a special design in mind that you want to have made or you have a broken piece of jewellery that you want repaired, your jeweller should be able to take the extra step in helping you fulfill those needs. They respect the value of jewellery as well as the feelings of their clients in regards to their needs and the sentimental value of their jewellery.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to settle for the first jeweller that you meet when there are others that can readily give you more than just a hard sell. If you want to get the best value out of your purchase, it pays to take the time to choose a jeweller that is reputable, respected, and genuinely cares about your needs.

Enhancing the Look of Your Diamond Ring with Side Stones


When choosing a diamond ring or having one custom made, there are a number of design choices to be made. Apart from the central diamond, which should always be the key focus, the use of side stones is equally important as these serve to enhance the overall look and feel of the ring. Incorporating more stones into the ring accentuates and complements the design and can transform a beautiful ring into a stunning one.

What are Side Stones?

Side stones are additional stones used to enhance the look of the central diamond in a ring by drawing attention to it in a complementary manner. They make the ring seem larger, more impressive and accentuated. Side stones are like the supporting cast for the main star; the diamond. It is important for side stones to work in harmony with the ring’s overall design features but they should not steal attention away the diamond. When used correctly, side stones enhance and highlight, but never compete.

Classic Design

Traditionally, most rings are designed with a single stone placed on either side of the central diamond. Sometimes the total number of stones is increased to five, with two stones that gradually become larger, situated on either side of the main diamond.

Obviously there are no hard and fast rules and the choice mainly depends upon personal taste and one’s available budget. If you’re looking for more options, you can always check on exclusive designs for diamond engagement rings in Brisbane or in any jewelry shops in your area.

engagement rings

Proportion and Balance

Regardless of the amount of side stones chosen, an important factor in the design is finding the right proportion and balance. Using stones that are too small and are dwarfed by the central diamond will throw the look of the ring off. Conversely, using more diamonds that are quite large will shift the focus from the main diamond in a manner that is not complementary. One may choose to use many small stones to meet the right proportion, or only a few larger stones. Finding a happy medium is definitely the key to a balanced design.

Colour and Clarity

It is important to consider the colour and clarity of the feature diamond when choosing the perfect side stones. Generally the grade of diamond should be the same, as a significant difference in colour or clarity will be noticeable. Imagine looking at a shiny, sparkling mirror surrounded by two smaller dirty mirrors. The contrast will be too great and the central focus would be diminished by the inferior stones surrounding it. Most jewellers recommend choosing side stones that are no less that one grade below that of the central diamond. You can also buy loose diamonds in Brisbane – if you happen to live there, or in local jewelry shops. Loose diamonds are perfect when thinking about having your ring customized.

Flaws and Imperfections

When using side stones, a creative way of incorporating more diamonds but keeping costs down, is to choose stones that are of the same overall color and clarity that have very minor inclusions or imperfections. Sometimes these irregularities are so small that they can only been seen under great magnification with a jewelers loupe.

Even if a tiny speck or flaw can be seen with the naked eye it is often possible to hide it beneath a prong or below a bezel edge of the setting. This way more diamonds can be added to the ring but the overall expense is much less.

Practical Considerations

Ultimately, what are considered to be the right side stones to use will come down to matters of style and taste as well as lifestyle. If one leads a busy, active life and works in a hands-on profession, then a more appropriate ring may be one that is less elaborate and not as likely to catch and snag onto things. This is especially true for a wedding or engagement ring that is worn every day.

The size of one’s fingers also needs to be considered when designing the placement of the stones on a ring. If one has very slender fingers, a bulky ring with numerous stones may look out of place. If ones fingers are rather thick and large, small side stones may be obscured between the fingers, meaning they can’t be seen and will likely require more cleaning and maintenance over the years.

The important thing to remember is that designing or choosing a ring is a very personal matter of taste and style. Consulting closely with a jeweler and looking at a wide range of diamond rings will help narrow down the choices and ensure that your ring will be treasured and worn with pride for many years to come.

Unique Ways to Present A Surprise Silver Jewellery Gift

When you buy silver jewellery as a present for that special someone in your life, it’s good to remember that the experience of receiving a gift starts from the first look at its outer wrapping. If the receiver sees a beautiful gift box or mesmerizing wrapping paper, they will get far more excited about the thought of what’s inside compared to receiving something in a paper brown bag.

However, the latter could also work well if you really want to fool the receiver into believing what’s inside is just another mundane item. But if you choose something that looks visually impressive, it shows you have put a lot of effort into thinking about the gift and what’s more, it shows something super special is waiting for them on the inside.

Maybe you have recently discovered some beautiful sterling silver jewellery by Silver by Mail in UK and want to move onto the next stage and start to think about how to present your gift. You might need a little help in coming up with ideas. If this is the case, this article will give you some inventive tips so you can present your special gift in the best way possible.

Choosing an artisan gift box

Something handmade always adds that extra special touch to any gift, especially something as precious as sterling silver jewellery. It shows you have gone the extra mile and thought about every element of the present you are giving. Even if you want to design one yourself, you do not need to be an artist! Just source some beautifully designed paper, card, or material and craft it to fit the outside of the jewelry box.

You can even get super decorative by using beads, dried flowers, or additional elements to bring your gift box to life.

Researching novelty boxes online

If you don’t want to get creative yourself, there are plenty of places online where you can find great ideas for unusual gift boxes. For instance, having a pair of silver earrings coming in a box shaped like a flower for your girlfriend who is passionate about gardening would be a great way of showing you have thought things through and kept it original.

Putting the jewelry on a beautiful teddy

Using a furry friend and adorning it with the sterling silver accessories you purchased is a lovely idea that will go down well with most girlfriends, wives, or fiancés.

Surprising the recipient via festive decorations

Depending on the time of year, you can think about putting the decoration in a Christmas tree trimming or attaching it to the mistletoe. This is a fun way of presenting your gift and surprising your loved one in an unexpected way.

A romantic meal

Even though this method is not particularly unique, it still makes for a great setting to present your gift to the person you love. If you want to stay clear of the over-used champagne glass with a (not so) surprise ring in it, you can try putting the ring underneath a cover or napkin on the plate before the course is served. When the receiver lifts up the napkin they are in for a lovely surprise!

Don’t forget to think outside the (Jewellery) box

You can get super creative with your packaging ideas too! Checking out Pinterest will give you some inspiration to think of something original and unconventional. For example there is chalkboard paper that you can write a little message on or draw a mini picture. Have you ever thought about wrapping the gift box in a pretty fabric?

This can really look inventive and quirky., best shop for  silver pendants, is a good place to start when searching for silver jewellery. They offer a variety of bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and more. With a huge collection of handcrafted accessories adorned with beautiful gemstones, you will be able to choose something and have it conveniently delivered to your home or work for when you need it.

We hope you get some creative ideas for presenting your gift to the person you love by reading this article. Silver accessories are a great way to show that special someone just how much they mean to you and presenting it in a unique and meaningful way will help them feel even more loved.

Runway Fashions That Don’t Look Silly in the Office: Dress To Impress With These Fashion Tips

Fashion today frustrates me. It really does. Every single season there is always a great new look, or a trend that I am not allowed to take part in – if only because I work 65 hours per week. I will often fantasize about bringing runway fashions into the workplace, dressing up in all of the lush patterns, fabrics, and luxurious designs made famous by the world’s best.


image by Celia

Is it so much to ask that my clothes fit me properly, and show me in a better light than pantsuits and shoulder pads? Is it too much to ask that my clothes feel good, look good, and wear well?

What about all the fashion accessories that I’m not allowed to wear? As if it wasn’t hard enough being a woman in the workplace, most of us aren’t allowed to dress like one.

No, no, not I. For I am supposed to fit in with the furniture, and between you and me, I think our office furniture was manufactured sometime around the turn of the last century… Or the one before that.

With all of my disdain for workplace fashion, I took it upon myself to scavenge the runways and workwear suppliers UK for relief and inspiration – and to my amazement I actually found clothing that I can see myself wearing inside and outside of the office.

I won’t keep you in suspense; here’s what I found!


Spring weather is unpredictable, and even the office thermostat has a really hard time keeping up. One minute I’m freezing, the next minute I’m sweltering hot – and that’s why I love my scarf. All of them, actually. All 32 of them. Yeah, that’s right – I’m what one would call a connoisseur.

And why not? They’re magnificent! My scarf is the number one way that I like to express myself. Patterns and fabrics dripping with colour from silk to wool; so many options. They’re also a great way to keep my hair dry in a rainstorm.


An unlikely candidate for this article, but maybe not so much. If anything is to protect your workplace wardrobe or hairstyle on any given day, it’s your umbrella.

A quality umbrella will outlive more than its fair share of tropical rain storms, while making sure that I show up for work looking great. Currently I have two umbrellas in my collection; one that’s all business and another that is all fun.

For business I have a traditional black umbrella with a curved handle, and when I’m not seeing clients it’s all about my hot pink Hello Kitty umbrella. Let’s just say that I stand out in a crowd.


Once upon a time fishnet stockings were considered classy, then one day they became unsavoury – well thank goodness fishnet stockings are back in the good graces of fashion. Combined with a simple pencil skirt, a good pair of fishnet stockings can really complete an outfit.

Less Is More

Sugar sweet candy Pop icons such as Taylor Swift or anyone on the cast of Glee has proven to the world that runway vogue does not mean a whole lot of lace or skin – role models like these demonstrated classy lady-like dress can have its day both on and off the runway as well.

Thanks to Taylor Swift I can look runway chic while still looking professional and together. What a gal!

4 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

When a marriage ends, some women can find themselves suddenly and unpreparedly responsible for car and home payments, plus other recurring bills. Before scrambling to pay your bills on time, consider selling one big asset: your engagement ring. How do you make money off your already-worn diamond? Read on.

1. Know what you have. Before agreeing to sell, you’ll want to have a clear idea of how authentic your ring is and how high the quality of the diamond is. Bring your ring to a qualified appraiser, ideally one who doesn’t buy or sell diamonds. They’ll give you an unbiased opinion. You can also start to figure out how much your diamond engagement ring is worth by visiting

2. A professional appraiser, who doesn’t buy diamonds for themselves  should give you a more honest estimate.   The Gemological Institute of America provides undisputed appraisals for a small fee.

3. Decide whether you want to sell the ring to the diamond industry or to the public. Sometimes price isn’t the only consideration; many sellers want to get rid of their ring quickly, even if it means getting a bit less than it’s worth. If time is of the essence, the quickest deal you can make is with someone in the diamond industry.

4. Try to leave your emotions out of the deal. Engagement rings carry a lot of promises and memories with them, and it can be extremely difficult to part with yours. Since you view the ring as sentimental, you may want to put a higher price on it than a seller is willing to pay. If you’re not able to leave emotions out of the selling process, you may want to wait a while.

If possible, try not to rush the sale of your diamond. Resale prices for diamonds vary greatly, so if you put a little extra time into research and finding a buyer, you can really make out.

Valentine ready in fashionable curls

The month of love is already here and everyone with their hearts in the right places is very excited for the events. Men are stressed on how to make this night the best night for the lovely woman in their lives, while women on the other hand are thrilled by the thought of being treated like a queen once more on this special event.

To make the event even more memorable and special, both couples are ready to dress their best. Men will definitely have a visit to the nearest salon and will wear their best perfume and tie for the night.

Women on the other hand are very keen in looking their best during this one special night. They dress to impress not only for their partners but as well as the people that could potentially see them while out on a date. A simply dress is not enough, standing out is the motive of the night. To keep the complete package even better, make-up, hair and accessories really counts a lot. With a simple magic brought by a curling wand, the simple and not so glamorous look of any woman would turn out fabulous with those thick and wavy curls. A little bit of make-up and a few accessories here and there will complete the look. Be Valentine ready in fashionable curls by simply choosing the best curling wand.

But again, the most important aspect of the night is to stand out, and what more way to stand out than to strut those lovely beach wave-like hair courtesy of the curling wand. The hair is definitely every woman’s crowning glory. Doing a little revamp for your hair this one special day will be stress-free and so easy with the curling wand.

image via net

Now, you can celebrate this special Valentine’s Day with a different kind of confidence that will surely make your date and celebration even a more wonderful and memorable experience.

Dress Your Best Tips for Any Occasion

Dressing your best does not only allows one to blend in or to fit in an occasion but helps in boosting one’s confidence. You also get the chance to enjoy socializing with friends when you know that you look great around people. Just take a look at this beautiful collection of wedding attire, URL  will definitely make you look attractive.

Though there will be times that it’s hard to find the perfect dress or apparel for that one very important event – a high school reunion, your best friend’s wedding or a family gathering during spring break.

Dress your best at any occasion in style and with flair by following this simple tips and tricks.

  1. Always check the invitation for dress codes and other advice about the theme of the party or event you are going to attend to. Discount wedding of  wedding can help you save money.

It is very important to dress according to the occasion than to impress or make a statement – not unless the party is for you or hosted by you. Always remember that you need to blend in with the crowd. Check for advises on the invitation when it comes to what to wear for the occasion.

  1. Be aware of themes and the decorations that are going to be used in the party

It may be a Valentine’s Day party but you would definitely not want to end up in red just like everyone else, unless advised or you wouldn’t want to end up matching colors with the table cloths or the venue. Go for unpredictable colors that still lean with the theme of the occasion. Go for pink or a lighter shade of red for Valentine’s Day or silver for Christmas parties instead of the usual green and red ensemble.

  1. Classic colors and cuts never fails so have dresses in these colors always handy. Champagne Wedding Dresses will look best in any month.

Solid colors like blue, red and that perfect little black dress are staples when it comes to attending parties and events. Having a good old trusted dress for those unexpected invitations will help you save time and eliminate the stress in preparing as well. If your looking for great pretty wedding dress, make sure to visit Online Wedding Dresses.

Staying Cool and Fashionably Forward with Dressve Wool overcoat

Dressing with confidence and exuding power by simply accessorizing is so possible with the Dressve Wool Coats Whether it’s a cool day outside or whether you would simply want to dress up and enjoy the feeling of being warm all over, wool coats are the best fashion accessories for you. Available indifferent colors, sizes and designs, you’ll get nothing but the most fashion forward attire you would definitely love wearing at work, during cool and rainy seasons or when going abroad to cold and breezy countries.

Made from the best high quality wool,  this pink overcoat is a must have for woman who loves to travel in style.

Red is the color of elegance and this red wool overcoat is just perfect for office, travelling or just a day hanging out with friends.

Any simple dress like this from Dressve would become a classic and will definitely catch people’s attention when you cover it up with a nice fluffy and fashionable wool coat. Playing with color is not the only option that you have.You could even play around with the color designs, sleeve lengths as well as the different buttons and print designs available for these fashion apparels. You’ll never go fashionably wrong with these coats on.

Lesson Learned: Rings and Locks

It’s another lesson learned for me yesterday.  We were busy preparing to go out as early as possible and prepared all the things we needed to bring since the night before.

Good thing, when we arrive at mother in law’s place, the street is not yet closed and the parade are just making preparing for their lines. The kids are now set to see the parade and hubby will be joining the parade since his a part of the barangay civic servants. (federation of barangay lupon).

Although, i have to walk for almost a kilometer, i don’t mind it since I was able to take pictures and see some of the parade participants but what makes me worried is knowing that at the time we were all settled, I noticed that I forgot our house keys which makes me worried a lot and I have to patiently wait for 12:00 noon so i can go out from work and meet hubby so we can go home and try opening our house.

For almost 30 minutes, hubby try to find a way to open the front door but we were unlucky.  So, we have to rush to centro and find a locksmith before sun down.  I was thinking, if only those rings and locks are together, then I should not be worried like this.

Luckily, the locksmith was able to do his job well and we were able to enter the house but  for these,  i feel like wasting money out of my stupidity or let me rephrase it, for being forgetful.

 It makes me realize another thing that our front door is very vulnerable since it can be open without a key if someone knows how to open them with just pieces of small wires. So, it is very important also that you have a double lock to ensure more safety for your home if all of you needed to go out.

Choosing The Right Pearl Accessory

Women are said to love pearls as much as any other type of jewelry, but there are many ways for gentlemen to purchase pearls for women. Women want to wear something that makes them feel beautiful, and they need to wear something that works the best for their style. Men who are out buying pearls need to consider all these things when they begin shopping for their lady. A gift of pearls can make a woman’s day, but it must be the right gift so that she can enjoy every day of the year.

The Necklace

Most women prefer a pearl necklace because it is so versatile. The pearl necklace is one strand of pearls that has inspired a song, adorned women’s necks for years and provided women with more options than they thought possible. 

Some women prefer to wear one long strand of pearls to make sure everyone can see the whole strand. Other women like to tie a little knot in the strand to make the necklace look different. The strand can be configured in hundreds of different ways to accommodate the style that the woman prefers. 

Some women will wear these strands wrapped around their wrists as bracelets, and the daring woman can wear the strand around her lithe waist as a belt. The options are endless when a man hands his lady a timeless strand of pearls.

The Color

The color of the pearls is always in question. Pearls are typically white, but there are many other colors to choose from. Black pearls are popular in Asia, and there are many Asian companies that design pearl jewelry for a place like Laguna Pearl. 

Also, men can get pearls in pink, yellow and blue for their lady. These pearls tend to be smaller, but they create casual pearl styles that are perfect for a woman who does not consider herself formal.

The best pearl jewelry for a woman is the pearl strand that will look best on her. Men know what their ladies like, and men must make a thoughtful decision about their pearl purchases in the future.