World Cup Fashion : Be Champions, Be a Part of the Journey

One of the most celebrated sports in the world and in history is soccer. Seeing men and women run around and seriously compete to get that ball to the opponent’s goal is such a breath-taking sight we all adore to see.

The adrenalin rush brought by this sport is very redeeming making the crowd shout and react to every move, every kick and every move of this celebrated and adored soccer players. With that, there is no surprise in seeing the crowd go crazy over their favorite soccer teams and soccer players. Some soccer fans even takes the effort to go to different countries just to be able to see and support their beloved themes live and experience the thrill the world cup offers first hand. It’s the same theme  keeps on mind.  World cup fashion is indeed something worth checking out.  


So it is not a surprise to see fans getting crazy with world cup t-shirts, caps, and other souvenir items. Wearing these shirts and getting sports memorabilia’s from these events makes a fan feel that they are part of the journey of their favorite teams towards championship.

So the next time you go and experience the thrill and the shrill of the World Cup games, go and wear your favorite team’s shirt and show your support by cheering, shouting and roaring with pride on every move and every successful goal your team does.

Fashionable Sarees for Every occasion

A beautiful collection of colors, bright, feminine and bold, that’s what we can say with sarees.  What you wear  plays a very important role in  not just looking good but also getting notice by the community as well. Sarees is a very popular outfit/apparel of Indian women and it is not just worn on special occasion but also in a daily basis depends on it’s prints and embroidery.

The fashion of sarees has evolved over the years and not just Indian woman are wearing this pretty sarees today.  It’s been embraced by many culture and races and was considered as fashion thing this days. It is even considered as trendy wear and even celebrities are showing their stylish and fashionable sarees in every occasion.

You can find fashionable sarees for every occasion on online shop or on your nearby designer shops. From chiffon, silk or cotton, there is always that perfect piece of saree  for every occasion.

Women’s Designer Clothing

Every women loves fancy clothing and as they say, you need at least several pieces of tops, bottoms, skirt or jeans to complete your daily fashion ensemble.

There are those basic staples for a wardrobe, it doesn’t mean or necessary to have them all but it is always good to have different pieces that you can choose so you still have some options or alternative.

It doesn’t need to be branded  but something that is comfortable, stylish and can be worn in multiple ways.  You need trendy pieces like the collection of  womens designer clothing online at Tuchuzy that will make you stand out of the crowd during important events, a clothing that will give you the  classy, chic and sexy look .

An outfit that you think can give you an edge during special times is definitely something that you need to own.  It’s a wardrobe essential to have key pieces that matches your lifestyle.  Designer clothes are sometimes expensive but investing on it does not just give you satisfaction but also make you look fabulous.

Creating a timeless and chic wardrobe is something every woman must achieve, remember that it doesn’t need to be as expensive as it is since you can always find clothing that are chic and elegant  but less expensive.

A wardrobe with essential fashion pieces is what every woman’s desire and if you have those, then you can consider yourself lucky.

Dressv Discount Evening Dresses for Special Occasion

Most girls dreams to  be a princess even for a night. And a perfect event where a girl can feel like a princess is during Prom Night. Where boys turn out to be like Prince Charming and to dance with ladies for a whole lovely night.

Dancing as one, swaying to the tune of any love mellow music, and feeling each move while they sway with a bit of awkwardness.  Some may feel that prom night is a start of a new beginning, a blossoming  or hopeless love.

Each gals and guys prepare their best for this wonderful event, but most of the time the gals are full of anticipation and looking forward to be the most beautiful swan in the ballroom.  It is hard to start planning what to wear for prom night especially if you don’t have the idea where to begin.

Looking for what style will fit for her look and personality is even harder. And for those who have strict budgeting, looking for affordable dresses is the hardest. It is a must to look for Discount Evening Dresses that look elegantly beautiful but still considering the price of it just like what Dressv could offer.

You don’t need to have a basket full of patience when looking for one.  Since their site offers a great choices of pretty dresses that you will surely love. Find the one which you think you will be comfortable, equally fashionable yet affordable.

A month before the most awaited event, girls should scout for dresses and imagine how they will look on it to avoid cramming and make prom night the worst night ever. Don’t be a wallflower during prom night, mingle and socialize with others. A lovely dress from dressv that match a beautiful face will reach you into fame during prom night and bag the desired crown and title of being the prom queen.

Check their collection today and find great discount.

Fall Fashion

The most drastic changes in fashion usually occur when seasons change. The four sensational seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, greatly affect the fashion industry, with designers  scrambling to come up with new fashion statements; releasing new lines, with unique designs  topping their previous works.

Even though the Philippines is a tropical country with the sun shining all year round, we are carried  along with the seasonal changes in fashion. And right now, all the stores are packed with Fall Fashion lines, coloured mainly with maroons, dark greens, mustards, and blues, displaying more sweaters, coats and boots.

Fall is a classic season, where the best fashion lines are drawn out; with every piece of clothing  hinting on haute couture. It’s the season where you dress up in rich colours, looking every bit as sophisticated as actress Leighton Meester.

But it is always a hassle to search through stores in a mall during this holiday season, where it’s always packed with people free enough to scour through shops. And this is where online shops prove themselves to be the better option, such as Zalora! Not to mention how Zalora has a personal brand, Ezra, with clothes known for being refined and chic – narrowing down the search for the perfect outfit for fall.

Your Winter Coat: What Does It Say About You?

As the cold weather sets in, your coat will now become the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe. Your outerwear is the first thing most people see, and they will form their opinion of you based on how you present yourself to the outside world. Smart, tailored coats promote an organised, business-like image, whereas a faded green parka in the style of Liam Gallagher will make you look like a chav. It is important to find the right combination of style, comfort and warmth when selecting your winter coat, and the following guide will help you find the perfect coat that reflects your personal style.

Trench coat

The trench coat is possibly the most versatile outerwear in existence, and it can be worn by everybody from high-powered executives to art students. The preferred choice of both fashionistas and flashers, the trench is a timeless classic that will serve you well for many years. To power dress like a pro, go for a classic beige trench and wear it over your trouser suit and high heels. The hottest trench coat this season is Burberry’s stunning rubber Oxblood creation that lit up the catwalks at London Fashion Week. If the hefty $3195 dollar price tag is a little steep, the high-street offers some stunning winter coats in a variety of styles and price ranges.

Duffle Coat

The duffle coat is like a faithful friend that has been around for years and is always ready to step in and lend a hand should you find yourself in a jam. Even though there are some stylish versions out there, the duffle coat is more a symbol of laid back casual wear and is not really appropriate in a formal office. The indie movement attempted to claim the style as their own a few years back, and teenage boys in duffle coats, skinny jeans and Vans seemed to be everywhere you looked. Thankfully, designers have snatched it back and created some beautiful versions in checked fabrics and a range of different lengths.


The parka has gotten a bad rap over the years, but designers have revamped it lately and there are some truly stunning versions available on the high-street. Try to avoid the oversized shapeless creations with hoods that cover your entire face, and instead go for a lightweight version with a tailored waist and white fur trim. A modern twist on this classic design comes in the form of leather sleeves that are ultra-trendy right now and will put you head and shoulders above the fashion pack. The parka is the perfect choice for festivals, shopping trips or grabbing a coffee with friends, but avoid wearing it to job interviews or fancy restaurants where you may receive a few disapproving stares.

Peplum Coats

The peplum refuses to leave and has taken over everything in our wardrobes including skirts, dresses, blouses and even outerwear. A peplum coat is a cute and trendy option that is perfect for all body types. A simple black peplum coat can easily be worn to the office to give a stylish look, or a pretty pink version makes an ideal first date option.

Bright Colours

Brightly coloured coats are a fantastic way to add a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe, and every girl should own at least one in a flattering colour. Red coats make a bold statement and are not for shy, retiring types, and yellow coats are also a hot style this season. Those who prefer to keep it simple and understated can opt for deep purples or emerald green colours, and adding a set of white gloves gives a sophisticated look to every style. Capes also look fantastic in different colours, and team them with some skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots to invoke some English countryside style.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it is warm enough to withstand the British winter. Even the trendiest coat won’t look good if you’re turning blue inside, and those who spend a lot of their time outside should invest in a waterproof option. Accessories are an essential addition to your outerwear, and scarfs, hats and gloves are practical items that will come in extremely useful this winter.

Sophie West is thought of as a bit of a style guru among her friends and family. She loves blogging about classic pieces and beautiful fashion.

Cashmere Sweater – Fall Must Have

If you are like so many people today, you may frequently find yourself going through each day in a blurred flurry trying to keep up with a hectic home life, job, social activities and community projects. You deserve a reward for all that you do, but you simply can’t find time for a weekend escape or a few hours of peaceful solitude. There’s another way to reward yourself and find that sense of tranquility your desire. You can indulgence yourself with serene, luxurious cashmere. It can be something as simple as cashmere scarf or cashmere socks or gloves, or you can make an investment in tranquility with a cashmere sweater. Just the feel of cashmere provides a sense of soothing tranquility that other materials can’t provide.

You can buy the best cashmere sweater at There are various stylish designs and trendy colors available. A cashmere sweater would be a wonderful gift for a new mom. With all of the attention given to the new baby, it’s always nice to do something thoughtful for the mother. To make the gift extra special, you could include some cashmere booties, a hat or a warm, soft cashmere blanket for the baby.

There are several styles of cashmere sweaters available for men. Adding some cashmere sweaters to your wardrobe collection will assure that you have something impressive to wear to work or to social events. Cashmere sweaters look luxurious and have amazing versatility. You will appear quite fashion savvy in cashmere.

Music in Fashion – Trendy Music inspired dress

Music has been a part of many people and without it, i guess the world will be too lonely to live with.  Music gives many meaning , enlighten our hearts and mind and even reminds us the beauty of life and the pain of our sorrow.  Although I’m not a very talented person nor would get a chance to use the maschine native instruments at guitar center  but I can be a good listener since I appreciate it that much.

Just like this dainty music inspired apparel at Romwe.  Honestly, i have been thinking of getting one.  I think it’s quite unique and really pretty and would definitely fit every music lovers like me.

Pretty short evening dress

Short evening dresses can be used for more occasions than the longer dresses because they are the perfect choice for a night out on the town, for a party at the club or a resort, for attendance at a concert and many other events. The designs make you feel fashionable, flirty, sexy, fun, frisky, stunning, elegant or demure.

These short dresses offer the latest in sophisticated couture fashion with a large variety of fresh designs, patterns, solids, prints and materials such as chiffon and satin. They convey your own sense of style whether it be strapless or a one shoulder creation, show off your seductive legs, hug your curves in an hour glass draping and an elastic banded waist, accent your neck and shoulders, incorporate lace and layers of ruffles for an added dimension, accent with beads and decorative flowers and, over all, make you look trim and fit and ready to have a good time as you are the envy of the crowd.

Ever-Pretty’s theme is ‘high fashion meets affordable pricing’ so you can find an ideal short evening dress for that special occasion in an up-to-date latest trend. You can also add a delightful selection of accessories to perfectly match your dress.

Caregiver Uniform Style and Comfort

A traveling nurse who is a caregiver to elderly people in their homes has a busy work day. He or she may need to move an elderly person from a bed to a wheelchair or help the person to bathe. Regardless of the tasks of the day, most caregivers look for certain features in a work uniform. Here are some of the most common features that caregivers look for in their work attire.


A caregiver must have freedom of movement in his or her uniform. A tight, ill-fitting uniform is not only unpleasant to work in it is also impractical. Most caregivers look for a uniform that fits somewhat loosely, but still looks neat and professional.

Breathable Fabric

Caregivers work in all kinds of environments. They may be helping an elderly person on a summer day that tops off at 90 degrees. Alternatively, they may be working in a stuffy apartment with the furnace turned up high. A caregiver needs a uniform that allows him or her to feel cool even in the warmest environments. The often strenuous work of a caregiver may make him or her feel warm even if its snowing outside the window. A uniform with breathable fabric is a must-have.


Finally, many caregivers want uniforms that are both practical and stylish. They want the opportunity to choose a different color to wear everyday. Most caregivers like to look both professional and stylish as they go about their important tasks.