Flex Wear : All in one Lens solution

Although I don’t regularly use my contact lenses, it’s very important to have a reliable solution since we are talking about our eyes.

I have already used several solutions in the past but i think Flex Wear is nice so i eventually buying it often.  It disinfects, lubricates , cleans and removes the protein on your contact lens so you don’t need to buy a separate solution for it.

But of course, it’s good to thoroughly clean your lenses once in a while so i used another product for it but i forgot it’s name.

How about you, what brand do you used?

Three minute make-overs

For busy working mom, looking good must not be overlooked and forgotten.  Before going out for work or doing some errands on the mall, try this simple and quick beauty boosts for a fresh looking, pretty face.

Go with a BB cream, it gives good coverage,  hides your blemishes and helps even out skin tone.  It’s easy to apply, you can use the tip of your fingers to spread them out or use a sponge.

Find a lip gloss with a tint since it can help you give a good color on your lips while keeping them smooth or you can opt to wear a lipstick that lasts for hours,  so whatever you do your lips will stay as luscious and beautiful.

You can also use an duo eye shadow and blush tint.  this can be used on your face and eyes to add more color.

Ski your Holiday away

Holiday is coming very fast, it’s indeed great to travel on a place where beautiful white snow are falling smoothly covering your head and body.  Just looking at it makes you shiver but playing in the snow is what many would love to do.

 Going on a ski trip?  Don’t forget to bring your ski goggles and  ski apparel even with the cold and snowy day, you can be as fabulous and fashionable.

fashionable oakley ski goggles

The whole family would surely enjoy this wonderful ski holiday.