The Beauty of Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is a fashion necessity nowadays. A few years ago, the fashion trend was associated with racers, or carpenters or welders and astronauts. It is easy to come up with the notion that a jumpsuit was a suit for hard labor. It is simply a buggy overall to protect its wearer from grease and paint back then.

Nowadays, the jumpsuit is one of the versatile fashion items and a necessity in every woman’s closet. The beauty of the jumpsuit has conquered not the just the cat walk and the runway but as well as the simple homes of ladies who enjoys fashion out there.

The trend was initially reintroduced to the cat walk by Chanel inspired by the 1930’s era. Stella McCartney quickly followed and created tailored versions of the fashion item. McCartney’s version of the jumpsuit paved way to its domination in the fashion industry.

Today, the jumpsuit has become not just a trend but a classic piece in a woman’s wardrobe. There are several versions of the jumpsuits. The classic jumpsuit is now adapted in several styles and shorter versions, like the jumpsuit has already evolved.

What makes the jumpsuit an iconic fashion piece, is that it works for any occasion. They are perfect for summer as well for those cold and breezy nights. It suits any age, shape and size. Its versatility is its edge over the other fashion pieces out there. The materials for jumpsuits are also vast. You can enjoy wearing the casual floaty chic suit or the playful denim type. The options are almost endless you’ll definitely find a style or two that complements perfect with your personality. You can find more at for the latest jumpsuits.

Accessorizing your jumpsuit is also very easy. A simple long necklace or a choker would work perfectly well for your jumpsuit. You could pair it with flats, heals and with different bag designs as well. The beauty of the jumpsuit comes together with the versatility and function it offers.

5 Things To Do The Night Before Prom


There’s a lot of things to think about when you’re preparing for your prom. From makeup and hair to taking a date and so much more.

If you’ve picked your amazing dress from the prom dresses 2016 on offer, booked your hair appointment and asked your beau to accompany you, you may just find this checklist handy when getting ready for the big night.

1. The Hair

To make sure your locks are shiny and healthy on prom night, treat your tresses to a hair mask or repair treatment the night before the prom. Then one you’ve used shampoo and conditioner for your hair on prom night, finish with a cold water rinse. It might be a little uncomfortable for a few seconds and chances are you’ll give a little squeal, but a cold water spritz helps the hair cuticles to tightly close, enhancing shine and smoothness.

2. The Face

Everyone gets spots. But you can try to minimize yours as much as possible pre-prom. Treat yourself to an at-home facial the night before to help open up and clean out your pores. Begin by cleansing the face with cleansing pads or cotton wool that will grab all the makeup and dirt trapped in your pores. Then exfoliate the skin using a facial exfoliating glove. Make small circles, slowly all around your face.

The next step is to steam and open up the pores. If you happen to have a clothing steamer, simply hold it a few feet away from your face and hold for about 10 minutes. If you don’t own a steamer, all is not lost. Lay a face cloth in hot water for a few minutes and then place it over your face. Close your eyes and relax as your pores open up.

Finally, finish off your home facial with a face mask. Just as you’ve chosen prom dresses 2016 for your body type, be sure to choose a mask for your skin type. When time’s up, rinse with warm water and complete the facial with moisturizer.

Doing a face mask the night before prom will ensure you’re glowing on your special night.

3. The Teeth

If you think your teeth have lost their sparkle, consider an at-home whitening the night before prom. There are a range of products on the market that will whiten and brighten your pearly whites with no fuss at all.

4. The Hands

Nothing completes prom dresses 2016 like a stunning corsage. And no doubt you can’t wait to show yours off. So you’ll want to make sure that your hands and nails are looking tip top. You can save money by skipping a nail salon and giving yourself a manicure the night before prom. Start practicing about a week before to get a steady hand and style you like.

5. The Feet

Don’t neglect your heels and toes, especially if you’ll be sporting sexy open-toe sling- backs. The night before prom, start breaking in the shoes so you don’t have to deal with nasty blisters when you’re on the dance floor.

Then, the night before prom, exfoliate the soles of your feet and heels with a specially designed pedicure stone. Follow that with a pumice stone over rough spots and callouses to really smooth out your feel. Finally, use a foot mask or creamy moisturizer and then paint your toe nails. If you’re going to be wearing open-toe heels or peep-toe shoes, go for a bright nail polish to really finish off the look.

Look After Your Valuables On Holiday

We know that diamonds aren’t cheap. And they’re certainly a precious possession. Generally, it’s not a good idea to travel with your jewelry but there are probably times when you really want to.

Here’s how you can keep your diamond engagement rings safe if you’re taking them along on your next holiday or honeymoon.

Keeping Diamonds Safe During Travel

Before You Travel

If you’re going travelling with your valuables, don’t skimp on insurance. A suitable policy is the best defense against any eventualities of losing your rings.

Be aware that most travel insurance policies don’t cover massive jewelry claims so you might require a separate policy. It’s worth doing some homework first.

If you’re taking your diamond engagement rings overseas with you, it’s a good idea to keep a list of the jewelry you’re taking with. Make a copy of the list and pack it in with your belongings. Also take pictures and even video footage of your rings and keep those in your camera or mobile phone. They could come in handy should you need proof of identification.

Be Street Smart

You’ll want to use your common sense when travelling with your diamond jewelry. Do avoid wearing your diamonds in public areas. There’s no better way to attract a thieves’ attention than adorning expensive jewelry. This is also true of wearing jewelry at airports during your flight transits.

Another good tip is not to keep your precious jewels in your checked-in baggage when using public transport and on flights. Often security guidelines dictate that luggage needs to be inspected and that puts your diamond engagement rings at risk of theft. Keep your jewels in your hand luggage and on your person.

A carry case especially designed for storing jewelry is a good idea too. A jewelry box with different storage compartments can pad your loose items during transit, preventing dents and scratches.

Be Cautious if You’re Leaving Valuables In the Hotel

Don’t leave loose jewelry lying around the hotel room. It’s just begging to be stolen. Instead of doing that, check if there is a safe-storage facility at the hotel that you’re  staying at. This could be a security box at reception or a safe in the hotel room. These are safe methods of keeping your valuables locked away when you’re not in the hotel room.

If no such storage is available, then carry your items with you. You should never, ever leave valuables in the hotel room if you’re not there. Remember, hotel cleaning staff will have access to the room.

Save the Trouble – Leave it At Home

Unless you really, really want to bring your diamond jewelry on holiday with you for a special event or occasion, save the hassle and leave it at home. You really don’t want to unnecessarily expose yourself to risks in a strange country.

Keeping Your Diamonds Safe At Home

If you’d rather leave your jewels at home, make sure they’re safe there too. While you’re not at home, choose to suspend newspaper deliveries and ask a neighbor to empty your post box on a daily basis. Post and newspapers building up broadcast to everyone that you’re not at home.

Also, avoid announcing on social media that you will be away on holiday. These days thieves are incredibly tech savvy.

A decent safe is essential for your diamond engagement rings and other precious belongings. Keep the safe in an inconspicuous part of the house. The first place burglars usually check are the jewelry box, dresser drawers and wardrobe. But a fireproof safe that has been installed in the wall and hidden behind something will make is near impossible for robbers to get off with your jewelry.

Finally, don’t forget to latch the window locks and remove any spare keys on the

outer premises.

Sun Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer? Brush up on your sunscreen facts to keep your skin safe.

1. Don’t worry about getting a sunscreen with a super high SPF. You’ll need to reapply sunblock regularly anyway, so anything over 50 SPF isn’t going to make much of a difference. It’s more important to slather on a fresh coat of SPF every couple of hours. If you go swimming, reapply right after you get out of the water and dry off.

2. Stay away from spray sunblock. The spray may be convenient, but it releases chemicals that aren’t healthy to breathe in.

3. Make sure that you have enough Vitamin D in your diet, which will help keep your skin healthy. You may need to take a supplement if your Vitamin D levels are too low.

4. The best sunscreen companies make products with the right ingredients. You don’t want to be overexposed and at the whim of UVA rays. Make sure your sunscreen won’t quickly break down at that it doesn’t have compounds that could have an affect on your hormones.

5. Instead of hanging out directly in the sun, find a shady spot to setup for the afternoon. Or, take an umbrella along with you if you’re going to be lounging on the beach for several hours. It’s especially important to keep babies in the shade, because they don’t yet have skin-protecting melanin.

6. Sunblock isn’t your only defense against the sun. You can also protect your skin by wearing hats, pants, and long sleeve shirts when outside. Also make sure to wear sunglasses that block UV rays. If your eyes get too much sun exposure, it could result in cataracts.

7. Regularly check your skin for new moles or moles that are growing. Check with your primary care doctor if you feel that there’s something wrong. They’ll likely put you in touch with a dermatologist.

8. When applying sunblock to kids, test a small area of their skin first to make sure they don’t have an adverse reaction to the product. If you’re sending your kid to school with sunblock, include a note that gives them permission to apply it.

As great as you may look with a tan, the effects of sun exposure can be detrimental to your health and your future appearance.

Coco Melody help you Pick the Best Wedding Dress that Suits your Budget


Getting married is one of the most exciting moments of your life. The excitement though can sometimes bring a lot of stress to the bride. Planning for a wedding can really get the best out of you. The one thing that could bring the biggest stress and excitement as well is your wedding dress. Choosing the perfect wedding dress that suits your style, body type and budget can really be so nerve-wracking. That’s why there are online shops that caters and helps you pick the best wedding dress.  At Cocomelody, they believe that every bride should be wearing their dream dress without going over their budget.

Take into consideration your budget as well as the over-all theme of your wedding. This 2015 wedding dresses online collection of Cocomelody provides good quality and affordable price which helps and try to satisfy ladies’ dress needs.

Follow these simple tips and get ready to make your wedding day a truly blissful one.

One of the most common wedding gown cut is the A-line of the princess dress. The gown has no marked waist and has vertical seams that flow from the shoulders to the hem of the skirt. This type of wedding gown flatters any figure, and a simple design that will make you stand out on your wedding day without having to be necessarily heavy on your budget.

If you are leaning into a more formal gown for your wedding day, you can opt to choose a ball gown inspired wedding gown. Fulfill your dreams of looking like a princess or a queen as you walk the aisle on a full skirted ball gown. This type of gown is perfect for the above average budget and can hide large hips and thighs.

Empire gowns on the other hand are raised in the waistline, thus diverting the focus on your chest rather than on your waist. The romantic silhouette will flatter almost all wedding types and is perfect for small breasted women.

For a more stylish design for your gown, you can opt for the mermaid inspired wedding gown. This style on the other hand features a long trail and focuses on the back of the gown.

Whatever type of dress you wear for your wedding will be the best as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it. Wear your wedding gown with confidence and flaunt that big happy smile while you walk your way towards the man of dreams waiting at the end of the aisle and make sure to check out sites that can help you fulfill those wishes.

Never Wear the Same Dress as Someone Else

We all know that showing up in the same prom dress is every girl’s worst nightmare. But how big a deal is it really?

pic_melandriaImage by: zizzybaloobah via flickr

Well, if it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know exactly how mortifying it can be. Sure, you’ve both got great taste and may well have chosen stylish prom dresses, but it’s no less disastrous, is it? Even worse, imagine showing up wearing not only the same dress, but the same shoes and accessories too. What a weird coincidence, right?

You can choose to be polite to one another and complement each other on your great taste. But every teenage girl knows that this is a massive deal. Is there going to be a fight? Tears? Tantrums?

So how can you avoid wearing the same elegant prom dresses this year?

Social Media is Your Best Friend

According to the NY Post, there are those high schools who are taking to Tumblr and Facebook to stick their heels into their dresses in an attempt to avoid the massive embarrassment of having a prom twin look-a-like. While showing up in the same frock does not seem like the biggest deal in the greater scheme of things, keeping a record of who chose what dress is a really convenient way of keeping track of these things.

Okay, a lot of the online groups have unsavoury names, like “Steal My Dress and I’ll Knock You the F-K Out” and “Bitch Don’t Steal My Dress”. There’s even the Brooklyn Teach prom page on Facebook that claims “welcome to the page where you tell people you’ll physically hurt them over formal wear”. But it all does the trick.

You Won’t Ever Turn Up at Prom Wearing the Same Dress As Someone Else … Or Ever

There are other really simple solutions too. For example, if you purchase Peaches Boutique prom dresses they will keep a register of who is wearing what to make sure you are looking unique at your prom.

There’s another really simple solution that helps girls to reserve their dress before events like prom, homecoming and parties too while even keeping the dress’s identity a secret. It’s called “Reserve THE Dress”. So before you go ahead and buy the dress, you can make sure no one else is going to be wearing it by registering in this unique site. The app then gives you peace of mind that you will be the only belle of the ball wearing that particular frock. You can simply download the “Reserve THE Dress” app and never ever again worry about showing up in the same dress as someone else.

If you’re okay with everyone knowing what you’ll be wearing to your prom, you could post photos of the dress to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and the like so everybody knows that that is your dress and not to buy the same thing. This way you’re guaranteed not to turn up on prom night wearing the same thing as one or even more other girls.

Would you be distraught if you accidently arrived to the prom in the same dress as someone else?

Runway Fashions That Don’t Look Silly in the Office: Dress To Impress With These Fashion Tips

Fashion today frustrates me. It really does. Every single season there is always a great new look, or a trend that I am not allowed to take part in – if only because I work 65 hours per week. I will often fantasize about bringing runway fashions into the workplace, dressing up in all of the lush patterns, fabrics, and luxurious designs made famous by the world’s best.


image by Celia

Is it so much to ask that my clothes fit me properly, and show me in a better light than pantsuits and shoulder pads? Is it too much to ask that my clothes feel good, look good, and wear well?

What about all the fashion accessories that I’m not allowed to wear? As if it wasn’t hard enough being a woman in the workplace, most of us aren’t allowed to dress like one.

No, no, not I. For I am supposed to fit in with the furniture, and between you and me, I think our office furniture was manufactured sometime around the turn of the last century… Or the one before that.

With all of my disdain for workplace fashion, I took it upon myself to scavenge the runways and workwear suppliers UK for relief and inspiration – and to my amazement I actually found clothing that I can see myself wearing inside and outside of the office.

I won’t keep you in suspense; here’s what I found!


Spring weather is unpredictable, and even the office thermostat has a really hard time keeping up. One minute I’m freezing, the next minute I’m sweltering hot – and that’s why I love my scarf. All of them, actually. All 32 of them. Yeah, that’s right – I’m what one would call a connoisseur.

And why not? They’re magnificent! My scarf is the number one way that I like to express myself. Patterns and fabrics dripping with colour from silk to wool; so many options. They’re also a great way to keep my hair dry in a rainstorm.


An unlikely candidate for this article, but maybe not so much. If anything is to protect your workplace wardrobe or hairstyle on any given day, it’s your umbrella.

A quality umbrella will outlive more than its fair share of tropical rain storms, while making sure that I show up for work looking great. Currently I have two umbrellas in my collection; one that’s all business and another that is all fun.

For business I have a traditional black umbrella with a curved handle, and when I’m not seeing clients it’s all about my hot pink Hello Kitty umbrella. Let’s just say that I stand out in a crowd.


Once upon a time fishnet stockings were considered classy, then one day they became unsavoury – well thank goodness fishnet stockings are back in the good graces of fashion. Combined with a simple pencil skirt, a good pair of fishnet stockings can really complete an outfit.

Less Is More

Sugar sweet candy Pop icons such as Taylor Swift or anyone on the cast of Glee has proven to the world that runway vogue does not mean a whole lot of lace or skin – role models like these demonstrated classy lady-like dress can have its day both on and off the runway as well.

Thanks to Taylor Swift I can look runway chic while still looking professional and together. What a gal!

4 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

When a marriage ends, some women can find themselves suddenly and unpreparedly responsible for car and home payments, plus other recurring bills. Before scrambling to pay your bills on time, consider selling one big asset: your engagement ring. How do you make money off your already-worn diamond? Read on.

1. Know what you have. Before agreeing to sell, you’ll want to have a clear idea of how authentic your ring is and how high the quality of the diamond is. Bring your ring to a qualified appraiser, ideally one who doesn’t buy or sell diamonds. They’ll give you an unbiased opinion. You can also start to figure out how much your diamond engagement ring is worth by visiting

2. A professional appraiser, who doesn’t buy diamonds for themselves  should give you a more honest estimate.   The Gemological Institute of America provides undisputed appraisals for a small fee.

3. Decide whether you want to sell the ring to the diamond industry or to the public. Sometimes price isn’t the only consideration; many sellers want to get rid of their ring quickly, even if it means getting a bit less than it’s worth. If time is of the essence, the quickest deal you can make is with someone in the diamond industry.

4. Try to leave your emotions out of the deal. Engagement rings carry a lot of promises and memories with them, and it can be extremely difficult to part with yours. Since you view the ring as sentimental, you may want to put a higher price on it than a seller is willing to pay. If you’re not able to leave emotions out of the selling process, you may want to wait a while.

If possible, try not to rush the sale of your diamond. Resale prices for diamonds vary greatly, so if you put a little extra time into research and finding a buyer, you can really make out.

Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s

Love is definitely in the air and everyone seems to be happy and enjoying the sense of feeling loved and cherished on this special day of February. It’s a great day to express our love to the ones we really care about and spend some quality together just like the rest of the couples around the globe.

So you have finally found the perfect gift for your love. It’s nice to have some fun on Valentines. To make things even more romantic, preparing a perfect date comes next. Here are some of the tips you can try for your special love ones this Valentine’s Day.

1. Personally cook dinner and set your table on your rooftop or balcony. Almost every restaurant is fully booked, the malls are crowded and traffic will just ruin your day. Why go out when you can whip a perfect dinner and enjoy hearts day right at the comfort of your homes? Let the kids enjoy a movie night in their rooms while you two celebrate the night together. Are you still single? Impress your dream girl or dream guy and add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

2. Candle-light dinner by the beach

It may sound “cheezy” and the idea as already been used in several movies, but the fact remains that every girl dreams of having a date by the beach. With candles all around you and the soft sound of the waves as your background music, you’ll definitely enjoy bringing back the memories of this night together.

3. Have a picnic date at the park at night This is perfect for young and old couples. Choose a park that is not so crowded and bring along some of your favorite finger foods to enjoy. You could simply enjoy looking at the stars together as you share stories about your pasts and the things you look forward to in life as a couple. Bringing a telescope along would make the night even more interesting. You can even go as far as setting up a surprise fireworks display if you want to.

But in the end, it is not where and how you celebrate this special day for the heart. What matters the most is that you spend it with that one person you really care about.

Finding your perfect engagement ring

We never had an engagement ring, although i’m not complaining nor ranting, it would be nice though to have one if i may say.  custom engagement ring has many different engagement rings that couple could choose from and the best thing you can also get your own design and they will do it for you in a very reasonable price.

Finding your perfect engagement ring is based on your desire and capacity to buy.  There are lots of different designs on the internet and online diamond shops.  You can also make your own personalized design.

Diamonds are woman’s best friend, it’s an overrated word but it’s the fact.  Woman loves to receive a ring especially if that ring has a beautiful diamond princess cut on it.   Ooh, how i wish i can design my own engagement ring, oh, can you still call it an engagement ring?