2015 Best Skin Care Products

Staying beautiful nowadays seems to be a hard thing to achieve with all the worries and fast paced activities we all have to go through in our daily lives. Thanks to trusted and reliable beauty products available in the market for busy men and women alike, looking great and feeling confident is still possible, even with the enormous list of things we all have to do in our lives. Here are the top 5 best skin care beauty products available in the market this 2015.

melandriaonline best skin care products


Clinique is one of the best beauty products brand preferred by women. It is considered as a one stop shop where fragrances, make-up and skin products are available. Perfect for sensitive skin, Clinique  is indeed one of the top brand perfect for any woman, anywhere in the world.


Olay is one of the skin care lines under Procter & Gamble. The beauty brand is well-known for its anti-ageing skin care product that brings the best in any woman. It is also best known for is cleansers, scrubs, sunscreen lotions, perfumes and serums. It is also one of the most affordable high-end brands available in the market.


Personal skin care products are what Neutrogena does best. It also has hair care and hair loss cure products as well as several make-up items. The brand was earlier introduced to the market as “Natone” but was later on changed to Neutrogena after being taken over by Johnson & Johnson in 1994.


One of the most trusted and reliable cosmetic and beauty companies that originated in France is L’Oreal. It has several products under its belt which also include hair colors, skin care creams, sun blocks, several make-up items and perfumes. By far, this brand is the most preferred brans for beauty salons and by professional hair stylists.


Personal care is what Dove is well-known for in the beauty industry. From basic skin care to its hair replacement products, Dove has the best to offer when it comes to keeping the skin looking and feeling young and clean. The brand is own by Unilever and has a wide range of deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions and facial care both for men and women. This is another inexpensive yet very reliable beauty brand available in the market.

Disclaimer; this post is based on my personal experience of best skin care products used and reviews found in the internet. 

Fall Fashion- hottest trend in this season

As days goes by, it’s getting colder and colder and yet can you see the leaves falling down.  Perhaps, your having a hard time cleaning them up or your kids are getting excited on playing over them. Making their way on top and rolling their body on that pile of pretty colored leaves.

just like in fashion, this Fall 2014, the fashion walk are filled with colorful leaves, trees and colorful design depicting the enchanted forest.  I just love seeing dresses in full colors rather than the usual black and white designs but I did not say that I don’t favor them.

So what do you think about this fall fashion trends? Do you like them or do you still prefer the minimal color design?

SCHICK INTRODUCES #SMOOTHLEEADVENTURE.  Get a chance to win exciting prizes by downloading the Smooth Lee app.



Want a trip to Hongkong and Macau for four days 3 nights with a free tour at Ocean Adventure and HongKong Disneyland and a $500 USD pocket money? How about an Apple I-Pad Air or a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4?

Join Schick razor’s newest craze #SMOOTHLEEADVENTURE promo where participants will be asked to create their own Schick television commercial using the Smooth Lee Adventure mobile application.

Participants joining the promo will be asked to download the “Smooth Lee Adventure” mobile application in IOS Apple and Android. Those downloading and playing with the app can now star in their own Schick TV commercial.

“We wanted the consumers to experience Schick Exacta 2’s refreshing, liberating, and stress-free shaving as Exacta 2 offers one-push cleaning button that helps remove hair easily. Exacta 2 likewise aims to precisely target hair in hard to reach areas leaving a smooth shave.

We want to connect Schick with the consumers and in today’s growing number of smart phones in the market, we chose to do an app and a digital promo to make it more exciting and fun for the consumers,” Claire Guevarra, Schick Senior Brand Manager said.

The videos created will then be converted to Youtube and the contestants will be prompted to “share” and/or “join” the promo. Those who opted to join the promo will have to register and submit their entries at the Schick website (www.schick.com.ph).

Once entries are registered and approved by Schick Philippines, the videos will already be made public on youtube. Qualified entries will be posted on Schick’s official Facebook page and will be raffled off to determine the winners.

A trip to Hongkong and Macau for two awaits the grand prize winners while an Apple I-Pad Air will be given to second prize winner.  The third prize winner will receive Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. There will also be 50 consolation prizes of Schick gift packs.

The promo runs from August 1 to September 30, 2014.

“Through this promo, we will pursue our goal of not only encouraging the public’s creativity with the use of the App that we developed for them, but more importantly the importance of good grooming and self confidence that we packaged in a fun and interactive way via the Smooth Lee app” said MJ Tiquia, Schick’s product manager.

For more information on the latest promo from Schick Philipines, visit www.schick.com.ph , like www.facebook.com/schick.ph. Schick Philippines can also be followed through Twitter, Instagram, and youtube. Per DTI permit number, DTI-FTEN SPD Permit No. 0043 Series of 2014.

Disclosure:  This post was a part of a press release from Schick. I was not compensated although I received a token for this post. 

Weddingshe cheap wedding dresses for every bride

Dreaming of that special day , that day were you walk hand in hand with the man you love. It’s indeed a day that every woman dreams, a day wherein they can wear a beautiful gown and look pretty inside and out.  Weddingshe  knows that every bride deserves to be beautiful on their wedding day after all it is a chance of a lifetime. Wedding is truly a memorable event not just  for the couple but for the people who will witness your love for each other. 

Planning a wedding may seems stressful if you don’t know how to take care of the important details. The preparations may become tedious and can sometimes give dilemmas to the bride especially on finding that perfect dress you have been wanting.

These collections from  weddingshe  cheap wedding dresses online  showcase different cheap beach wedding dresses that you would be perfect if you want to celebrate your wedding by the beach.


You can find cheap mermaid wedding dresses that suits perfectly for a beach wedding.

When you think about beach, you will be reminded of the beautiful soft sand, the gorgeous sunset or the cool breeze of the ocean/sea.  So, a soft, short trail dress should fit this kind of wedding.

Floor length dresses are still the best for evening or day wedding.  It gives a feeling of royalty or elegance to the bride. But just as i said, it needs to be within your means or budget since you don’t want to end incurring debts after the wedding.

 This is a celebration of a lifetime, so every details you make should be something that create a story of who you are.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Every Occassion

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but her shoes would always remain to be her good old trusted side kick. A good shoe will bring you to places you’ve always wanted to go and even to places you just dreamed of getting to.

Just like any side kick, you need to choose a shoe that you could tag along to different places and different occasions.

Here are some simple tips you could follow in choosing the right shoe for every occasion that begs for your attention.

1. Always choose comfort over style. Never attempt to use a wedge on your hiking trip just  because it looks good on your floral dress. Wear shoes that are fashionably and practically  appropriate.

totally hot shoes,  fashion and passion for shoes

2. Little black dresses are standard wardrobes every girl should have in her closet. a little black  power pumps or stilletto would always come handy for these little black dresses you have. Follow the general fashion rule – always have a classic piece you could pull of for that “it” moment.

3. Never be afraid to mix and match. Fashion trends nowadays are very straight forward. So  yes, at orange mule will rock with your red jacket and your classic black tote bag. And no you  do not need to find a green crocodile skinned peep toe to match your newly purchased suitcase.


Imagination and creativity will definitely take you a long way.  Shoes like diamonds comes in different shapes and sizes. What creates a difference is the  confidence you emit as you walk the walk in those uber hot heels.

The Art of jeans

In 1873, Levis Jeans were the first to use metal tacks to hold the trousers together and those tacks are still the hallmark of the jeans today. Sizes of Jeans range from regular too big and tall. The Jeans made by Levis are an American Classic and have become synonymous with descriptive words such as quality, craftsmanship, rugged and style.

Besides being known for quality, Levis is also known for categorizing their jeans by number. The three digit number refers to the fit, and that makes it easy for customers to refer to a number in the future and receive the same fit jeans. For women’s, juniors and misses jeans the three digit number refers to the rise of the jeans and how it fits the thigh and seat areas, and sometimes the silhouette of the leg opening will be different, even when the three digit number is the same.

G&L Clothing, serving customers since 1917, provides a variety of Jeans by Levis. The jeans are available in a variety of leg types and include straight, skinny, slightly tapered and boot cut. The Jeans also include classic seat and thigh fit, waist gather and below waist fit and slim fit jeans. Loose fit jeans will give the customer a little bit more room without the jeans taking on the baggy look.

All Jeans by Levis include the choice of the button or zipper fly and 5 pocket construction to accommodate storage needs. G&L will tailor the jeans to a customized leg length, but tailored jeans are not eligible for return or exchange.

IN 2 IT Oil Control, Oil Free Powder Review


Although, I don’t wear a full make-up everyday, one product that i always had in my bag is face powder.  My face tends to get oily so it is just natural for me to use a powder to help minimize oil and even out my skin.

If only i could get back in time, i would definitely take care of my face then so i would never have problem like what I have today.

But nonetheless, here’s my recent face powder haul.  In2it was not new to me, i find their products really nice and dependable.  Although, this is my first time to try their face powder ( i previously use maybelline) the color is just perfect for my skin tone, not a bit light nor dark.









With and without  powder.

Although, i couldn’t see much the difference since it blended so well.  The actual effect is similar to this .


The powder leaves a matte feeling but it doesn’t hide imperfection, blemishes or problems in my face  so I still need to use a good concealer and foundation to do that but overall, i’m loving it for now since it does control the oil in my face even after several hours.

Would i buy again?

Yes. I would buy this one again.

Affordability :  For the amount of  less than Php. 400.00 or $10, it’s really a good deal.

Lazada’s Top Gift Ideas for Newly Grad

Graduation is one of the happiest moment in a parents life.  It is a delight to know that after several years of perseverance and hard work, your children will be reaching another milestone in their life.  Not everybody student got a chance to finish their studies because of many circumstances, so seeing your own children receiving their diploma is something every parent is proud of.

That’s why in this milestone, Lazada Philippines knows exactly what you would love to give to your newly grads.  They have wide arrays of products from gadgets, to apparels, fashion accessories and even for all the book lovers out there.

I took the privilege to choose the best gifts i can found on their site.  Here are some of the gifts your newly grad would really love to receive.  Whether your a parent, a sibling or just a friend, they will truly be delighted to know that you are proud with their accomplishments.

apple ipad mini 16gb

Apple iPad Mini 16gb  with Wi-Fi Php. 19,800 -Php. 15,990  –  With many people gearing for gadgets, your newly grad would surely be ecstatic to receive this tablet.   You get it with a discounted price and free shipping within the Philippines.  Cool deal indeed.


Samsung Series 5 NP-535U3C-P01PH 13.3″ Laptop (Brown) –  After graduation, she/he will soon get a job and having this Samsung laptop will give your newly grad an edge in technology and knowledge.  Ooh, just give them a reminder that learning is good but never indulge viewing bad websites. ( wink -:)

Nikon J1 10.1 MP w/ 10-30mm NIKKOR Lens (Red) – Php. 26,449.  – Php. 20,790.00 Ever heard about this mirrorless camera?  Ohh, i have been wanting to have my very own and who know’s someone would be generous to give me this as a gift not for graduation but for being truly awesome.

Forgive me, i’m such a bag addict and i can’t help to leave this on my list. But definitely ladies out there would totally agree that this is such a great catch. Fides Francesca Hand Bag (Blue) can accommodate all your things.  Working for a new company,  it doesn’t need to impress them but just as they always says, first impression last and giving a good impression about you is something worth having.

Music in our life is such a sweet delight.  Treat your newly grads with this Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Pink), comes in different colors with built in speaker and a 5mp isight camera.  It’s a handy thing for lazy days waiting on heavy traffics while finding your dream job.

  Above lists are just some of the awesome things you can find on their online site. And here’s a great deal,  Lazada Ph delivers free of charge when you reach a certain amount but of course shipping fees differs when a product is big enough. Payment methods can be via Visa, Mastercard or cash on delivery and they always have a costumer service available to answer your questions.

Know more about this exciting ideas from Lazada by visiting or following their social media;



Care for your Eyes with EyeBuyDirect 5/7

Fashion and Passion Online together with NaturalHairLatina is giving you this awesome giveaway in behalf of  “EyeBuyDirect” #EyeTry.  I always believe that our eyes need special care after all it’s one part of our body who does big work.  I have been wearing eyeglasses in a very young age that’s why I know the reason why finding a good eyeglasses matter.


Now, get the chance to experience a whole new eye care with EyeBuyDirect, join the giveaway and one lucky winner will receive a $30 gift voucher(exclusion of designer eyewear and sunglasses).  If you can’t wait to win, you can also purchase a new pair of eyeglasses or even sunglasses with a discounted 15 % in your first purchase. (leave a comment that you would like to avail, so i can send you the code)

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Branded Celebrity Shoes

Are you a shoeaholic?

Who doesn’t love shoes?  Every woman loves them.  I guess 8 out of 10 women would agree with me that shoes is an important part of their closet.  Shoes are originally made from leather, canvas or wood but as time goes by, different designs and materials had been created to boost the growing demands of women for a more fashionable shoes.

There are many kinds of shoes for women, flat, high heeled, running shoes, sneeker, boots, sling backs, ballet flats,  and many others that are now out in the market. There are branded shoes from celebrity designer like the new Jessica Simpson shoes that can fit any lifestyle. Branded celebrity shoes are totally in this days and i have been wanting to own one.

Jessica Simpson Shoes Collection 2012

Many celebrities have entered the fashion world, designing their own fashion lines from dresses to accessories, perfumes and shoes. Different branded shoes can be bought on your favorite mall, boutiques and many direct online suppliers.  

I only owned a pair of shoes on my teen years that’s why I know the feeling of wanting something so much.  I guess, if I would be given a chance, I would be a shoeaholic myself.  In terms of shoes fashion, I’m definitely an adventurous one.  I would definitely go for something wild, different and when most of girls would go for the comfort, I believe that I would go extra mile to choose a shoe because of it’s design rather thinking if it would fit my feet comfortable but of course, i would prefer someone that would fit.  (Not too long or short, if you know what I mean).

Design for me is very important, as it shows not just your fashion sense and style but of course, the feeling that it could give you when you wear them.  I guess, that’s the same reason why shoeaholic woman would definitely say.