Using MP4 to AVI Converter to Edit Your Beauty Videos

Many people like to save the beauty tutorial videos they filmed in MP4 format because the small file size makes it easy for online video streaming. The downside of MP4 format is that it is difficult to edit or update it in the video editor software. If you want your beauty tutorial video to be popular online, you need to frequently update it. You can save a copy of the beauty video in AVI format on your computer for video editing purposes but use the MP4 format for online video sharing.

Another disadvantage is that MP4 is not supported by the media players on the desktop. Usually, you will have to install a third party codec to enable the media player to play the MP4 beauty video. Your audience will be reluctant to download your MP4 beauty video because they know it won’t play on the media player on their computer. Most people will not bother to convert the video themselves in order to watch on their computer. It is best that you convert your MP4 beauty video in advanced so that they can watch it conveniently on the media player in their computers.


Using the MP4 to AVI converter to convert your beauty tutorial videos gives you a lot of advantages. AVI file is actually created by Microsoft in 1992. Microsoft designed the AVI file to be a robust audio/video file for the Windows system. The AVI file is designed to be compatible with media players that run on Windows. You will not have to install any codec to watch it on the media player on the Windows in your computer. It is the most widely used format by short beauty film producers because of the high compression ratio. The large variety of codecs allows you to attain a high compression rate. Besides, AVI file can provide high audio fidelity.

If you are thinking of creating a DVD that contains your beauty videos, AVI file format is the best option for you. You can use the MP4 to AVI converter to convert your beauty videos into AVI and create a playable DVDs. The Movavi MP4 to AVI converter has a feature which allows you to easily transfer the video files into a DVD.

Movavi software is an easy to use MP4 to AVI converter you can use to convert your beauty tutorial video. To convert your beauty video, you must first launch the MP4 to AVI converter and select the appropriate AVI file format from the Convert to list. There are a number of AVI file formats including AVI MPEG4, AVI – 480p, AVI – HD 720p, and AVI – HD 1080p. It is recommended that you choose the AVI – HD 720p. The higher the resolution you choose, the bigger the size of the AVI output video file size. After selecting the AVI format, you can click on the Convert button to begin the MP4 to AVI video conversion process. It can take a few minutes for the MP4 to AVI converter to convert the beauty video.

Lee Min Ho – A much awaited concert

Everybody is excited, hearing the good news that Korean heartthrob Lee min ho will be back in Manila to perform in a concert as part of his worlwide tour.  I wonder if they will be using vibraphone at musicians friend , the one that i usually see when big concerts were held.

It’s no secret that I so adore him and after seeing him in two korean dramas, i still can’t get over him.  No, it’s not because his too handsome or young and charismatic.  I guess, it’s because he possess a personality that is far beyond that pretty face of him.

He can be sweet, naive, and portrays different roles for different scenario and that’s what others see him as one of the rising korean actors and if he will be given a chance, i guess his acting career would achieve greater heights.

I just wished, i can see him perform but that would be too much for me to ask, for now, i will just wait for October to come and see him again on another much awaited KDrama , “The heirs”.

Back to the concert, i bet, it would be grand and many would probably watched this one. I am also wondering who would front act or who would play the piano, i haven’t heard him sing yet and i’m really curious about it.

Screw you! Screw me!

Talking about screws, it made me laugh and smirk of the idea that we were once screwed by a legal practitioner.  That was way back when i’m not yet working in the judiciary and for an instant, I was determined to file a complaint and have him disbarred but luckily for him because i was convinced by my father to let it pass and forget and charge the situation in our experience.

Thinking about it, it’s much better working with technicians because even they work with screws , they will never screwed you because they see their work very highly and make sure that every costumer is a happy one.

I guess, it’s very important that you are doing the right thing and walk in life  justly.

Lazada’s Top Gift Ideas for Newly Grad

Graduation is one of the happiest moment in a parents life.  It is a delight to know that after several years of perseverance and hard work, your children will be reaching another milestone in their life.  Not everybody student got a chance to finish their studies because of many circumstances, so seeing your own children receiving their diploma is something every parent is proud of.

That’s why in this milestone, Lazada Philippines knows exactly what you would love to give to your newly grads.  They have wide arrays of products from gadgets, to apparels, fashion accessories and even for all the book lovers out there.

I took the privilege to choose the best gifts i can found on their site.  Here are some of the gifts your newly grad would really love to receive.  Whether your a parent, a sibling or just a friend, they will truly be delighted to know that you are proud with their accomplishments.

apple ipad mini 16gb

Apple iPad Mini 16gb  with Wi-Fi Php. 19,800 -Php. 15,990  –  With many people gearing for gadgets, your newly grad would surely be ecstatic to receive this tablet.   You get it with a discounted price and free shipping within the Philippines.  Cool deal indeed.


Samsung Series 5 NP-535U3C-P01PH 13.3″ Laptop (Brown) –  After graduation, she/he will soon get a job and having this Samsung laptop will give your newly grad an edge in technology and knowledge.  Ooh, just give them a reminder that learning is good but never indulge viewing bad websites. ( wink -:)

Nikon J1 10.1 MP w/ 10-30mm NIKKOR Lens (Red) – Php. 26,449.  – Php. 20,790.00 Ever heard about this mirrorless camera?  Ohh, i have been wanting to have my very own and who know’s someone would be generous to give me this as a gift not for graduation but for being truly awesome.

Forgive me, i’m such a bag addict and i can’t help to leave this on my list. But definitely ladies out there would totally agree that this is such a great catch. Fides Francesca Hand Bag (Blue) can accommodate all your things.  Working for a new company,  it doesn’t need to impress them but just as they always says, first impression last and giving a good impression about you is something worth having.

Music in our life is such a sweet delight.  Treat your newly grads with this Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Pink), comes in different colors with built in speaker and a 5mp isight camera.  It’s a handy thing for lazy days waiting on heavy traffics while finding your dream job.

  Above lists are just some of the awesome things you can find on their online site. And here’s a great deal,  Lazada Ph delivers free of charge when you reach a certain amount but of course shipping fees differs when a product is big enough. Payment methods can be via Visa, Mastercard or cash on delivery and they always have a costumer service available to answer your questions.

Know more about this exciting ideas from Lazada by visiting or following their social media;


Blue Microphones – music lovers best friend

Blue microphones?  I have never heard that before.  I usually see silver,black or gold but i have never seen something blue.

blue microphone

I may have taken this instrument literally but honestly it was my initial thought when i have heard it but checking it out, it gives me a better idea about blue microphones and how it actually works.

Music lovers might have laugh at me when they learned that I look like a little silly looking at this music gadget.

blue microphones

I’m quite impressed that there are different microphones that you can buy in the music store which reminds me that i haven’t been there for years.  I guess, this would be a perfect hit for all blue lovers out there.

The Importance of Clean Air

We all know the importance of clean air especially if we have small children around the house. But because of the dust and the bacteria that causes the bad air, we were not aware that what we are already breathing are  not actually fresh.

If you have air conditioned inside the house, a monthly check-up is very important to ensure that you are still getting clean air out of your cooler or air condition,  home hepa filters ensure that the air that comes from your filters are safe and these products purify the air with maximum benefits to keep our environment as clean as possible.

clean air, happy children

happy children, clean air

As a mother, we must maintain a passion for clean air for our children after all our main priority aside from giving them love and care is to ensure that they will always be healthy and lively.

Cracks and Racks

A friend who recently bought a new car shared her sentiments to us.  She have been thinking of a new thule ski rack and found a reliable auto shop to have it placed but the real problem is when she had bought the car on the shop, a crack was found on the side of the automobile making her furious and a bit dismayed of the situation.

One risk of having a new car is it’s a hot item for those bad eyes who scratch and cracks car.  I wonder what satisfaction they are getting doing bad to others who have worked hard to have something.

 Back to auto roof racks,  she had it installed though and we are looking forward on a great destination travel if time permits.

Home Entertainment Experience

With the latest smart tv’s, led or flat television available in the market, home entertainment has never been as grand and memorable experience as before.  There are many tv brackets that are available to fit your television sets.

Before, televison cabinets are mostly made out of woods and heavy materials but today,innovations have been made for maximum viewing satisfaction and of course, this are more lightweight and easy to mount wherever you wanted it to place.  [Read more…]

Broken Cd’s

I am cleaning my cd collection and found out that some of them are already not working.  Now, i wonder if only followed the advice of a friend to make it a point to have  cd reproduction , i would not be having difficulties on retrieving them.

That’s the main problem with cd’s when it is already over used or stored for a long period of time, the quality of it is reduced and sometimes things like this can happen.  So, i guess, choosing quality cd’s are really important especially if you are storing important files.

Pictures of us are stored in cd’s to keep them for many years but if this cd breaks, those memories will turn into just simple mind memories which i really don’t want to happen.

Peachy and her magic microphone

When my daughter is still a little younger, she loves to sing and dance in the tune of just any music.  She’s jolly and sweet and had a readily smile for everyone.  I remember that she sings with her magic microphone, we call it magic because the wireless microphone has no connection at all but when she holds it, it would eventually emit a loud voice coming from her.

music and me

As time goes by, her love for music still remains but her magic microphone has eventually gone and could not be located.  Perhaps, we have forgotten to bring it when we had transfer to a new house. Once in a while, she would remember it and would eventually request ask to buy her a new mic.