Adjust Your Diet For Peak Athletic Performance

When people pay attention to the food that they put into their bodies, they can greatly improve their sports performance. A good nutritional balance of vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and minerals ensures that your body gets the proper fuel for energy and growth.

If you take part in a lot of strenuous activities, you need to look at food as your fuel; you can’t eat what other non-athletic people eat. If you eat like everyone else, you’ll notice that your fitness levels slowly decline. Being an athlete is hard work for your body, and it requires different foods that help your body recover and grow.

When eating foods, always consider adding fruits and vegetables to every meal. These types of foods tend to keep a person hydrated; athletes lose a lot of fluids, so they need to drink water and eat foods with a high water content. If you are dehydrated, you get tired much quicker. Losing too many fluids has a negative impact on your athletic performance.

When you shop for performance enhancing food, always make sure to buy something that has a good amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel your body for its daily activities, and you can find them in foods like bread, pasta, rice, wheat and cereal. The bulk of your daily dietary calories should come from healthy carbohydrates.

If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body is forced to use fat and protein as fuel. When your body does this, it causes fatigue, irritability and a decrease in performance. It’s not natural for your body to run on something other than carbohydrates, so people often feel sickly and weak when they are not consuming enough of them.

Carbohydrates help your body repair muscle tissue; when metabolized, they utilize proteins that are sent directly to the muscles. Athletes that take part in strenuous exercise are constantly building muscle, and they can’t afford not to utilize the all the protein that they eat. 

It’s important to include healthy fats in your balanced diet. Many bodily functions are enhanced when you consume fat regularly. Growth hormones utilize fat; when an athlete consumes fat, their muscles are more likely to grow and get stronger. 

It’s important to eat a variety of foods when training. If you can’t get your hands on natural foods, you can always take a meal replacement. Meal replacements give athletes the perfect balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates; they are perfect for people who want peak performance on the go.

Making your practice work for you

Many doctors who got into the medical industry hoping to help people have been frustrated to find that the insurance company lobby, backed by the federal government, is making it especially hard to provide the right kind of care for patients without taking a substantial financial loss in most cases. There is very little leeway that the insurance companies are willing to provide medical practices that do not have a great deal of power. There is also no effective lobby that doctors have created to combat this trend – at least until now.

Many doctors have made the transition into a completely different kind of medicine: a weight loss program that provides the doctor with the ability to give the treatments that are actually best for the patient without having to worry about any subsidies from insurance companies. Patients are happier and healthier, and the doctor is able to pocket more of the money than ever before. The records of this practice are also not subject to many of the needless regulations of the federal government such as the switch to an expensive and inefficient centralized electronic medical records system that is now mandated.

We have information and the doctors who have been successfully able to transition their practices from a family office that was dependent on insurance company payments to a completely free office that now calls its own shots. You can follow the same example and do the same thing for your patients as well.

Get information about the transition here and free yourself from the ridiculous bureaucracy that is forcing many family doctors to completely shut their doors. Your patients are depending on you for the best medical care that is out there. If the insurance companies are stopping you from providing this care, then you owe it to yourself and to them to seek out other ways of providing it to them. We have the way; all that you have to do is avail yourself of the technical and personal resources that we are giving to you. Change is possible if you take that step into the realm of new business!

Swish your love to a new level

swish mouthwash,  clean breath all the time, Love is the most greatest thing that any could have. To love and be loved is something most of us wished to experienced. Isn’t it just heaven to be near with people we treasured most. But definitely it would be a turn off and uncomfortable to talk when we have bad breath caused by the bacteria on our mouth or perhaps because of decaying tooth.

Since, it’s the love month, a romantic dinner or just a relaxing day with our family, relative and friends is a common scenario , so don’t lose that confident of being close to them.  Swish Mouthwash , a quality product from Unilab can help you stay fresh whole day long, powered by Surefresh Technology which kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis, you can be assured that you will have an enjoyable experience everyday because it’s alcohol free.

love and friendship, romantic experience,

Keeping a bottle of Swish Mouthwash in your bathroom, kitchen and your bag can assure you a whole day experience of fresh breath especially with their latest flavor, you can have that whole new level of confidence. Now, you don’t need to play hide and seek with your date.

Make it a passion to take care of yourself

Your health is an important thing to take care of. If you are in overall good health but you are striving for even better health, there are a number of natural supplements available. These supplements can provide you with additional health benefits that are not included in prescription and over the counter medications.

While medications prescribed to you are often used to fix a health problem, a supplement can help you boost your natural defenses to prevent some health problems from occurring. Many supplements are vitamins that the body needs to function properly. Vitamins C, B and K can easily be found in foods, but for someone suffering from a poor diet or vitamin deficiency, a supplement can be a necessary tool to maintaining health.

If you are already under a doctor’s care, it is important to talk about vitamins and other supplements before you start taking them. You will want to make sure there is no potential reaction with and prescribed medication that you are already on. Your doctor can help recommend the products that you can take safely.

It is easy to learn more about natural supplements so that you can discover what products may work best for your lifestyle. Whether you need to supplement your vitamin intake, lose weight or supplement your digestive system with enzymes, natural supplements can be the answer.

Beauty Review : Rojukiss Yellow Tox Peeling Gel

Healthy, smooth and radiant skin, that’s what we always wanted to achieve but sometimes with all the  stresses in life,  blemishes and acne could not be avoided.  That is why, it’s very important that we exfoliate once in a while besides the usual routine of cleansing the skin using mild cleanser.

Recently , i got the chance to try this Korean product Rojukiss Yellow Tox peeling gel, and i must say that although it was not love at first try but the smell is so addicting that I want to use them every night but since it’s not advisable to exfoliate everyday, I have tried it twice a week.

rojukiss  professional cosmetics

“Professional cosmetic Rojukiss provides your with low irritation peeling gel. Papaya fruit extract, pineapple extract, lemon, honey extract and many other natural ingredients will help effective removal of dead skin cells.”

Containing natural ingredients like papaya, pineapple, lemon and honey extract, this peeling gel is very light on your skin.  But since the words are in korean, i couldn’t understand any of this words.  Now, it makes me want more to learn their language.

rojukiss peeling gel

So, when is the best time to exfoliate?

They say that the best time to exfoliate is in the evening before going to bed so that you will not be going out with red skin in case,  but since this product is very light, I can suggest that you can use this in the morning if your time permits you to do so since busy working mom like me doesn’t have that extra time to do beauty rituals during day time.

rojukiss yellow tox peeling gel

I tried only few exfoliating products, so i could not very well compare it’s effect but after a month usage, i haven’t seen much of a major transformation on my skin, i still get this usual skin break outs and acne but i can feel that my face is much smoother than before and there are certain areas that lightens too.

How to use

1) On your dry skin, take 
adequate amount and apply it 
over the face avoiding 
eye and mouth area.

2) Gently roll out the product and 
massage to remove dead skin cells.

3) After the massage, wash it off 
with lukewarm water.

You can buy Rojukiss Yellow Tox Peeling Gel at Wish Trend for only $21.50 or around Php. 840.00 but since it’s the holiday season, you can get the chance to get them at discounted price.

Fashion and Passion Online received one or more products featured in this article from the manufacturer or it’s pr agency for evaluation and review purposes.  Opinions expressed are my own and may differ from those of others but it was not influenced by monetary means.  Links posted are for your convenience.  Pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise. 

Colonics: Key to better health and fit body

Good health and vitality.  For most of us, there is still an endless search for that “magic pill” which can make all our health and beauty concerns go away. However, it doesn’t exist, but the modern medicine has come a long way that it has developed and found many great innovations that can help us aid our health and beauty woes.

Over the last decade, a lot of us were clueless about the functions of colon and what it does to the body. The colon is an organ that plays a very important role in the functions and effectiveness of many other organs. It is a section of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum. It is responsible for the absorption of minerals and nutrients from the foods that we eat, finally, the colon is the main organ that manages the waste production and disposal in the body.

Several studies reveal within the United States alone, at least 90 percent of the diseases are directly or indirectly associated with unhealthy colon. Aside from these health issues, an unhealthy colon prevents our body to absorb the minerals and nutrients that we need.

But when we flush out the toxins from our body, everything improves — we feel and think better, our skin glows, and excess weight drops off. If you want to get fit and healthy, colonics is one applicable way to do it. Guided by the philosophy that holistic health is a harmonious combination of medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense The Zen Institute employs a process that is done with the use of the top of the line hydrotherapy machine and licensed doctors. It veers away with the pressures that necessitate the use of invasive and potentially traumatic shortcuts. Colonics is a process by which the wastes in the body are being removed through a cleansing procedure. A speculum tube (as tiny as .5cm) will be placed into the rectum of the patient, flushing out the wastes of the colon with warm water. This process is what we call as peristalsis, which pushes the feces out through the hose. These wastes include built-up toxins and excretory material that adheres to the walls of the colon.

Many factors are contributing to the accumulation of these wastes. The most common are stress, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, processed meat consumption, refined carbohydrates and sugar, low intake of water, high alcohol and caffeine consumption, and carbonated drinks. With Colonics, these wastes can be removed with continuous session, which maintains the nutrient absorption of the body and enhances the digestion.

The therapy usually lasts from 50 up to 60 minutes. During the therapy, the patient might experience abdominal pain. This is typical because the wastes from the body are being removed from the colon. In some cases, after a session, the patient will excrete the toxins to the body, making him want to go to the bathroom.

At Zen Institute, colonics is also utilized for weight management by giving the colon a coffee cocktail that can enhance faster metabolism but will also improve better absorption of the nutrients needed by the body.

With this latest technique done at least twice a month, a person is guaranteed to lose 20lbs in 21 days. Some vegetable pills are prescribed to keep the ‘flora and fauna’ of the colon. Having regular colonics session is recommended for a healthier lifestyle. Also, drinking a lot of water while undergoing the session is needed to prevent dehydration.

Colonics should be employed at least four times a year to facilitate the accumulation of the toxins in the body, however, it can be done weekly specially by those who don’t eat much vegetables, drink alcohol a lot, and have unhealthy diet and lifestyle. A patient who has undergone colonics should maintain a good and healthy diet as this encourages the growth of good bacteria in the body. This will also boost the immune system.

Colonics also reduces constipation, which causes the slow digestive movement of the body. Because the procedure releases toxins, the body will be replenished because it regenerates energy. Those who have undergone this say that they have better blood circulation, peaceful night, and a boost in energy. Cleansing the colon also contributes to an individual’s well being and cognitive response. Weight lose can also be contributed to those taking the treatment because it enhances the metabolism of an individual.

Though colonics is now a popular way of detoxification, certain people should not have the procedure, includingthose who have intestinal problems such as Crohn’s Disease, blood vessel disease, congestive heart failure, heart disease, severe anemia, abdominal hernia, gastrointestinal cancer, intestinal tumors and ulcerative colitis.

Those who have recent colon surgery should also consult a doctor before having the treatment. Other than detoxification, colonics hydrotherapy is used for rejuvenation by replenishing the lost electrolytes and minerals being infused in the solution pumped through the tubes and being absorbed by the colon.

Get your Colonics program now at The Zen Institute, Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street

corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (856-2027), with branches at 69 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City (441-1712; 412-2528), and at the St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway, Barangay 2, Sto. Tomas, Batangas (+43) 778-4811). For more information about The Zen Institute and Colonics, visit Like us on Facebook

Beauty and Fitness : The best of Apricot

Have you ever heard of apricot pits?  Honestly, I have never seen or eat one that’s why I’m very ignorant on this kind of food.

But hearing about it and seeing it in their net, I once started to think what is this really and what benefits it can give to my skin especially at the moment i needed it most.

Mostly,  pits are “These apricot kernels are still in the pit and must be taken out of the shell to consume. You will need a nut cracker or similar device to extract the kernel.” which i think we could afford to buy too.

I have read somewhere that apricot is a very good source fiber that can help our digestion and loaded with the right amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needed.

Smoking, a part of the fashion world today?

While it may be the hardest thing you ever do in your life, you can stop smoking for good no matter how many years you have smoked. There are several ways things you can do to help you quit and keep you on track.

image via modelalliance

The Buddy System

Whether you are quitting alone, or you have a friend that is going to quit with you, you will do well to have a support system in place for those days when you do not think you can make it. The support of friends can help take the edge off and make it easier on you.

Be Ready

When you get ready to stop smoking, you need to be physically and mentally prepared to stop. The addiction to nicotine is not easy to break, and no matter which program you decide, you must be mentally prepared for the withdrawal from the drug. As long as you are motivated to quit, you can take charge of the process of withdrawal.

Take it Slow

If you need to use some type of nicotine substitute as you wean yourself off of cigarettes, then you should do so. Take each day as it comes and soon you will have less and less need for nicotine.

There is no shame in failing if you do not succeed the first time you try to quit. Nicotine is a powerful drug that is difficult to quit. Once you quit, you will find that you may start to feel better and have more energy.

Health Practitioners

Nursing is an industry that welcomes people who are dedicated to helping others and educating the public on how to stay healthy. There are many different stages in a nursing career, so if you are already a nursing student, assistant or registered nurse, you may have opportunity for even more growth with additional education. After becoming a nurse, there are the yearly continuing education requirements, but if you want to get ahead in your career, becoming a nurse practitioner is a great way to add to your resume.

There are a variety of educational facilities and universities that offer qualified nurses to become nurse practitioners. You can even find a wide variety of online family nurse practitioner programs for additional convenience, particularly when the school’s location or your busy schedule are priorities. To qualify for this type program, you must be a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing who has at least two years experience in the field. Most programs also require a master’s degree in nursing, however some programs allow you to obtain these simultaneously.

Once you have completed the nurse practitioner program, you have the option to work in a wide range of nursing fields. Many of these specialties may have already been chosen when you worked as a registered nurse. Some of the top specialties for nurse practitioners include family, geriatric, pediatric, occupational and neonatal. Additional courses or continuing education programs may be necessary to qualify for some of these specialties.

While working as a nurse practitioner, you will find that this career path provides you with a good chance for advancement where you work–either with a private practice or in a hospital setting. Although salaries will vary depending on the location where you work, the job provides plenty of opportunities for promotion, even though sometimes it can be a high stress job. However, you also have the opportunity as a NP to attend annual conferences and doing research if that happens to be your passion. With this credential in the healthcare field, the possibilities are almost limitless. It is up to you to decide how you want to use the knowledge you have gained through this type of education program.

Caregiver Uniform Style and Comfort

A traveling nurse who is a caregiver to elderly people in their homes has a busy work day. He or she may need to move an elderly person from a bed to a wheelchair or help the person to bathe. Regardless of the tasks of the day, most caregivers look for certain features in a work uniform. Here are some of the most common features that caregivers look for in their work attire.


A caregiver must have freedom of movement in his or her uniform. A tight, ill-fitting uniform is not only unpleasant to work in it is also impractical. Most caregivers look for a uniform that fits somewhat loosely, but still looks neat and professional.

Breathable Fabric

Caregivers work in all kinds of environments. They may be helping an elderly person on a summer day that tops off at 90 degrees. Alternatively, they may be working in a stuffy apartment with the furnace turned up high. A caregiver needs a uniform that allows him or her to feel cool even in the warmest environments. The often strenuous work of a caregiver may make him or her feel warm even if its snowing outside the window. A uniform with breathable fabric is a must-have.


Finally, many caregivers want uniforms that are both practical and stylish. They want the opportunity to choose a different color to wear everyday. Most caregivers like to look both professional and stylish as they go about their important tasks.