Fur – The Timeless Fashion Accessory

Ask those who adore it and collect it, and you will find that there is nothing else quite like the feel, look and luxury of wearing a genuine fur garment.

Fashion designers appreciate the beauty of fur pieces but also their timeless essence, lasting quality and growing versatility as a stylish garment that can be worn all through the seasons. Today’s contemporary fur garments are not only designed to ward off the cold but are made in lighter weights so they also act as amazing layering pieces.

A fashionable fur gilet, jacket and poncho are all fine examples of modern design and the garments women are asking for from the fur industry now. Some don’t want a heavy floor-length fur coat like ladies wore in yesteryear. Today’s woman is still seeking the luxe elegance of authentic fur garments but in chic, real fur gilets that deliver so many cool styling options at an affordable price.

Modern famous women around the globe travel with their fur garment, relax in one or head to formal events in a fur gilet because fur looks fabulous with everything. Genuine fur never looks out of place, and stars like Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, Liz Hurley, Pippa Middleton, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Nicole Richie, Nicki Minaj all wear it proudly and so fashionably.

Real fur gilets, ponchos and jackets come in a variety of stunning colors and fur types and styles to choose from. Fur is gorgeous on women of all ages, skin tones and body types, and it has been that way for decades. Investing in a quality, genuine fur gilet is a sound move for one’s wardrobe. When handled and cared for properly, a fur garment can last for years and years. Its softness, sexiness and high glamour are timeless and amp up the style factor of every article of clothing it is paired with.

Women like Kim Kardashian West have often worn their fur jacket with a pair of sweats and looked like a million dollars.

Genuine fur gilets are extra soft and pretty in fox and rabbit (coney) and light enough to add dazzle to one’s wardrobe year-round. These polished sleeveless pieces are available in short, long or hooded. Neutral shades of grey, cream, camel, mocha, black or brown are classically elegant with any ensemble. There are also days one wants to add double pizazz, and a light turquoise coney and fox fur gilet is a beautiful combination. Or maybe real fur gilets in pink, red or navy trends are fun to put on.

The beauty of a gilet style is in its simplicity and ability to look glamorous over a sweater, under a blazer, over a parka, over a sleeveless top or silk blouse or a casual tee shirt. A fur gilet looks sexy with jeans or sophisticated with a long, flowing gown.

Authentic fur gilets are a wonderful styling option for today’s contemporary woman. It is a longlasting natural material, provides warmth, the ultimate style and won’t dent one’s fashionista budget.

Managing Your Weight in the Real World

Fad diets, miracle creams and every invention in-between tell you that weight loss is a simple goal. Because obesity plagues society at every level, this weight-loss simplicity doesn’t have much merit. You can achieve a healthy weight by altering a few factors in your life. There’s no need to starve yourself. Take a look at these weight-management tips that work in the real world.

Shoot for a Lifestyle Change

Jumping on the latest diet trend will only lead to more weight gain in the future. Consider a lifestyle change that involves your meals. Add more fruits and vegetables to each meal while reducing the levels of fats and processed foods. You can still have your favorite foods, including cheeseburgers and pizza, but portion them into smaller amounts than before.

The main types of foods on your plate should be fruits and vegetables. If you add up this food from a volume standpoint, you can eat more items in one sitting while cutting calories at the same time. This situation doesn’t occur with only pizza slices piling up on the plate.

Keep Up With Your Activity Level

You don’t have to be an athletic superstar. Simply keep up with a solid, activity level. Take a walk, hop on your bike or shoot some hoops with your friends. Getting active in any capacity means that your body is burning calories. The trick is to have fun performing the activities so that they don’t become boring.

Change up your activity on a daily basis. By trying something different, you give the body a challenge to accept. Weight loss occurs without a lot of effort on your part.

Try the Latest Supplements

Most of your nutrients should come from the foods that you eat. However, supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is still a viable option. Choose elements that may be lacking in your diet, such as calcium, to support your healthy weight.

In addition, buy appetitive suppressants too. These tablets give your willpower a little boost so that you only eat proper portions throughout the day. Major cravings remain at bay.

Allow for a Cheat Day

Nobody is perfect. Don’t mentally drown yourself in negative thinking if you eat a fast-food meal one day. Try a cheat day each week or month as a structured part to your lifestyle. Don’t eat everything in sight, but allow yourself to splurge a bit. Try a unique dessert while pairing it with some healthy options, such as an entree with a salad. The remaining days in the week can return to healthier options. Weight gain is negligible with this strategy.

Focus on Health

Most people concentrate on a weight number as they observe their figures. Try to focus on your health, such as current blood-pressure numbers or cholesterol. If you shoot for a healthy body, the weight will naturally drop off. Your vital signs should be your main concern at any age.

Keep your loved ones close because healthy living is contagious. If at least one person in your group tries to eat and live in a healthy manner, the idea catches on with everyone else. Try group exercises or healthy cooking at home. Your family and friends can quickly lose weight and feel better with just a few minor changes each day.