Be inspired to work hard

Although it would be difficult to do things according to your wishes and somewhere along the road, you may experience pain and hardship but with perseverance and lots of courage, i know things will be good as it should be. Some exceptional qx1002usb at guitar center reminds me that although life is not that easy, there is always a time to enjoy it with some inspiring music.

Be inspired to work hard after all dreams will come true when you do something to achieve them. Things may not work out at first but who knows , try and try until the time you finally succeed and we all hope that this would come without any delay. 

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Lee Min Ho – A much awaited concert

Everybody is excited, hearing the good news that Korean heartthrob Lee min ho will be back in Manila to perform in a concert as part of his worlwide tour.  I wonder if they will be using vibraphone at musicians friend , the one that i usually see when big concerts were held.

It’s no secret that I so adore him and after seeing him in two korean dramas, i still can’t get over him.  No, it’s not because his too handsome or young and charismatic.  I guess, it’s because he possess a personality that is far beyond that pretty face of him.

He can be sweet, naive, and portrays different roles for different scenario and that’s what others see him as one of the rising korean actors and if he will be given a chance, i guess his acting career would achieve greater heights.

I just wished, i can see him perform but that would be too much for me to ask, for now, i will just wait for October to come and see him again on another much awaited KDrama , “The heirs”.

Back to the concert, i bet, it would be grand and many would probably watched this one. I am also wondering who would front act or who would play the piano, i haven’t heard him sing yet and i’m really curious about it.

Charice as Favorite Asian Artist at Nickelodeon & Fashion Trends

It was another award for Charice as she was named as Favorite Asian Artist at Nickelodeon  aired live from Galen Center at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. She beat top Korea’s (South) well known Wonder Girls, Agnes Monica of Indonesia and Yuna of Malaysia.

Six million votes was gathered by Charice not just in the Philippines but all over the world proving that she was indeed sensational and favorite by many.

Other award winners are Katy Perry who was ever bubbly with her green outfit matching her blue hair.

Katy Perry at Nickelodeon Awards 2012 (Getty Image)

 Her upper outfit looks like a slime and the green matching shoes was indeed so greenish.  So, when she turned into something blue and silver for her performance, it was indeed a night of never before experience for her fans.

Katy Perry for Nickelodeon 2012

 Taylor Lautner , the boy who mesmerize a million of fans also bagged an award. While another winner and Twilight’s actress Kristen Stewart was all pretty in blue.

Kristen Stewart at Nickelodeon 2012

Real life singer/couple  Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez also won an award .

Everybody had fun at the 25th Annual Award night and artist gets slimed including actress and another winner Halle Berry.

And just look at this mom and kids tandem.  The Smith’s really rocks!

Jada Pinkett Smith with children Willow and Jaden

Images ; Getty images for KCA

Travelling pants

The sisterhood of the travelling pants is a great novel of Ann Brashares consisting of four novels and talks about the sisterhood and friendship of  four friends.  Two of the books were already shown in the big screen and I’m just lucky to be able to watch the two movies.

This movie is a story of friendship and how their lives intertwined with just a pair of a second hand jeans that fit almost all of them.  Just in life, you cannot say when and where you will have an emergency unlike in the road wherein you can find an emergency road service but in life there is no things like that.  You may experience a lot of blocks and emergency along the way but having good friends and family is enough for you to make it through the rough times and change for a better life .

The story of the movie is a little bit dramatic and some parts were boring but if you will look deeper, you will begin to understand it’s true meaning and to value the essence of  real friendship.

Crazy over Hyun Bin

Ooh, forgive me but i am not yet over and i have searched the net for some pictures of him too and i came across this really nice photo of him and another actress, i forgot her name but she is the lead in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which i have already finished watching.   I guess they have different commercials and endorsement that they were together, one is the LG Note.

Hyun Bin for Miseenscene

I always wished to have a picture like this,  ooh, i wonder when would it be and how many petals of roses would i used to create a beautiful bed of roses.

Hyun Bin – my binnie

Ooh, so romantic. I wish i can have the chance to meet him person.  Hmm, i wonder if it can happen in this lifetime.  Wishing, dreaming. 🙂