Online Shopping Guide to avoid Christmas Rush

With the Holiday season coming so fast, the Christmas rush is surely felt by many. I must admit that I am getting overly excited of many things add the pressure of what to give to my family and friends for this Yuletide Season. I have been reading different online shopping guide to avoid Christmas Rush.

Retailers and Shopping malls has started their Christmas Discount Promos and many bazaar have been promoting of local goods in affordable prices but still if you are afraid of being caught in the bustling shoppers during this holiday, there is always the option of shopping online which I believe is more convenient and time saving.

I have been buying online for quite sometimes and personally I highly recommend this if you are buying for a friend whose living far away from you since you can direct the shop to ship the items directly to their address which give you less hassle of shipping your gifts. That’s what Zalora do best.  You can find different brands and items that you can choose from which is great for giving and owning for yourself.  One brand that you should check out this season is the Local brand, Bench which is now available online.

I have been patronizing Bench since my secondary years and until now that I have been married with kids, i still buy and use their products especially their intimate apparels since its very comfortable and the designs can definitely compete with well known luxury brands.

Start your Holiday online shopping and don’t forget to check out’s Bench wide array apparel for woman and men alike.

2015 Best Skin Care Products

Staying beautiful nowadays seems to be a hard thing to achieve with all the worries and fast paced activities we all have to go through in our daily lives. Thanks to trusted and reliable beauty products available in the market for busy men and women alike, looking great and feeling confident is still possible, even with the enormous list of things we all have to do in our lives. Here are the top 5 best skin care beauty products available in the market this 2015.

melandriaonline best skin care products


Clinique is one of the best beauty products brand preferred by women. It is considered as a one stop shop where fragrances, make-up and skin products are available. Perfect for sensitive skin, Clinique  is indeed one of the top brand perfect for any woman, anywhere in the world.


Olay is one of the skin care lines under Procter & Gamble. The beauty brand is well-known for its anti-ageing skin care product that brings the best in any woman. It is also best known for is cleansers, scrubs, sunscreen lotions, perfumes and serums. It is also one of the most affordable high-end brands available in the market.


Personal skin care products are what Neutrogena does best. It also has hair care and hair loss cure products as well as several make-up items. The brand was earlier introduced to the market as “Natone” but was later on changed to Neutrogena after being taken over by Johnson & Johnson in 1994.


One of the most trusted and reliable cosmetic and beauty companies that originated in France is L’Oreal. It has several products under its belt which also include hair colors, skin care creams, sun blocks, several make-up items and perfumes. By far, this brand is the most preferred brans for beauty salons and by professional hair stylists.


Personal care is what Dove is well-known for in the beauty industry. From basic skin care to its hair replacement products, Dove has the best to offer when it comes to keeping the skin looking and feeling young and clean. The brand is own by Unilever and has a wide range of deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions and facial care both for men and women. This is another inexpensive yet very reliable beauty brand available in the market.

Disclaimer; this post is based on my personal experience of best skin care products used and reviews found in the internet. 

A Passionate Gratitude

Saying thank you in the most passionate way is something I would want to achieve. Even I am a vocal person, it’s very hard for me to say thank you personally.  I would rather send them a thank you  note or a nice chocolate to show my affection.

I have been raised to say thank you  and show my appreciation to someone who had done nice to me but later on life and because of some unfortunate reason.  I told myself, saying thank you is not always the best way.

There are many circumstances that led me to be this way and you could not blame me for doing so but I hope that I can still master the way of giving my passionate gratitude to all the people who had helped me in some way.

Fashion Blogging: The Best of 2014

We have seen the best of Fashion style for 2014.  Most of the outfit inspirations comes from not just well known designers and brands but the online stores who caters street fashion dominates this year.

From trendy boutiques  to wholesale clothing, 2014 just show how fashion continues to grows and comfortable stylish clothing can be bought not just in designers stores but can also be found in the internet as well.

Since the booming world of new technology.  Internet open the doors for many opportunities. Online shops has been the new trends on shopping , wholesale sunglasses and creative killer shoes are been shared by many bloggers around the world.

Even if many says that blogging has gone soar but still there are many  fashion bloggers that are making waves in the internet this days. They are earning thousands and millions because of affiliates, online and offline collaborations and even speaking engagement and appearances.

There are many fashion sites that offers fashionable tips and ideas on how you can get a bargain and can look just like well known celebrities without going the extra mile of buying those expensive designers apparel and accessories. Fashion blogging definitely takes a new height.

Now that we just have started a new year, I know that there are many fashion ideas that will surely be revealed, you don’t need to follow the latest trends but of course, you can always get good inspirations from them.

Holiday Gift Guide : Drum it on

It’s almost Christmas, perhaps your gifts are all ready, packed and wrapped for your special one.  But if you still haven’t had any idea of what to give this christmas, you can start from looking at this drum buying guide which is perfect for every instrument lover.

I remember when my daughter is still two years old.  We used to go to the arcade just for her to play the drums.  It was just for 30 minutes but the experience lingers on for about a week and she knows by instinct, every Friday she would  asked me that we should go the following day on the mall, so she can play the drum at the arcade.

If only we have that space, i would have bought her that drums we saw on the internet but since, we don’t have any place to to put it, we just had that same routine until such time that she was able to get over that thought.

Shine Brighter Diamonds

Diamonds are indeed valuable treasures we love to have. They may cost a lot, but how can you possibly put a lower price tag on such beautiful creations. Shopping for these beautiful gems from the earth is quite a challenge especially for first time buyers. Get the best value from your diamond purchase via a visit at Diamond Database.

This site is created to help first time diamond buyers, even those who have been into the diamond craze for quite some time creates the best and wise decisions in purchasing these rare beauties. Diamond database is a diamond comparison platform. With the help of this website, diamond buyers will get a better idea of their diamond purchases, it’s a diamond ring simulator. It also helps buyers access diamond shapes, sizes and values. Users can also view what their purchases would look like on their fingers. The website is indeed a very impressive and helpful tool in getting the best diamond for our cravings for beauty and fashion.

Comparing diamonds is also one of the features this website offers. By simple typing in the length with and dept or a ring, their arbitrary dimensions are then evaluated. You can also check out  GemSize , a web application for comparing and learning about gemstone shapes and sizes so users will get an in depth comparison on the actual size, face-up area, depth, size and the actual appearance of the ring on the users finger. Other comparison standards can also be accessed via this website.

The website also has an extensive library of diamond cuts and shapes. Even the most rookie diamond can use and make the most out of their diamond purchases with the help of this website. Just like the websites tagline, no two diamonds are alike. Each diamond is cut into perfection to create a unique beauty that will suit your needs, wants and your personality. That is what the beauty of diamond is. Each one is unique; each one has its own rare beauty. Let me wrap up this post with the lyrics of my favorite James Bond movie,  “diamond are forever, they are all I need to please me, sparkling round my finger,  for when love’s gone,  they luster on”. 

Adjust Your Diet For Peak Athletic Performance

When people pay attention to the food that they put into their bodies, they can greatly improve their sports performance. A good nutritional balance of vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and minerals ensures that your body gets the proper fuel for energy and growth.

If you take part in a lot of strenuous activities, you need to look at food as your fuel; you can’t eat what other non-athletic people eat. If you eat like everyone else, you’ll notice that your fitness levels slowly decline. Being an athlete is hard work for your body, and it requires different foods that help your body recover and grow.

When eating foods, always consider adding fruits and vegetables to every meal. These types of foods tend to keep a person hydrated; athletes lose a lot of fluids, so they need to drink water and eat foods with a high water content. If you are dehydrated, you get tired much quicker. Losing too many fluids has a negative impact on your athletic performance.

When you shop for performance enhancing food, always make sure to buy something that has a good amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel your body for its daily activities, and you can find them in foods like bread, pasta, rice, wheat and cereal. The bulk of your daily dietary calories should come from healthy carbohydrates.

If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body is forced to use fat and protein as fuel. When your body does this, it causes fatigue, irritability and a decrease in performance. It’s not natural for your body to run on something other than carbohydrates, so people often feel sickly and weak when they are not consuming enough of them.

Carbohydrates help your body repair muscle tissue; when metabolized, they utilize proteins that are sent directly to the muscles. Athletes that take part in strenuous exercise are constantly building muscle, and they can’t afford not to utilize the all the protein that they eat. 

It’s important to include healthy fats in your balanced diet. Many bodily functions are enhanced when you consume fat regularly. Growth hormones utilize fat; when an athlete consumes fat, their muscles are more likely to grow and get stronger. 

It’s important to eat a variety of foods when training. If you can’t get your hands on natural foods, you can always take a meal replacement. Meal replacements give athletes the perfect balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates; they are perfect for people who want peak performance on the go.

Unique and Fashionable Shoes for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and has been starting to knock on your door. The climate may seem unforgiving at times but we all have been waiting for the sun to finally come out and officially start the summer fun. Summer is one of the most favorite and most celebrated seasons there is.

Now that summer is hear, the dun and adventure will soon follow. Start enjoying the sun and plan your summer trips now. Whether you are up for a beach party or a walk in the park or just a simple pool party in your house, you definitely need to be fashionably glowing and beautiful under the scorching sun.

Be unique and start a new fashion statement by strutting your signature walk wearing gladiator inspired shoes. You could either choose among gladiator sandals, gladiator boots or gladiator shoes that would really be comfortable and fashionable for this summer season. You can check out Greek inspired footwear at where you can find a wide variety of affordable women’s shoes, accessories and clothing.


This type of footwear is really perfect for the summer especially fashionable shoes. Your feet are comfortable, you can still show off your cute toe nails and your feet can still breathe even when the sun is up and about. It can be worn all throughout the day -from a breakfast date with your girl pals to a dinner date with your guy. This footwear will definitely work well with you.
It is fun to be a girl during summer time. Besides experimenting with these unique footwear finds, you can also go through the website’s collection of fashion accessories and apparel that will match with your cool gladiator sandals and your extra-ordinary fashion taste. Check them out now and let me know what you love to have.

How to begin your passion site

The internet has served it’s purpose very well this days.  It is not just a source of important things but also a source for great reading and expressing your passion for just anything.  By using this tool to create a new website you can start to express your own views and opinion for different things.

If your just a newbie blogger or writer who only wants to express your thoughts on different subject.  It is best to get free website platform.  When I’m starting to blog, google gives me the best of everything and answer all the questions i have in mind.

You can start with Blogger or wordpress or tumblr depends on what would you want to begin with.  Although, there are many limitations using free platform but if you only intend to share your thoughts, it’s okay to start using this sites.

But if you are serious enough that you think that this would definitely go a long way, then it’s best to get your own domain and start your niche blog but of course with this, comes the hosting and yearly dues.

But whatever choices you make, don’t forget your main purpose and that’s to entertain and keep your readers interact with you.  So, if you are just a newbie in blogging and want to learn more things about it, feel free to ask me and i will do my best to help you.

Be inspired to work hard

Although it would be difficult to do things according to your wishes and somewhere along the road, you may experience pain and hardship but with perseverance and lots of courage, i know things will be good as it should be. Some exceptional qx1002usb at guitar center reminds me that although life is not that easy, there is always a time to enjoy it with some inspiring music.

Be inspired to work hard after all dreams will come true when you do something to achieve them. Things may not work out at first but who knows , try and try until the time you finally succeed and we all hope that this would come without any delay.