Pink Basis Gladiator Sandals : Designer Looks for Less

They say that diamonds is girls best friend but then shoes are definitely something we can’t  live without.  From a pair of sneakers, to flip flops, to that pretty pumps and heels. If your someone who could not walked  straight past a shoe shop, then probably you are one of those thousands self confessed shoeaholic .  I have heard many stories of woman who buy the latest design and trends even they don’t need them.  Some  even cost thousands of dollars considering not minding the brand names and tags on their shoes.

But then, you don’t need to spend that huge amount of money on buying luxurious brands if you will be sacrificing your pay check. Becoming imeldific without compromising your priorities is something you should learn and consider. Pink Basis, an online shop that brings fresh look into new season designer style would be your perfect partner if your looking for affordable shoes yet comfortable and chic.  They  specialize in designer looks for discounted prices.

One shoes that can make you feel like a celebrity is the gladiator sandals.  Loved by well known celebrities, gladiator sandals is now all over Hollywood and in the high streets all over the world .  Kourney Kardashians, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna are just some of the well known hollywood names who was seen sporting gladiator sandals. I must say that this one is definitely included in my lists of totally hot shoes.


Whether an edgy or fierce look, gladiator sandals can make you feel like walking on a rich history of gladiators dated back on old centuries.


And yes, it doesn’t need to cost thousands to have a pair of this pretty shoes since Pink Basis offers them on a very affordable amount.  If your looking for high end look with affordability in mind, check them out today and browse their wide collection of shoes and dresses that are hip and trendy.

Now, here’s the best part, Pink Basis is very generous on offering a $50 worth of gift card to one of my avid readers.  Yes, that’s $50 worth of shoes or dress from their online shop.  You can get a chance to pick your favorite and that’s by simply following the simple mechanics which i will be posting on the next few days.  So, do come back and join.

Affordable homecoming Dresses from WeddingShe

Every teen looks forward to homecoming night. This is their chance to express themselves when it comes to fashion and the latest make-up trends. Every girl dreams of becoming the homecoming queen.

Wearing the best dress among your peers, having your hair perfectly done and strutting your stuff with confidence will surely help you bag the most coveted crown. You will definitely feel the homecoming crown in your head and the scepter in your hand when you wear that homecoming dress with conviction and confidence.

You do not have to shed too much skin or be ultra-girly to win this most coveted achievement. A simple bodice type dress that can showcase your slim waist can do the trick. You can also opt to wear brighter shades of dresses to catch the attention of the crowd.

Dresses with stones and colorful sequins can also do the trick for you. A flower inspired ensemble is also a very refreshing choice you could put on. Although color does matter, choosing between pastel and dark colored gown will also depends on your mood and thoughts for that day. 

Although some prefers dark colored gown, this elegant mermaid gown from Weddingshe homecoming dresses collection is a perfect vision of elegance and beauty. 

Wear your most comfortable heals, put on light make up and let your hair down. Walk tall and proud and believe that you are beautiful inside and out. Catch everyone’s attention with that wonderful dress you have and with the wonderful personality that comes with it.

Before that special day, grab the opportunity of visiting  and find that affordable homecoming dresses that will make everybody speechless. 

Beauty Review : Etude Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam

etude foam wash

This is my first post for 2014 and I’m trying to be more productive and give you more beauty and fashion review in the next few days and months.  I have been hiatus last year and i must say that i was really crazily lazy to blog and busy to mend my personal life.

 So to start a fresh new year, i bought this Happy Teatime Green tea cleansing foam along side with other Etude beauty products on my very short visit to Manila last December. It was short since it only lasted a day or i wouldn’t consider it a day since it was only roughly 12 hours.

Since, I have been hearing good things about Etude products, i thought it would be very nice to try some of them.

etude happy teatime foaming cleanser

This mild cleansing foam has green tea on it and for some who doesn’t know the benefits of green tea in our skin, I will elaborate some.  Since green tea has many antioxidants on it, used in beauty products it can give a glowing skin and perhaps you can achieve a more prettier acne free skin which I have been wanting to have one.

The name Happy Teatime is definitely eye catching and for the price of only less than Two Hundred Pesos or  $5.00 it’s definitely worth your money.  I chose the green tea since it says that it cleans your pores and provide less oil which i badly needed since my skin tends to become oil this days and i really hate this acne and the blemishes that it caused after the breakouts.


There are 5 types of cleansers in this line which are; 

Green Tea – Pore cleansing and oily shine relief
Milk Tea – Moisturizing and smoothing formula
Lemon Tea – Vitalizing and nourishing formula
 Peach Tea – Brightening and clarifying formula
Aloe Tea – Moisturizing and complexion health formula
When you used them on your face i can feel that it dry my face immediately after using them perhaps it’s the work of tightening my pores but it goes back to it’s usual texture after i go out of the bathroom.  You only need a pea size each time so i guess this bottle will last for months based on usage. I have been using this for a week but i couldn’t see any improvements yet.  My face is still oily sometimes and some breakouts are still visible.
The smell is quite good since green tea is known for it’s relaxing and calming effect.  I hope i can try the other variants since I have been loving this green tea cleansing foam.   I will definitely update you after a month of usage.

New Trends : 2014 Wishlists

Another year is about to end. Along with the change of calendar comes also the changes in the fashion trends. What awaits the fashion industry for year 2014, that’s what the usual question of every fashion lover.

As early as last quarter of year 2013, fashion analysts and designers have released the designs that will mark the world of fashion for the coming year. With regards to clothes, midi skirt is ‘in’ and mini and maxi skirts are out.

Midi skirt is preferred mostly by women who are bothered by how their legs will look on skirts because its length is just below the knee. Short legs and long legs will look perfectly awesome in midi skirts.

In footwear, flats are ‘out’, boots are definitely ‘in’. For people on the go who love their feet fully covered and protected by boots, this is what they are waiting for, there are different boot styles that you will surely love.  Here are some of  my favorite.

In colors, violet and other pastel colors will dominate the fashion glow in 2014. That’s why, pretty pastel shirt and blouses are definitely something to grab.

But famous designers, who have styles of their own and works autonomously, dictates what color will radiate in their runway.  Whatever styles and designs will become trendy for 2014, still consider comfort and durability of these fashionable items. Flaunt your own fashion style by mixing and matching your outfit and having the latest fashion trend as your guide, you can also visit Persunmall to learn the latest street style design. 

Flex Wear : All in one Lens solution

Although I don’t regularly use my contact lenses, it’s very important to have a reliable solution since we are talking about our eyes.

I have already used several solutions in the past but i think Flex Wear is nice so i eventually buying it often.  It disinfects, lubricates , cleans and removes the protein on your contact lens so you don’t need to buy a separate solution for it.

But of course, it’s good to thoroughly clean your lenses once in a while so i used another product for it but i forgot it’s name.

How about you, what brand do you used?

Finest Jewelry for your everyday fashion

Whether it’s just an ordinary day of going out with families or friends or having a special night affair,  we must remember to wear an accessories that can help enhance our overall fashion.

Jewelries has been used from centuries, from very simple to the elaborated one,  jewelries has been second to bag or shoes in terms of usage and what’s more interesting is woman can sometimes never get without of it in their wardrobe, afterall jewelries is worth keeping and even a great investment too since they never get out of style and value can rise in time.

Take gold or precious stones for example, each pieces of jewelries can last even your lifetime and can be passed on to generations of families as an heirloom, keepsake or sometimes even considered as a treasure.

There are different jewelries that you can find in the market today but make sure to get the finest jewelry that you can find, click here  and you’ll find one of the best i have seen so far.

Imagine receiving something as precious as a diamond or just even your birthstone sealed with love and generous giving and i bet your heart will melt for an instant and you will surely treasure it and make sure to keep it safe all the time.

IN 2 IT Oil Control, Oil Free Powder Review


Although, I don’t wear a full make-up everyday, one product that i always had in my bag is face powder.  My face tends to get oily so it is just natural for me to use a powder to help minimize oil and even out my skin.

If only i could get back in time, i would definitely take care of my face then so i would never have problem like what I have today.

But nonetheless, here’s my recent face powder haul.  In2it was not new to me, i find their products really nice and dependable.  Although, this is my first time to try their face powder ( i previously use maybelline) the color is just perfect for my skin tone, not a bit light nor dark.









With and without  powder.

Although, i couldn’t see much the difference since it blended so well.  The actual effect is similar to this .


The powder leaves a matte feeling but it doesn’t hide imperfection, blemishes or problems in my face  so I still need to use a good concealer and foundation to do that but overall, i’m loving it for now since it does control the oil in my face even after several hours.

Would i buy again?

Yes. I would buy this one again.

Affordability :  For the amount of  less than Php. 400.00 or $10, it’s really a good deal.

Fashion Monday : Fine Jewelry at Bellast

They say that diamonds are girls best friend but let’s face it, not every girls can afford to have one.  But don’t fret even though you can’t have a diamond, I believe that there is always an alternative and one pretty alternative for me are pearls.  Not only they are gorgeous but it compliments every style and apparel you wear.


I love pearls, in fact I have several of them.  From cultured pearls to swarovski pearls, I think they are just pretty and you can wear them any time of the day without thinking that your accessories are over board.

Recently, I find online shopping really interesting and loving it that I usually goes shopping online since the possibilities are endless.  One shop that offers fine jewelry in a very affordable price is Bellast.  Their jewelry and accessories collection is simply marvelous that I got a hard time choosing what I really want since i wanted all of them but finally, I was able to settled with this beautiful pieces of pearl and cubic zirconia bracelet and earrings.

I think that they are the prettiest accessories I have owned so far and I’m really excited to share them with you as soon as I’ve got them.  What’s really more interesting is the fact that their accessories/jewelries are affordable, so you don’t need to break your savings nor your budget to own one.

 photo melandriabellast_zps39e8da0d.jpg

The product stays true on  the displayed item on the website but the more important part is that shipping is free worldwide.  Yes, that is true but no worries because the product will arrive the soonest possible time as indicated on their website. So, if you are looking for fashionable accessories/jewelries, Visit today and see for yourself.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post although I was given a product to review but this doesn’t affect my views or ideas regarding the same.

Lazada’s Top Gift Ideas for Newly Grad

Graduation is one of the happiest moment in a parents life.  It is a delight to know that after several years of perseverance and hard work, your children will be reaching another milestone in their life.  Not everybody student got a chance to finish their studies because of many circumstances, so seeing your own children receiving their diploma is something every parent is proud of.

That’s why in this milestone, Lazada Philippines knows exactly what you would love to give to your newly grads.  They have wide arrays of products from gadgets, to apparels, fashion accessories and even for all the book lovers out there.

I took the privilege to choose the best gifts i can found on their site.  Here are some of the gifts your newly grad would really love to receive.  Whether your a parent, a sibling or just a friend, they will truly be delighted to know that you are proud with their accomplishments.

apple ipad mini 16gb

Apple iPad Mini 16gb  with Wi-Fi Php. 19,800 -Php. 15,990  –  With many people gearing for gadgets, your newly grad would surely be ecstatic to receive this tablet.   You get it with a discounted price and free shipping within the Philippines.  Cool deal indeed.


Samsung Series 5 NP-535U3C-P01PH 13.3″ Laptop (Brown) –  After graduation, she/he will soon get a job and having this Samsung laptop will give your newly grad an edge in technology and knowledge.  Ooh, just give them a reminder that learning is good but never indulge viewing bad websites. ( wink -:)

Nikon J1 10.1 MP w/ 10-30mm NIKKOR Lens (Red) – Php. 26,449.  – Php. 20,790.00 Ever heard about this mirrorless camera?  Ohh, i have been wanting to have my very own and who know’s someone would be generous to give me this as a gift not for graduation but for being truly awesome.

Forgive me, i’m such a bag addict and i can’t help to leave this on my list. But definitely ladies out there would totally agree that this is such a great catch. Fides Francesca Hand Bag (Blue) can accommodate all your things.  Working for a new company,  it doesn’t need to impress them but just as they always says, first impression last and giving a good impression about you is something worth having.

Music in our life is such a sweet delight.  Treat your newly grads with this Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Pink), comes in different colors with built in speaker and a 5mp isight camera.  It’s a handy thing for lazy days waiting on heavy traffics while finding your dream job.

  Above lists are just some of the awesome things you can find on their online site. And here’s a great deal,  Lazada Ph delivers free of charge when you reach a certain amount but of course shipping fees differs when a product is big enough. Payment methods can be via Visa, Mastercard or cash on delivery and they always have a costumer service available to answer your questions.

Know more about this exciting ideas from Lazada by visiting or following their social media;


Sarong for all occassion

Sarong has widely been used by many women from different race and status.  It comes from different colors and different texture and it can be worn in different styles.

Whether a day or night affair, sarong can be used as it is or combined with jeans or pants.  During summer, it was very popular piece of clothing to wear at the beach while walking on the sea shore or just enjoying beautiful scenery.

Sarong gives different purpose depends on the time and place you wear it.  Because of its light material, it is easy to use and create different styles you wish to have.  Most women find it handy because it can be easily pack and tucked inside your bag and bring it out if the need arises.

Because of its versatility, it’s a must have on every closet.  You can choose from different colors and style and can be worn on different season.  A sarong would also be perfect gift for a friend or love one this coming yuletide season.

A sarong can be worn in many ways, depends on how you tie it.  Here is an easy way on how to tie a sarong;

Long wrap :

Wrap the sarong around you, pull the ends evenly and let the sarong lies in your waist,  hold the two ends on your hands and tie it neatly.

Halter wrap:

I love halter wraps,  just wrap the sarong in your upper back and hold it in front of you,  hold the two ends and in front of your body near your neck, and tie the two corners behind your neck in a neat tie.  Adjust it depends on your liking

Long skirt:

Wrap the sarong around your hips, hold the two ends in your front or in your side and neatly create a tie, you can choose to show your legs by tying it on your side but if you wish, you can tie it in front of you or on your back, depends on your liking.