Coin and Stamps

I love collecting stamps as well as postcards but before my love on this cute little memorabilia, my grand mother gave me her old coins that ignites my fashion to collect.  I remember the silver eagle prices that set out my curiosity  of how it was created.

coin collection

This certified coins are hard to find and are made out of pure gold.  Although what i have are those brown and silver designs, i always wish to have atleast one coin for my collection.  It’s a priceless collection for every collector.


Zalora – Fashionable Rain Booties

Are you ready for the rain?  During rainy days, we all need to be protected especially our feet who can easily get soaked on the dirty floods caused by the heavy rains.

With Zalora, your rainy days would not be a problem anymore.  Grab this trendy and fashionable boots “ready for the rain” at Php. 2,25.00.

Trendy Rain Boots

This boots has a height of 30 cm, i think it reaches your knee, so you don’t need to worry when there are floods along the way.  It has a leopard print with lilies that looks really cool whatever your wearing.  It is made out of rubber with cotton lining, so you don’t need to worry because it’s very easy to wash after using.


Great Finds : Figlia shoes for less

Figlia is one of the well loved premier brand of shoes and the price is very affordable but what makes me love it so much is that i recently bought a Figlia shoes that can match my office uniform  for just Php. 199.00.

Figlia –

figlia – fashion and affordability


I have been  looking for shoes that can match my uniform and this was indeed a perfect pair.  Value for money and a product worth buying. 

I really could not believe the price at first,  so i have to inquire again and scrutinize the item if there was any damage but it turns out that it was the last size and the last pair for this kind, so the reason for the sale.  I’m lucky to find a brand new shoes for this very minimal amount.


Best Cat Woman Ever – Actresses who played cat woman

Women villains are always characterized as beautiful, sexy, discerning and most of all a tough distraction of the hero.  I have watched many films that featured this kind of villains and one of the most popular one is the character of Selina Kyle or more commonly known as Cat woman in the DC Comic’s Batman.  Cat woman portrays a super villain and a classy burglar.   To date, there are six actresses who had portrayed the role of cat woman in the big screen and their portrayal have been very successful and much sought talked of the town during their period.

The most memorable so far is when Michelle Pfeiffer acts as cat woman on 1987 Batman movie opposite Michael Keaton.    Her character is well loved by many movie goers and many says that it’s time for cat woman to have her own movie and share her story.  But because the movie takes too long, Michelle was not able to do it and another beautiful and sexy actress, Halle Berry plays the role of cat woman but based on the story from the comics.  So it only means that she’s not selena but another person.

the dark knight rises – best cat woman ever

This year, 2012 has been a more intriguing year for cat woman as Selina Kyle was back again in the movie The Dark Knight rises, concluding the trilogy of the film.   Anne Hathaway is the one assigned to be cat woman.

Although she’s pretty beautiful and sexy actress, i have low hopes for her before but knowing now, i think i can able to change my mind and think that she’s one of the best among the other movie character.

So, what do you think? Could I pass to become Selina Kyle?  If given a chance, i definitely want too.

Unforgettable Summer and a Firmoo Give-away – International

Summer is indeed a time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.  It’s a time to go outside and enjoy the fresh breeze of the ocean or maybe try a new sport.

My unforgettable summer experience are growing and filling my memory bank and my new eyeglasses and  prescription sunglasses from Firmoo was a part of it all.

Watching The Avengers with my Firmoo eyeglasses

I am very grateful that Firmoo  offers blogger a free eyeglasses for a review.  It’s something very rare to happen and it’s a very good reason to finally get rid of my old eyeglasses   ( fyi, it was already old and broken) but i could not replace it that easy because it would take amount of money to buy one and it’s not on my priority list for now. So, just imagine my happiness when i finally receive my pair of eyeglasses.

But that’s not it because they also send me a beautiful prescription sunglasses. Although, it’s not my first time to learn that sunglasses can have prescription but it was my first time to own one and I am definitely enjoying walking in the summer sun with my Firmoo sunglasses.

Enjoying the summer sun with my firmoo sunglasses at Haciendas De Naga

Here’s a reason why you need to have your own Firmoo sunglasses.

Most eyeglasses wearers have purchased eyeglasses at traditional eyeglass stores. Nevertheless, due to the limited styles and unaffordable prices, consumers have had to regard eyeglasses as a medical tool used to correct vision instead of a fashion accessory. But now, with the emergence of online eyeglass shopping, we can get fashionable eyeglasses at reasonable prices. Among the many online eyeglass stores, Firmoo, which combines fashion and economy, is undoubtedly the most outstanding one.

As we all know, we usually have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses at brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores. Yet, you can get the same pair of glasses from online eyeglass stores at a fraction of the price. For this reason, buying glasses online is, so to speak, quite an economical way to get eyeglasses. Among the numerous online optical stores, Firmoo is the most economic one. Customers can usually get their beloved glasses at a price that is up to 90% lower than that in brick-and-mortar eyeglass stores. Furthermore, new customers can even get their first pair for FREE there. Some people may doubt the quality, safety, durability, etc. of eyeglasses purchased online, but there is no need to worry when purchasing from Firmoo. Firstly, all glasses provided by Firmoo are carefully manufactured by skilled workers and are strictly inspected by professional opticians before shipment, thus ensuring the quality and safety of glasses; secondly, Firmoo has developed a try-on tool for customers to try their beloved eyeglasses on so as to see how they look on them; thirdly, Firmoo has a customer service team that has always been committed to offering their valued customers the best service; lastly, all glasses available at Firmoo are provided by their affiliated factory, which is why they can offer eyeglasses at such a low price.

“We have dozens of affiliated eyeglasses factories which enable us to provide our customers with the most affordable eyeglasses around because there are no middlemen in between. Meanwhile, we have devoted ourselves to providing our valued customers with fashionable and aesthetic eyeglasses,” said Patrick Li, Firmoo’s CEO.

Getting a new pair of sunglasses at a traditional eyeglasses or fashion glasses store has an advantage of choosing, getting your sunglasses at no time and you can return it at once when theirs a problem with the lenses but with Firmoo, you would never fear of not finding the right sunglasses because there are many choices, the delivery of product upon purchase;

  •  depends on what lenses and shipping method you choose, namely the time includes the processing time and shipping time.  Processing In most cases, the processing may take 3-4 business days for normal single vision eyeglasses. Orders with tinted lenses may take 5-7 business days.

They also offer free eyeglasses for new buyers and free worldwide shipping when you buy 2 pairs or more and you can return  and refund your eyeglasses no questions asked if;

  •  Your eyeglasses arrive damaged. 2. they produce  eyeglasses not as per the prescription you entered when placing your order, or fit your lenses to the wrong glasses frame.
And the most important of all is the affordability. Why do you need to buy a highly priced branded sunglasses when you can afford to have one from Firmoo that is far more beautiful than the branded one?  Even if you find a beautiful sunglasses , it takes thousand of money to buy one  and what would you do if your kid suddenly break it, then you will surely be in tears. (just like what happened when my daughter snatched my old eyeglasses and break the lenses )
Now, here is the best part.  Firmoo agreed to give my lovely fashion friends a chance to have their own Firmoo Fashionista sunglasses.  Check out below simple mechanics to learn more.


Summer outing with my adorable Peachy at Caceres Heights

Ten Beautiful Firmoo Sunglasses are for grabs.
Mandatory Entries: 
  • On the comment section, tell me what Firmoo Sunglasses do you want to own and where do you plan to bring it this summer?  (check their website for the list of items)
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The following is optional but can earn you big points to win 🙂

  • Blog your favorite Firmoo sunglasses (choose from their website) and tell me where would you bring it?  – 10 points ( share your blog url on the comment section)

Along with your answer , don’t forget to include your facebook share link and twitter share link with a valid e-mail address so I can contact you!    Open for  International. Firmoo will shipped the products. Draw via (Open until May 25, 2012)  

Updates:  This contest is already closed.  Please watch out for the winners on a separate post.  I will count all your points and tally them on a sheet.  Your name will appear on random org according to the number of your points.   Please be reminded that even if your name appeared twice or even more on the first ten, you could only win once so we can give chance to other participants to win.  ( just want to be clear!  thank you so much for joining)  

Passionate Reports

Creating reports in style is now easy peasy. Thank goodness because report engine are readily available to help you.  Sometimes, it’s hard to make a project even if you have the skills to make it.

Creating database and style reports can be a tedious task if we don’t have the right tool and procedure to guide us.  Once you generated the outline, start playing around with the program and you will learn that there are many things you can do with it.

Tedious tasks are now easy because you have created it with passion and perseverance and that’s far more important.

A toilet that THINKS! Arrow Home Improvements

Intelligent Bowl

When i saw this toilet bowl, i could not believe what I am looking at.  Yes, as you have read on the title,  A toilet that THINKS?  Just imagine a bowl that will automatically open for you, flush after you urinate and even clean your behind after making a bowel. There’s no need for a toilet paper anymore.

Now, I remember the korean drama , His beautiful , it’s the first time I saw a toilet bowl like this when the lead girl suddenly click the toilet bowl and the water hit her face.  It makes me laugh because of the funny scene but also the fact that I was not aware that a toilet bowl can do like that.  We live in a modern world and automatic gadget or intelligent toilet bowl like this does really exist but seeing it in reality makes me wish that I could have one for my own personal washroom.

But I guess that would just a dream for now, considering the price was way to high for our budget. But if you have the money, I would definitely encourage you to have one.   Arrow Home Improvements offers a wide array of bathroom products that will definitely accessorize your bathroom and makes living more comfortable.

Bobbi Brown’s Party Holiday Collection 2011 – A star was born!

Beautiful and radiant, that’s what we always wanted to achieve. This holiday season, make your look stylish with easy to apply and quality make-up.

Bobbi Brown offers this limited edition Party Holiday Collection for this season of love and sharing.

Bobbi Brown Holiday Party Collection 2011

Their Certified Makeup Artist is ready to help you learn from the basic to the advance procedure of how to achieve a simple to glamorous look.  All you need is five (5) minutes to show you how you can refresh your look, “instant pretty”, that’s what they called it.

But if you have the time to learn their mini-lessons, they can show you how you can be your own make-up artist for just 20 minutes.

Learn how to achieve the ultimate smoky eyes, in this lesson, they will break down the basic of how you dust, smudge and line your way to a standout /knockout eyes that will instantly make you look like a star on a James Bond movie.

Dark circles? Breakouts? Make up smearing, three beauty problems with one solution.  They will even share with you the secret to a perfect skin from using the right skincare and foundation that will let you stand out from the crowd.   Even if your new to makeup, Bobbi’s beauty basics will help find you the style you always wanted but if you are someone who love arches, a beautifully defined brows is something that can satisfy your desire.  All this lessons are free for you to try.

But of course if you wanted to explore and learn more than just the basic, Bobbi Brown’s  Powerful Makeup Lesson teaching you the signature 10 step lesson can teach and create for you a beauty routine that’s perfectly right for you.

Other Special Lesson are:  (45 minutes)

Special Occasion Beauty – get you photo-ready with bold lips, sparkling eyes or whatever suits your mood to look and feel your absolute, most confident best.

Bridal Beauty – If you’re a bride, planning for your big day.  Bobbi Brown will help you create a special look that you’ll love in person and in photos.

Who does not love to look beautiful, try the Limited Party Holiday Collection and see for yourself what beauty transformation it can give you.

 Below are the Bobbi Brown products that was used in my face.

smoky eye palette

Smoky eye palette – Php. 4,200.00

Chocolate and gold  (to highlight my face) – Php. 2,650.00

Party Alice Lipstick(also available)

Party rose  – Php. 1,100.00

Desert Pink Blush On

Eye Shadow Ultimate – Php. 4,000.00

Bobbi Brown – Party to Go

Party to go – Php. 1,800.00 (this was not used for my face, just a glimpse of how handy it can be.  You can just put this in your purse and stay as pretty as you are, everywhere you go)

Perfect Smoky Eyes with Bobbi Brown / Hanzel – Bobbi Brown Certified Make up artist

What do you think? Worth it, isn’t it?

I always love my eyes, I always believe that it was the window of our soul.  It is the first thing that some people see in a person.  When I talk to others I make it a point that I look into their eyes, so i will know if they are telling the truth or just trying to let me believe, achieving a beautiful, stand out eyes is what I always wanted.  Bobbi Brown achieve that goal for me.  I feel like a superstar for one day.

 (5 minute and 20 minute lessons are complimentary. 20 minute lessons can be booked in advance with any Bobbi Brown makeup artist)  For the 45 minute lessons with a Bobbi Brown Senior makeup artist , you need to purchase a minimum requirement of Php. 5,000.00 redeemable in Bobbi Brown products)

Disclosure:  This post is not a paid post.  The author was not paid or given any products to promote them.  This is just my observation and experience and based on Bobbi’s Makeup Lessons.   Thank you to my dear online friend Michelle Ongcoco for the chance to experience Bobbi Brown’s Make up collection.

“  With knowledge, the right products and a few easy steps, any woman can be her prettiest, most confident self.”

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-la Mall or visit their Facebook page to learn more about their latest products.

Renova – The sexiest toilet paper on earth

Ever heard of the sexiest toilet paper on earth.  I bet not yet.  But when I first saw them at my other site, I thought It is too sexy that  worth talking about.

Renova - The sexiest toilet paper on earth

Toilet papers are a part of our everyday life.  We usually use white toilet paper but there comes a time that I found a small flowers engraved on the toilet paper and I thought it was sweet.

It is not a secret that I so love to stay in the bathroom, next to the bedroom, the bathroom is my second favorite spot in our house.  Ever wonder why? Well, if you are always here reading my post, you certainly know the reason.

Renova is all about passion and being a passionate person, I always love things that was done because of passion.

They are the pioneer of the solid colored product available on the market ( i just doubt if they are available in our local stores) Renova has decided to complete their creation with a final daring act and that is to achieve the whitest toilet paper ever.

Don’t you just love to have a toilet paper matching your bathroom color? I bet you would!

Dandruff Treatment-How to get rid of Dandruff

Dandruff can be irritating especially the itchy feeling that accompanies it. It is usually caused by stress and I believe you can call it massive stress.  It is also caused by seborrheic dermatitis the hyperactivity of the oil glands and it usually gets severe especially in the change of the season or temperature.  It usually occurs on the head but it can also be experienced around the chest and eyebrows area that is why proper hygiene is needed to cure the problem.

Easy Tips on how to get rid of Dandruff

Even if your hair is oily you can still have dry flaky scalp.  That is why, prevention is still at best.  You can use shampoo and conditioners that can relieve itchiness of the scalp and a good way to help you prevent the dandruff from spreading all over the scalp.

Stress is always a relative in dandruff that is why, a good rest and enough sleep is needed .  Even if you are in a tight situation and things are very rough , try to make your life easy and it is always great to have a good laugh.

If the weather is cold and you could not avoid using hot water, make sure that it is not too hot because it can even make your scalp drier, instead use a lukewarm water.

Dandruff Shampoo Products

Prevention is always better than cure, if you feel that your scalp is starting to itch,  you can use dandruff shampoo and other products like  Head and Shoulder or Clear products that can help you eliminate this itchy feeling.  Regular use of this anti-dandruff products can give you the result you are looking for and smooth and shiny hair that you well deserved.

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

If you feel that your hair is falling out and sometimes it was red because of the swelling, it means that you have a sensitive scalp and you need to restrain from using steam towel massage and if you have exhausted all your efforts and nothing seems to work out, it’s now best to use shampoo or cream with ketoconazole like Nizoral which can be a great cure for this dry itchy dandruff you had.

So what kind of dandruff treatment do you use?