Tips on How to Dress Pretty and In Style

Beauty is I the eye of the beholder but we can never deny the fact that girls and women generally have the same taste when it comes to pretty clothes. However, when it comes to dressing, there is still exist a rule that one-size-does not fit all. Styling and accessorizing can still make a big difference in making your outfit standout and be classified as pretty. Here are some tips on how to dress pretty and In Style.

The best tip when dressing pretty is to purchase clothes that complements your figure like a nice jackets for women. Some girls can pull off the t-shirt dress or the Korean pop-star look and some girls don’t. Experiment with the look that suits you best and dress according with your personality. However, there are clothing items that falls on the “pretty category” that suits any body type and figure.

The basic white shirt. Printed or not, the basic white shirt when accessorized properly and paired with a comfortable bottom like shorts and pants would go a long way. Click for more Dresses with side cuts, whether high or modest would also look pretty for any girl or woman. With the right belt and a plain top paired with a nice necklace, one can definitely feel and look pretty all day long.

Dressing pretty is still all about comfort and your personal style. Stick to this and you will never go wrong when it comes to dressing pretty. Shop for Thanksgiving day and buy that pretty dress you have been wanting to have.

Staying Cool and Fashionable with Hoodies

Being a woman offers several opportunities when it comes to looking good and dressing up. There are a lot of styles and wardrobes for women targeted to make them look and feel great about themselves. One of the common and almost androgynous wardrobe options for women is casual hoodies.

Just like the boyfriend shirt, hoodies are wardrobes that are usually for men but are also available and designed for women. It is perfect for casual attire and can really be a cool option for women who enjoys going out at night. It is not just for those cool night but as well as for parties and clubs – when mixed and match with other fashionable items and accessories.

One of the most favorite hoodie mix and match get up would be with a leather or short jeans and a stiletto. One can definitely enjoy a game of basketball with her boyfriends and then later on enjoy partying at a club. It also looks great with leather pants and boots perfect for shopping around the neighborhood. Others would opt to have it longer to look like a dressed matched with a wedge or a nice pair of boots. Long silver necklaces, a cap or a nice flower pin would work well with the hoodie as well.

Hoodies for women are also perfect covers at night at the beach. You can wear it over your favorite bikini as you enjoy taking and bonding with friends at the bonfire. Or you could simply wear it lazily as you drive around town on the weekend.

It is all about creativity and imagination to make your hoodie the perfect apparel for almost any occasion or setting. Accessorizing also helps in making it stand out even in the most unlikely places you might consider wearing it around. Your personal style and preference will make your unique and stand out with your favorite hoodie on top.

Fab Gift Guide for the Holidays

The season for gift-giving is just excitedly waiting at the corner. Have you completed your Christmas gifts already? Christmas also happens to be one of those stressful seasons wherein you feel the pressure in finding the best and the most fabulous gift you can give to your friends and families. Ease those lines building on your forehead as you stress yourself with the last minute shopping rituals your about to endure over the weekend with these fab gift guide ideas you can try for the holidays.


Wearable Technology

The geek and gadget lover will definitely love this. Having a hard time with your budget? There are many versions of the android watch nowadays that wouldn’t hurt your pocket. However, if you are planning to win the heart or the smile of your gift receiver, an authentic Apple Watch or Samsung Gear would definitely do the trick.

Audio Speakers

There are a ton of high-end and newly released versions of the speaker. You can give away colorful speakers for your nieces of a nice waterproof one for your favorite cousin. Lead the party and enjoy some good old house or pop music as you enjoy the quality sound produced from these music blasters.


No matter how many pixels Smartphone offer nowadays, nothing beats the authentic feel of having a good old trusted camera on your hand. You can go vintage and give away Polaroid cameras for your favorite sibling who just loves to take selfies. This will definitely give them a new perspective when it comes to taking pictures.

Car technology

Your husband, daddy, brother or practically any man in your life will definitely enjoy tech gears for their cars. You can choose from portable chargers, GPS, new speakers, car seat covers or a set of new blinking lights for his hood. Go all out and surprise that man in your life.


Mom will definitely love a new gadget for her kitchen or the latest cleaning tool for the household. A new washing machine or a brand new oven would definitely make your mom hug you in delight.

With the right perspective and knowing the personality of your love ones, you can definitely make any simple gift, a fab one for them these coming holidays.

Online Shopping Guide to avoid Christmas Rush

With the Holiday season coming so fast, the Christmas rush is surely felt by many. I must admit that I am getting overly excited of many things add the pressure of what to give to my family and friends for this Yuletide Season. I have been reading different online shopping guide to avoid Christmas Rush.

Retailers and Shopping malls has started their Christmas Discount Promos and many bazaar have been promoting of local goods in affordable prices but still if you are afraid of being caught in the bustling shoppers during this holiday, there is always the option of shopping online which I believe is more convenient and time saving.

I have been buying online for quite sometimes and personally I highly recommend this if you are buying for a friend whose living far away from you since you can direct the shop to ship the items directly to their address which give you less hassle of shipping your gifts. That’s what Zalora do best.  You can find different brands and items that you can choose from which is great for giving and owning for yourself.  One brand that you should check out this season is the Local brand, Bench which is now available online.

I have been patronizing Bench since my secondary years and until now that I have been married with kids, i still buy and use their products especially their intimate apparels since its very comfortable and the designs can definitely compete with well known luxury brands.

Start your Holiday online shopping and don’t forget to check out’s Bench wide array apparel for woman and men alike.

Dress Your Best Tips for Any Occasion

Dressing your best does not only allows one to blend in or to fit in an occasion but helps in boosting one’s confidence. You also get the chance to enjoy socializing with friends when you know that you look great around people. Just take a look at this beautiful collection of wedding attire, URL  will definitely make you look attractive.

Though there will be times that it’s hard to find the perfect dress or apparel for that one very important event – a high school reunion, your best friend’s wedding or a family gathering during spring break.

Dress your best at any occasion in style and with flair by following this simple tips and tricks.

  1. Always check the invitation for dress codes and other advice about the theme of the party or event you are going to attend to. Discount wedding dresses of  wedding can help you save money.

It is very important to dress according to the occasion than to impress or make a statement – not unless the party is for you or hosted by you. Always remember that you need to blend in with the crowd. Check for advises on the invitation when it comes to what to wear for the occasion.

  1. Be aware of themes and the decorations that are going to be used in the party

It may be a Valentine’s Day party but you would definitely not want to end up in red just like everyone else, unless advised or you wouldn’t want to end up matching colors with the table cloths or the venue. Go for unpredictable colors that still lean with the theme of the occasion. Go for pink or a lighter shade of red for Valentine’s Day or silver for Christmas parties instead of the usual green and red ensemble.

  1. Classic colors and cuts never fails so have dresses in these colors always handy. Champagne Wedding Dresses will look best in any month.

Solid colors like blue, red and that perfect little black dress are staples when it comes to attending parties and events. Having a good old trusted dress for those unexpected invitations will help you save time and eliminate the stress in preparing as well. If your looking for great pretty wedding dress, make sure to visit Online Wedding Dresses.

Fashion Blogging: The Best of 2014

We have seen the best of Fashion style for 2014.  Most of the outfit inspirations comes from not just well known designers and brands but the online stores who caters street fashion dominates this year.

From trendy boutiques  to wholesale clothing, 2014 just show how fashion continues to grows and comfortable stylish clothing can be bought not just in designers stores but can also be found in the internet as well.

Since the booming world of new technology.  Internet open the doors for many opportunities. Online shops has been the new trends on shopping , wholesale sunglasses and creative killer shoes are been shared by many bloggers around the world.

Even if many says that blogging has gone soar but still there are many  fashion bloggers that are making waves in the internet this days. They are earning thousands and millions because of affiliates, online and offline collaborations and even speaking engagement and appearances.

There are many fashion sites that offers fashionable tips and ideas on how you can get a bargain and can look just like well known celebrities without going the extra mile of buying those expensive designers apparel and accessories. Fashion blogging definitely takes a new height.

Now that we just have started a new year, I know that there are many fashion ideas that will surely be revealed, you don’t need to follow the latest trends but of course, you can always get good inspirations from them.

Fall Fashion- hottest trend in this season

As days goes by, it’s getting colder and colder and yet can you see the leaves falling down.  Perhaps, your having a hard time cleaning them up or your kids are getting excited on playing over them. Making their way on top and rolling their body on that pile of pretty colored leaves.

just like in fashion, this Fall 2014, the fashion walk are filled with colorful leaves, trees and colorful design depicting the enchanted forest.  I just love seeing dresses in full colors rather than the usual black and white designs but I did not say that I don’t favor them.

So what do you think about this fall fashion trends? Do you like them or do you still prefer the minimal color design?

H&M new hub

The news of H&M opening in the Philippines makes every fashinista somewhat crazy.  H&M was known for their wide collection of not just woman apparel but also for me and kids alike.  They are not just pretty and stylish but also affordable. Located in Mandaluyong City just near Mega Mall.  I have heard that it was three stories high, so just imagine the craziness you can get going from floor to floor, choosing and getting the apparels you wanted.

The first time, i have a H&M shirt was a gift from a friend but this time, if given a chance, I would definitely want to visit and check for myself what the store can offer. Ooh, i think i could end up broke or perhaps even  kustom powered monitor could not save me from ending buying all the things i wanted.

Staying Cool and Fashionably Forward with Dressve Wool overcoat

Dressing with confidence and exuding power by simply accessorizing is so possible with the Dressve Wool Coats Whether it’s a cool day outside or whether you would simply want to dress up and enjoy the feeling of being warm all over, wool coats are the best fashion accessories for you. Available indifferent colors, sizes and designs, you’ll get nothing but the most fashion forward attire you would definitely love wearing at work, during cool and rainy seasons or when going abroad to cold and breezy countries.

Made from the best high quality wool,  this pink overcoat is a must have for woman who loves to travel in style.

Red is the color of elegance and this red wool overcoat is just perfect for office, travelling or just a day hanging out with friends.

Any simple dress like this from Dressve would become a classic and will definitely catch people’s attention when you cover it up with a nice fluffy and fashionable wool coat. Playing with color is not the only option that you have.You could even play around with the color designs, sleeve lengths as well as the different buttons and print designs available for these fashion apparels. You’ll never go fashionably wrong with these coats on.

Weddingshe cheap wedding dresses for every bride

Dreaming of that special day , that day were you walk hand in hand with the man you love. It’s indeed a day that every woman dreams, a day wherein they can wear a beautiful gown and look pretty inside and out.  Weddingshe  knows that every bride deserves to be beautiful on their wedding day after all it is a chance of a lifetime. Wedding is truly a memorable event not just  for the couple but for the people who will witness your love for each other. 

Planning a wedding may seems stressful if you don’t know how to take care of the important details. The preparations may become tedious and can sometimes give dilemmas to the bride especially on finding that perfect dress you have been wanting.

These collections from  weddingshe  cheap wedding dresses online  showcase different cheap beach wedding dresses that you would be perfect if you want to celebrate your wedding by the beach.


You can find cheap mermaid wedding dresses that suits perfectly for a beach wedding.

When you think about beach, you will be reminded of the beautiful soft sand, the gorgeous sunset or the cool breeze of the ocean/sea.  So, a soft, short trail dress should fit this kind of wedding.

Floor length dresses are still the best for evening or day wedding.  It gives a feeling of royalty or elegance to the bride. But just as i said, it needs to be within your means or budget since you don’t want to end incurring debts after the wedding.

 This is a celebration of a lifetime, so every details you make should be something that create a story of who you are.