Shoes for everyday use

Shoes has been one of the basic needs for everyday uses.  Whether it was flat , plumps, formal or rubber shoes.   There are many shoes that you can choose just like the new cheap new balance shoes that i have seen in the internet.

beautiful shoes for everyday use

This days, adorable shoes with high heels are very in demand.  I have seen some 9 inches heel up to more and I could not even think whether i can able to wear one of this.   It might be a tiring day to wear one but  owning such would be really a beautiful addition on my limited shoes.


Branded Celebrity Shoes

Are you a shoeaholic?

Who doesn’t love shoes?  Every woman loves them.  I guess 8 out of 10 women would agree with me that shoes is an important part of their closet.  Shoes are originally made from leather, canvas or wood but as time goes by, different designs and materials had been created to boost the growing demands of women for a more fashionable shoes.

There are many kinds of shoes for women, flat, high heeled, running shoes, sneeker, boots, sling backs, ballet flats,  and many others that are now out in the market. There are branded shoes from celebrity designer like the new Jessica Simpson shoes that can fit any lifestyle. Branded celebrity shoes are totally in this days and i have been wanting to own one.

Jessica Simpson Shoes Collection 2012

Many celebrities have entered the fashion world, designing their own fashion lines from dresses to accessories, perfumes and shoes. Different branded shoes can be bought on your favorite mall, boutiques and many direct online suppliers.  

I only owned a pair of shoes on my teen years that’s why I know the feeling of wanting something so much.  I guess, if I would be given a chance, I would be a shoeaholic myself.  In terms of shoes fashion, I’m definitely an adventurous one.  I would definitely go for something wild, different and when most of girls would go for the comfort, I believe that I would go extra mile to choose a shoe because of it’s design rather thinking if it would fit my feet comfortable but of course, i would prefer someone that would fit.  (Not too long or short, if you know what I mean).

Design for me is very important, as it shows not just your fashion sense and style but of course, the feeling that it could give you when you wear them.  I guess, that’s the same reason why shoeaholic woman would definitely say.

Totally Hot Shoes

You know me, i so love boots and wish i can have a closet full of different boots. That’s why, I’m joining a fashion contest offered by  It’s so easy to join, just wear something red, ” a flaming red hot ” like this to support Japan and her site too.

And a lucky winner will get this lovely “Red Suede Knee-High Boots”

I’m so loving it and can’t wait to win! What do you think of my pictures? Flaming Red!  I can’t believe i  can do this ! LOL.  Just for the boots of course!  I feel like i’m partly korean because of my love of Korean novelas.  I can’t still get over Secret Garden and Hyun Bin and would you believe that i’m still watching it for the second time around.

red hot momma

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