Fashion & Passion Online Pasko Sa Agosto Giveaway

It’s raining gifts this August and I must admit, I miss giving away for my Philippine readers since I have been pretty occupied with dealing with my reviews and busy with my mommy duties.  But of course, I would not want to pass this opportunity along side with my Pinay Mommies Group.

So, enough for the chatting, the mechanics is very simple and you don’t need to do it all to qualify but of course, additional task means additional points and a bigger chance of winning, so I strongly suggest to do all the mechanics.

pasko sa agosto giveaway

What’s in store for you?

1.  Avon Anew Wrinkle fighter ( i so love this eye cream and I know you will love this too)

2. Playtex Gentle Glide

3.  Ever Bilena lipstick  –  This is one of my favorite shade infact you can read my review here)

4. Camay Shower Bath  – gentle to the skin and leaves a smooth and fresh feeling)

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Disclosure:  This contest is  open for Philippine Residents or Worldwide as long as you can give me a Philippine address.  18+ Ends on August 28.  Prize will be shipped to the winner at my own expense.  This contest is not related to Facebook, twitter or any other social media)

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Fashion for your home

If you love to dress up and always on the look out of new apparel, you might want to be interested on finding beautiful home fashion that can help improve the over all impact of your house. Although some may always look into a new product for it’s fashion style, finding the right cushion and pillows for support is still very important.  Afterall, it’s all about our health which is far very important rather than anything else.

I always looks forward to going home with a beautiful ambiance, so I make sure that even though i lack in some things, my home would be livelier and beautiful so that my family will be comfortable.

Eternal Beauty

There’s no debate that every woman wants to be beautiful.  I have read some woman that was so obsessed on being beautiful that they have undergone several cosmetic surgery.  It is not that I’m against it or  in favor of this idea and I don’t truly believe that being beautiful is everything.  Although it does matter, what’s better for me is the attitude and the person itself behind that beautiful face.

But of course, it’s very important that we look presentable especially if your working or your line of work is about dealing with people.  There are many online  sites like that offer great ideas and tips on how to become beautiful inside and out.

Our face as well as our skin can give idea to people of who we are.  Sometimes or more often, it is one of the basis for us to be judge, since appearance is also important because other’s can view how we take of our self.  Work, family, stress, these are just one of our many reasons why we don’t have the time to take care of our self but remember to achieve eternal beauty, we must always take care of our health and our over all appearance not just for satisfaction or for positive remarks  to other people but also to boost our confidence and our strength to become a better person.

Are you a perfume whore? Smell your best this summer

In the last few decades, beauty and upkeep of oneself has taken a drastic turn: there are extensive teeth whitening products to make teeth glow; hair products are designed to create thick, vibrant hair; there are never-ending DVDs and other products aimed at sculpting a body into perfection; and there are many other manners and methods for creating a flawless appearance.

Fragrances have taken an interesting turn. Never before have there been so many fragrances. Celebrities and many others are creating fragrances with a variety of scents. Each perfume is a mixture of one or several categorical “notes”: floral, oriental (which feature scents of cinnamon, vanilla and the like), chypre (which are scents with an earthy tone, like citrus or oak), green ( which are smells of plant items, like leaves and grass), fougere (which is typically reserved to men’s colognes as they are stronger-smelling scents of scents like herbs and oak, oceanic (which feature scents of citrus, but are more masculine-smelling) and wood fragrances, like cedar or sandalwood.

burberry perfume

Purchasing perfumes and colognes can be costly. Discount Perfumes from offers a cost-efficient approach at obtaining pleasant-smelling fragrances. This allows for satisfied purchases of favorite scents at a discount price.

Wedding Ideas: The Beauty of Air Brush

For woman,  make up is a part of their life.  Believe me or not, even someone who doesn’t like make-up have used it once in their life but women who does not apply make-up is very rare and has a ration of 1 out of 10.

Make-up has been a part of many women’s life since ancient time.  It serves many purposes and until now it is very popular.  Many couldn’t leave their house without applying one and that’s were compact make-up were invented to help those girls whose always on the go.

Although, i haven’t heard much about airbrush foundation, it recently came to my attention that it’s widely used among celebrities and weddings.   So, how does airbrush foundation really works?

Foundation is used to hide our face imperfection and since brides needs to look good on their wedding day,  they opt to use airbrush foundation to create a smooth and flawless look since it last more longer than the usual application.


Just from the word itself, you need an airbrushing kit which composed of an air gun to work on this and a liquid foundation that works best with this procedure.

Slowly, the foundation was sprayed on your face on a circular motion which needs good timing and diligent works.  You also need a brush to blend the make-up on your face.  Now, your camera ready, just don’t forget to give your best smile.

Three minute make-overs

For busy working mom, looking good must not be overlooked and forgotten.  Before going out for work or doing some errands on the mall, try this simple and quick beauty boosts for a fresh looking, pretty face.

Go with a BB cream, it gives good coverage,  hides your blemishes and helps even out skin tone.  It’s easy to apply, you can use the tip of your fingers to spread them out or use a sponge.

Find a lip gloss with a tint since it can help you give a good color on your lips while keeping them smooth or you can opt to wear a lipstick that lasts for hours,  so whatever you do your lips will stay as luscious and beautiful.

You can also use an duo eye shadow and blush tint.  this can be used on your face and eyes to add more color.

Fight Bad Breath and mouth problems with Swish Mouthwash


Having a fresh breath is very important especially if you deals with talking to different people or even if not,  it’s necessary to have a good mouth hygiene.  Bad breath which is the cause of poor dental habits is really annoying and we don’t want to end up having one.

We may not notice it but all of us have encountered having bad breath once in a while, perhaps the same reason is the food we intake or if your a heavy smoker since cigarettes can cause bad breath or if you have some gum diseases or dental cavities which is the common causes of bad breath. Before bad breath become worst,  it’s better to use a mouthwash that can help you prevent this sickness.

Taking a brush regularly can help ease the problem but I always believe that brushing is not enough.  It is always good thing to use a mouthwash as to avoid embarrassing moments. One mouthwash that can help you relieve this problem is Swish mouthwash which helps fight bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.

Swish mouthwash comes in different flavor,  Cinammon Blast, Icy Choco mint, mangosteen mint, arctic chill and peppermint fresh.  Each has different mint which suits for different people,  from gentle, mild, strong, super strong and intensely strong mint.

Choose the minty level that suits you!

I love the peppermint fresh more. I like stronger mint but i guess with this line  i’ll go in the middle  since i always favor peppermint.

Swish mouthwash is another product of Unilab.  Check them out on their Facebook page to learn more updates.

Pretty Quinceanera dresses for your girls

Parents with a 14 year old daughter can shop quinceanera dresses at for the perfect gown. carries a huge selection of quinceanera gowns by many different designers and in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Quinceanera celebrations are known for their vibrant colors, trendy fashions, and lighthearted celebrations.’s selection of gowns encompasses all the features teens want in a perfect gown – being able to dance the night away without worry about how your dress will hold up to the test.

Girls are sure to make a a grand entrance as the guest of honor in a gown. stocks gowns in a multitude of cuts and shapes that are designed to flatter any figure. Girls can find A-line, basque, and ball gown skirts as well as different necklines like strapless, sweetheart, one shoulder, halter, and off the shoulder. Fabric selections cater to many different tastes and include taffeta, satin, silk, and chiffon. includes free shipping on orders over $300 and also gives a free set of waterfall earrings in the order. 3rd Day Air and Next Day Air shipping are also available for quicker delivery. Tracking is provided once the item ships to keep customers up to date on their purchase.

An affordable way to care for your feet

sophie paris and caronia creme

If your a busy mom like me, i guess a visit to the nearest spa could be impossible. But it doesn’t mean that because we have so many responsibilities in our shoulder, we should take for granted our self and our overall whole being.

Sometimes our feet can be taken for granted and after a tiring day, there is no time for us to take care of them.

Getting a foot spa can cost hundreds of pesos and can consume your precious time or your time which can be spent with your family.  So, buying nourishing cream or foot soak and wash just like this Caronia product can give you more affordability and you could do this on the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite drama series or even while in front of my computer  doing this post .

You only need a small basin with warm water and put this and place your feet for atleast 15 minutes can do miracle for a tiring feet. You can also use a scrub to lighten and remove calluses or dark areas on your feet.

After this relaxing spa, i use Sophie Paris Cracked heel moisturizing cream to soothe and moisturize my feet.  What foot regimen did you do?  Any particular products you used?

Beautiful New You- Thoughts on clinical procedure

Is there a time that you wished something is different from your body?  Like having a pointed nose if yours is flat or a pouting lips just like famous Hollywood actresses or perhaps a body which is more sexier rather than flat and thin? Are you in favor of augmenting a part of your body to make it more beautiful and attractive?

image :

Although, i am happy and contented for what the Lord have given me, there was a time that I wish i have a more voluptuous front , i guess that must be the same reason why others wishes to have breast augmentation montreal for something worth looking especially if your line of work is dealing with people.

Having a great body can achieve through work out and good diet.  Healthy living forms part to get that desirable body you have been wanting to have but it can take forever if you are not strict with your diet and the heart to do it regularly.

With the modern world we are living now, many woman are more mature enough to understand that getting a montreal face lift is just very natural to uplift your spirit and confidence not just because you can show to the world that you are beautiful but because you don’t have any inhibition and shyness.

Many may say that beauty is on the eye of the beholder but I believe that if you are more beautiful, people will see you more on a different light.