Online Shopping Guide to avoid Christmas Rush

With the Holiday season coming so fast, the Christmas rush is surely felt by many. I must admit that I am getting overly excited of many things add the pressure of what to give to my family and friends for this Yuletide Season. I have been reading different online shopping guide to avoid Christmas Rush.

Retailers and Shopping malls has started their Christmas Discount Promos and many bazaar have been promoting of local goods in affordable prices but still if you are afraid of being caught in the bustling shoppers during this holiday, there is always the option of shopping online which I believe is more convenient and time saving.

I have been buying online for quite sometimes and personally I highly recommend this if you are buying for a friend whose living far away from you since you can direct the shop to ship the items directly to their address which give you less hassle of shipping your gifts. That’s what Zalora do best.  You can find different brands and items that you can choose from which is great for giving and owning for yourself.  One brand that you should check out this season is the Local brand, Bench which is now available online.

I have been patronizing Bench since my secondary years and until now that I have been married with kids, i still buy and use their products especially their intimate apparels since its very comfortable and the designs can definitely compete with well known luxury brands.

Start your Holiday online shopping and don’t forget to check out’s Bench wide array apparel for woman and men alike.

Fall Fashion

The most drastic changes in fashion usually occur when seasons change. The four sensational seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, greatly affect the fashion industry, with designers  scrambling to come up with new fashion statements; releasing new lines, with unique designs  topping their previous works.

Even though the Philippines is a tropical country with the sun shining all year round, we are carried  along with the seasonal changes in fashion. And right now, all the stores are packed with Fall Fashion lines, coloured mainly with maroons, dark greens, mustards, and blues, displaying more sweaters, coats and boots.

Fall is a classic season, where the best fashion lines are drawn out; with every piece of clothing  hinting on haute couture. It’s the season where you dress up in rich colours, looking every bit as sophisticated as actress Leighton Meester.

But it is always a hassle to search through stores in a mall during this holiday season, where it’s always packed with people free enough to scour through shops. And this is where online shops prove themselves to be the better option, such as Zalora! Not to mention how Zalora has a personal brand, Ezra, with clothes known for being refined and chic – narrowing down the search for the perfect outfit for fall.

Zalora Finds – Big Weekend Sale

Cheers to a new day and here’s a beautiful day to start the week ahead.  For all zalora lovers, you get a chance to buy on their big weekend sale.  From October 5-7  you can have 20% off on your shopping purchases, just enter the code, “BIG SALE”  on your check out and it’s an instant discount on your part.

Awesome, indeed.  But the most happy part is that they have new collections to choose from, here’s my newest find and hope i can have the extra bucks to buy these fab collections.



Php. 1,495.00



Php. 799.00