Fabulous Fan from Davao

My officemate went to Davao for our National Stenographers Convention.  I was not able to come because you know why, i’m still recuperating from my cesarean operation and i’m still in maternity leave at that time.

I’m sad because i could not see the beauty of Davao but i’m happy to receive some beautiful pasalubong when i get back to work.

durian candy and pouch

colorful fan from davao

This fan is double purpose, you can use it as a fan and you can use it on your head as a cap too.  What do you think?

as a cap


Filipinos are very ingenious in nature and this one is a great example of our wonderful mind.  I so love this, i use this when i go to Centro because i don’t need to bring any umbrella anymore.

ooh i look like a Vietnamese



  1. Red Hot Mondays says:

    Yay! Durian candies and some loots from where I am right now! The “hat” looks good on you sis. Pwedeng pang-beach!

    Thanks for joining RED HOT MONDAYS!

  2. Ineng Estrella says:

    wow panalo ang pasalubong cute ng pix mo my fan ka na my cap ka pa hahahaha kakatuwa

  3. ohh the durian candy makes my mouth watery…I miss that…I want that kind of hat…2 in 1:)

  4. That is indeed a fab fan! Nakakamis ang Davao! 🙂

    I hope you can come and visit me:
    Red Hot UW-Richland
    Red Toiletries

  5. Ang gandang me-time! Sarap ng durian candy, too!

    As for me, I tackled hundreds of photos on my me-time! 🙂 Hope to see you at mine!

  6. Ayy, cute naman nyan, double purpose! Penge din durian candy! 😀

  7. that was very pretty.. i think we should appreciate Philippine products more than we actually do, lol!

  8. i likethe fan, ang ganda!

  9. rj's mama says:

    cutie hat/fan 🙂

    Mom-ME time is again up!

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