Getting fit with wrestling

I have been trying to get fit for months now.  I was thinking of enrolling myself on a gym near our office but a friend told me that she had found a new sports that i might be interested to try.

I have seen hubby being interested in wrestling for years.  He used to watch them at night and sometimes, i will seat and watched for a while.   I am not into sports with so much body fighting because i was afraid to get bruises or painful and aching bodies.  But my friend told me that there are many protective gears especially a head gear that would be supporting me from any possible injuries.

colorful wrestling head hear

One of this day, i would like to try them out too but i guess, i would need to excuse myself for now.


  1. Kim Toledo says:

    w0w amazing.. try it! wrestling is so much fun.. it can take away your strees 🙂 anyway if you have no protective gears link canvass here..

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