Miley Cyrus – From vintage to rock

Recently, talks about  Miley Cyrus new short hair was all over the net and made me curious on what was all about.  Miley has become famous on her television Hanna Montana and children and teens were all over her during that time.

I even remember watching the movie version twice and made me say that she indeed possess a charisma that people could love her.  Over the years, she had made several changes on her fashion look and eventually with her hair too.  She had fashioned a long curly locks, sometimes wavy and sometimes straight.  She goes to vintage and now being punky.   It made me even think, if she has undergone into a lot of stress to made a decision to cut her hair that short.

miley cyrus new hair style (img from miley’s twitter)

Now, that she shows her newest hair, it makes me think if  one  would buy rocky patel cigars , it would just an overstated statement because  it would not complement her style.  Although, every body deserves to re-invent themselves and have a brand new look, i still do like her old style, sweet and precious.

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