Non-Medicinal Therapies for Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder that affects tens of millions of people around the world. Symptoms such as fast heartbeat, sweating and constant worry characterize the condition. A person who suffers from anxiety can use a variety of treatment methods including medicinal treatment and behavioral therapy. A wide variety of non-medicinal treatments is available for anxiety, as well. The following are some ideas for non-medical treatment:


Aromatherapy is a form of therapy that uses the scent of smell and taste to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Some people who practice aromatherapy use fragrance lamps, and they pour essential oils into the lamps to emit pleasant smells. Some people prefer to use scented candles. Another method of aromatherapy is creating various teas and ointments with natural herbs. Aromatherapy works by generating positive feelings in the brain through the nasal passages or the skin.

Massage Therapy

A person can use massage therapy to alleviate anxiety. Massage therapy consists of visiting an Ambrosia Sante specialist for help. The massotherapie Montreal specialist will use pressure points on the body to induce relaxation. Massage therapy is a calming procedure that takes approximately 60 minutes.


Meditation is something that a person can learn through videos, self-help books or mp3s.  Meditation is a breathing technique that relaxes and unites the mind, body and soul. A person who has anxiety can find a quiet undistracted room to perform the meditation ritual.

The aforementioned techniques have high success rates for calming anxiety. Persons who do not believe in medicinal treatment can try the activities as early as today.

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