Online Dating: How to Separate the Princes from the Frogs

Women have always needed to kiss a whole lot of frogs to find a prince. Online dating presents the modern lady with a number of both species and the key to increasing our chances of success is to be equipped to deal with the challenge. Here are some top tips for women on the virtual quest for a prince. 

 Live Your Life

If you’re going to have the strength and resilience to fight off all those frogs then one thing is hugely important: that you live your life. It’s easy to look for love when our lives are lacking meaning and direction, but letting it be the most important thing actually sabotages our chances.

 If you’re down in the dumps after a breakup or life isn’t going your way then put your energy into furnishing your life with good things first before you look for love. That way you will be more resilient when it comes to dealing with the frogs and able to handle rejection. A happy, busy person is an attractive and interesting person. Give your life the same attention as you are willing to give a possible relationship.  

 Be Discerning

Heroes and villains aren’t as clearly distinguishable when you’re looking at online dating sites. People can essentially say what they want. A rule of thumb is to look for honesty first and foremost. If someone looks and sounds too good to be true then they probably are.

 A variety of photos and openness about life circumstances are good signs. Speak on the phone several times before you meet and trust your intuition. If you smell a rat, he is probably a frog.

Be a Princess

Just as you don’t want men to be misleading in any way, you should do your best not to be either. Include several recent photos in your profile, both close up and full body shots, to offer a true representation of what you look like. Likewise, it’s best not to tell little fibs about interests and experiences in a bid to make yourself more appealing. Of course show your best side, but make sure it’s a side your date will see and experience if you do meet.

The world of online dating is complex, but by staying honest and balanced you will stand a good chance of separating the princes from the frogs. 


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