Get to Know your Jeweller Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

You know that heavy feeling in your gut when you hand in your money to pay for something expensive and you just hope, really hope, that this thing is worth it. Well, that feeling is even more magnified when you’re buying something as valuable as diamonds. They’re tiny pieces of stone but their prices are no joke. You could easily lose $4000 if you’re careless with this tiny piece of stone.

We’re not saying diamonds aren’t worth the investment. Of course they are (cough!) And because they are really worth it for such a tiny size, it’s only important that you put careful consideration into it before buying. One of the things to consider is the jeweller. There are many jewellers who sell diamonds but only a handful will truly have your best interest. This is why it’s so important to know who your jeweller is before purchasing any diamond jewellery.

So what makes a good jeweller and where do you find one? Well, that’s a question we will answer in this post.

1. Listens to your needs

A good jeweller, such as Diamond Jewellery Studio, will listen to you and ask you the right questions to help them determine the kind of diamond jewellery you are looking for. If they persistently push you towards items that you don’t really like despite having clearly defined what you are looking for, run. This is a big red flag. They don’t really want to help you find the perfect diamond, they just want your money.

2. Loyal customer-base

A good jeweller is someone who is established and has gathered a number of loyal customers. If you know someone who has been with their jeweller for quite some time, you might want to get a reference. This is usually a good sign since it means that the jeweller is trusted enough to help their long-time customers pick the right jewellery they need.

3. Wide array of services

Your jeweller can’t just be the person who persuades you to buy diamond jewellery. They should have other services that go along with their products such as diamond inspection, repair, resize, and custom design. A reputable jeweller will be able to answer or should have staff that can answer any questions you have with ease. It’s even better if your jeweller sells loose diamonds as they are often more knowledgeable about the qualities of diamond than most. If you’re interested, you can check out wholesale diamonds in Brisbane from Diamond Jewellery Studio.

4. Wide selection

Okay, so maybe going into a big jewelry boutique might not be the most ideal since you could get overwhelmed by the choices. Despite the huge selection, a good jeweler will go the extra mile to help you find the jewelry that you’re looking for and narrow down your choices. They can’t just present you with ring after ring hoping that you’ll settle for something they can quickly sell.

5. Recommends other jewelers

So we mentioned that your jeweler should at least have a decent amount of jewelry to choose from but if they don’t have the specific jewelry you’re looking for, they will readily recommend another store that might have what you need instead of maligning their competitor.

6. Respects the value of jewelry

And not just the money that comes in exchange for it. If you have a special design in mind that you want to have made or you have a broken piece of jewellery that you want repaired, your jeweller should be able to take the extra step in helping you fulfill those needs. They respect the value of jewellery as well as the feelings of their clients in regards to their needs and the sentimental value of their jewellery.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to settle for the first jeweller that you meet when there are others that can readily give you more than just a hard sell. If you want to get the best value out of your purchase, it pays to take the time to choose a jeweller that is reputable, respected, and genuinely cares about your needs.

Choosing The Right Pearl Accessory

Women are said to love pearls as much as any other type of jewelry, but there are many ways for gentlemen to purchase pearls for women. Women want to wear something that makes them feel beautiful, and they need to wear something that works the best for their style. Men who are out buying pearls need to consider all these things when they begin shopping for their lady. A gift of pearls can make a woman’s day, but it must be the right gift so that she can enjoy every day of the year.

The Necklace

Most women prefer a pearl necklace because it is so versatile. The pearl necklace is one strand of pearls that has inspired a song, adorned women’s necks for years and provided women with more options than they thought possible. 

Some women prefer to wear one long strand of pearls to make sure everyone can see the whole strand. Other women like to tie a little knot in the strand to make the necklace look different. The strand can be configured in hundreds of different ways to accommodate the style that the woman prefers. 

Some women will wear these strands wrapped around their wrists as bracelets, and the daring woman can wear the strand around her lithe waist as a belt. The options are endless when a man hands his lady a timeless strand of pearls.

The Color

The color of the pearls is always in question. Pearls are typically white, but there are many other colors to choose from. Black pearls are popular in Asia, and there are many Asian companies that design pearl jewelry for a place like Laguna Pearl. 

Also, men can get pearls in pink, yellow and blue for their lady. These pearls tend to be smaller, but they create casual pearl styles that are perfect for a woman who does not consider herself formal.

The best pearl jewelry for a woman is the pearl strand that will look best on her. Men know what their ladies like, and men must make a thoughtful decision about their pearl purchases in the future.

Vesuvianite – healing gem from Mt. Visuvius

The original Vesuvianite or Vessonite, also called as Vassonite was  hailed from the area of Mount Vesuvius, Italy hence the name.  These beads are olive green in color, translucent to beautifully transparent.   The beads looks like peridot but definitely a much greener in color.  At this time, this gem can also be found in Canada and some part of the USA. 

Vesuvianite is also called idocrase , although the popular color is green, it  can also be found in red, white, yellow, brown or purple.

image from

Known for it’s strong energy vibration.  This stones can help bring out your heart’s desire .  Bringing out the integrity and true yearnings of your heart. Stones are known to have different metaphysical properties, if you are a spiritual person and believe in magical things, this something you can relate to.

One of it’s metaphysical properties is encouraging courage for the wearer.  Some of the benefits of this vesuvianite gem are;

  • Releases negative attachments

  • Helps one find a true path in life

  • Refurbishes courage by releasing hidden fears

  • Aligns truth with daily life

Vesuvianite can also be a perfect  birthstone jewelry for for Sagittarius and Capricorn born.  So, if you are thinking of doing some major changes in your life,  and you felt that there is something missing in your life and wanted a new direction,  just meditate in this stone and probably it will help you direct to what’s you wanted in your life. 

There’s nor wrong and harm in trying and in case you don’t believe on this things, they can still be a beautiful piece of accessories for a fashion statement.


The Beauty of Pearls

The pearl is one of the few gemstones that comes from a living being. They’re found not in the earth but in the shells of pearl oysters and sometimes abalones. 

A pearl is formed because the oyster is reacting to an irritant that’s somehow gotten inside its shell. The irritant be a grain of sand, and in cultured pearls it’s a small bead. To protect itself, the oyster creates layers of a substance called nacre. Eventually, circular layers of nacre are built up around the irritant until its completely encased. This results in the pearl.

The most beautiful and valuable pearls are made by pearl oysters. Technically, any sort of mollusk can make a pearl, but they’re not as beautiful or valuable as those made by pearl oysters.

The nacre that forms the pearl is made up of a substance called aragonite. They form crystals that are held in place by another material called conchiolin, which is much like cartilage. The crystals overlap and break up any light that falls on them into tiny rainbows. This is what gives a pearl its orient and much of its sought-after beauty. The reason that the pearls made by pearl oysters are so lovely is because the aragonite crystals are very much smaller than those made by other types of mollusks. The small size of the crystals makes the pearl iridescent.

Some pearls, like the black Tahitian pearls sold at, have color. They’re not only black, but can be pink, white, golden or cream colored. Black pearls are really a lustrous gray, but they’re valued because they’re so rare.

The quality of a pearl depends on its shape, its flawlessness and its weight. In this it resembles a diamond. Round pearls are the most sought after pearls and can be matched to make glorious necklaces like those sold at National Pearl. Next are pearls that are button or teardrop shaped. Baroque pearls have irregular shapes. Abalone pearls can match the pearls of pearl oysters in their luster, but they’re almost never perfectly round.

Pearls that have no flaws or blemishes are very valuable. Pearls that have one or two small blemishes can sometimes be repaired by people called peelers. They carefully scrape away the blemish so that the pearl is perfect. It’s smaller, but it’s more valuable than it was when it had the flaw.

Though the weight of a diamond is known as a carat, the weight of a pearl is a grain. Four grains equal one carat.

2014 – The Year of the Wooden Horse

It’s the time of the year that every family with  Chinese decent or Chinese Heritage is busy preparing for a brand lunar year.  With these  new lunar year comes the hope for a better and prosperous life not just in their family but also in business and relationships.

There are many traditions that accompany the beginning of the lunar year and it’s not that you need to do all of them to guarantee success in life , your success is still depends on how you perform and how you persevere in life.

Luck may not come to many and others will experience hardships and trials but I do hope that this year will also be a year for realization and picking up the pieces for those who were broken and down last year.  With the events that happened in the past, i do pray that they were able to cope up with the demands of life and they can finally say that life is indeed beautiful after all the suffering.

Wear medical stockings in style

If you or a loved one suffers from poor circulation, you may notice swollen ankles and calves, accompanied by pain in the lower legs. In order to combat these issues, your doctor may advise you to wear compression garments. This will encourage better circulation and relieve the pain of swollen limbs.

Sheer and Stylish

The days of wearing medical-grade compression socks that look like burn bandages are over. These stockings look much like normal pantyhose and come in beige, black and nude to coordinate with your clothing. You will not be questioned by well-meaning family or friends and can step out in style without anyone being the wiser.

Superior Support

The hose offered by this website offer up extra firm support in a variety of lengths. Knee length, thigh-high and full pantyhose varieties give you the flexibility to handle your swelling in a way that will be most comfortable for you. You can tailor your compression garment choice to your outfit and your expected activity for the day.

If you have problems with leg swelling and pain, your doctor may advise you to try compression garments. The options offered here can give you the support you need without the embarrassment of bandage-like wraps and the inevitable questions they bring.

Mothers Day Etching Expressions Giveaway


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Zalora Finds – Trinkets and Treasures

zalora finds

Here’s another treat for all Zalora buyers,  Trinkets and treasures are now available on their online store and yes, they are indeed fabulous and beautiful.  Here are some of my personal favorites and i sure bet that you will love them too.

the little things she needs

 Multi strand necklaces with multiple stones from “The little things she needs” – Php. 499 with free shipping.  This is a great accessory for trendy you.

woven bangle

Php. 595.00 , Woven Bangle from Lala Garcia Manila, perfect for your daily or party events.


 Captured Shells from Flutter for Php. 1,000.00.  Shells is just one of my favorites and i guess, i have to save to have this one.

Check them out now before this items are taken by others.  Great finds for fashionista lady like you.

Getting fit with wrestling

I have been trying to get fit for months now.  I was thinking of enrolling myself on a gym near our office but a friend told me that she had found a new sports that i might be interested to try.

I have seen hubby being interested in wrestling for years.  He used to watch them at night and sometimes, i will seat and watched for a while.   I am not into sports with so much body fighting because i was afraid to get bruises or painful and aching bodies.  But my friend told me that there are many protective gears especially a head gear that would be supporting me from any possible injuries.

colorful wrestling head hear

One of this day, i would like to try them out too but i guess, i would need to excuse myself for now.

Bratz Fashion Pixies

Have you ever heard about Bratz?  Are you a fan of them?   I bet you will be delighted to know this one i found in the net.  Bratz Fashion Pixies can be your line of game. Check out what Bratz personality you are and spurs your creativity by decorating your Bratz home.

The cast of the 2007 film Bratz, at MuchMusic ...

Image via Wikipedia

Different from the white complexion and beautiful face of Barbie, Bratz were created by MGA Entertainment, portraying four original dolls composed of Chloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin.  Their unusual features was really eye catching especially those big head and skinny body.  Although, their debut was poorly appreciated by many, in the span of five years, their are already 125 million dolls sold and captured a staggering 40% of the doll market, competing well with Barbie.

Fashion Pixies is the fourth album released from the wildly popular Bratz doll franchise. It features songs from the Bratz’s feature film Fashion Pixiez and the Bratz TV series.   With the popularity of Bratz, many young ladies is going  gaga with their songs and fashion style.

If your one of them, i bet you would love to have your own Bratz doll that you can play and dress just what you like it to be.

There are different series of Bratz doll that was released in the market wherein you can create different fashion styles. You can dress them on a cow girl attire,

bratz fashion dolls

or just plain simple;

bratz fashion

The choice is yours and the possibility are endless.