Wedding Ideas: The Beauty of Air Brush

For woman,  make up is a part of their life.  Believe me or not, even someone who doesn’t like make-up have used it once in their life but women who does not apply make-up is very rare and has a ration of 1 out of 10.

Make-up has been a part of many women’s life since ancient time.  It serves many purposes and until now it is very popular.  Many couldn’t leave their house without applying one and that’s were compact make-up were invented to help those girls whose always on the go.

Although, i haven’t heard much about airbrush foundation, it recently came to my attention that it’s widely used among celebrities and weddings.   So, how does airbrush foundation really works?

Foundation is used to hide our face imperfection and since brides needs to look good on their wedding day,  they opt to use airbrush foundation to create a smooth and flawless look since it last more longer than the usual application.


Just from the word itself, you need an airbrushing kit which composed of an air gun to work on this and a liquid foundation that works best with this procedure.

Slowly, the foundation was sprayed on your face on a circular motion which needs good timing and diligent works.  You also need a brush to blend the make-up on your face.  Now, your camera ready, just don’t forget to give your best smile.