Tanning Without the Sun

One of the annual traditions associated with summertime is a great sun tan. There are more than a few reasons to show off a great summer look. Whether looking to prepare for a vacation in a tropical location, wanting to show off some great color, or trying to get that perfect look for a special event, sunless tanning offers the ultimate in convenience and safety for everyone. However every tanning salon is not created equal, and choosing a facility with high cleanliness standards, a professional staff, and multiple options, like Sun Tan City, can be a huge factor in a pleasant experience.


Cleanliness standards are something that every consumer should demand from their tanning salon. A clean and presentable atmosphere inspires confidence from the customer, and attention to the tiniest of details underscores a quality experience. In short, a clean facility is a place where customers and staff can feel comfortable and confident about the experience.

Professional Staff

Tanning salons with professional consultants can pinpoint the exact shade for a specific skin tone, which means that anyone and everyone will look their best after their sessions. In addition, interacting with polite and professional workers is the hallmark of a quality location. Instead of simply waving a hand or pointing at a booth, when workers take the time to escort customers to their locations and explain the options available the entire experience is much less intimidating.

Multiple Options

The days of a single setting tanning bed are long gone. Potential tanners should demand a customized experience with a number of different options. Those options do not apply to shades, but also apply to spray tans and types of tanning booths. Facilities that offer a number of different options transform a tanning appointment into an experience. After all, tanning should be an experience and not simply something checked off a to-do list.

In the end, finding the perfect salon with the right mixture of cleanliness, professional staff, and customized options is important. Not only can customers feel right at home as they embark on their busy day, but the salon can be a comforting experience that provides a few minutes of shelter from business as usual. No matter what the reason for visiting a tanning salon are, choosing the right one can often make the entire experience something to talk about and get everyone looking their very best.

Wedding Ideas: The Beauty of Air Brush

For woman,  make up is a part of their life.  Believe me or not, even someone who doesn’t like make-up have used it once in their life but women who does not apply make-up is very rare and has a ration of 1 out of 10.

Make-up has been a part of many women’s life since ancient time.  It serves many purposes and until now it is very popular.  Many couldn’t leave their house without applying one and that’s were compact make-up were invented to help those girls whose always on the go.

Although, i haven’t heard much about airbrush foundation, it recently came to my attention that it’s widely used among celebrities and weddings.   So, how does airbrush foundation really works?

Foundation is used to hide our face imperfection and since brides needs to look good on their wedding day,  they opt to use airbrush foundation to create a smooth and flawless look since it last more longer than the usual application.


Just from the word itself, you need an airbrushing kit which composed of an air gun to work on this and a liquid foundation that works best with this procedure.

Slowly, the foundation was sprayed on your face on a circular motion which needs good timing and diligent works.  You also need a brush to blend the make-up on your face.  Now, your camera ready, just don’t forget to give your best smile.

Three minute make-overs

For busy working mom, looking good must not be overlooked and forgotten.  Before going out for work or doing some errands on the mall, try this simple and quick beauty boosts for a fresh looking, pretty face.

Go with a BB cream, it gives good coverage,  hides your blemishes and helps even out skin tone.  It’s easy to apply, you can use the tip of your fingers to spread them out or use a sponge.

Find a lip gloss with a tint since it can help you give a good color on your lips while keeping them smooth or you can opt to wear a lipstick that lasts for hours,  so whatever you do your lips will stay as luscious and beautiful.

You can also use an duo eye shadow and blush tint.  this can be used on your face and eyes to add more color.

Olivia Palermo – Lovely in Green for Marie Claire February 2013

Here’s another post of green. Actress/ Model Olivia Palermo adorns Spain’s Marie Claire magazine’s February 2013 edition and one of the featured picture there,  is this one where she was wearing a Valentino chiffon peplum blouse with a matching pants.   The make-up which focus on the eye gives a very elegant look that truly worth looking at.

Although, this ensemble is perfect for a special event.   We can achieve the look and make it a little subtle so we can use them during day time.


olivia palermo beautiful in green

Ilia lipstick
975 PHP – tenover6.com


I love the color of the lipstick and I’ll definitely check this out on our local mall.

Filled up your senses with Fragrance

Everybody wants to smell good, well groomed and pleasantly looking. Perfumes has been a part of human lives since thousand years ago back from the time of royalties and monarchy.  Now, through the help of the modern science, we can able to choose from different perfumes from different brands.


Being a woman with high sense of fashion, perfume is also a part of your whole being and your fashion statement.  They say that our smells is associated with strong memories.  It maybe coming from remembering our first love or our favorite summer travel near the beach or the memory of forests and trees.  Whatever scent you choose is up to you alone.  Some types of fragrance are strong and depict an aggressive and bold  while some are elegant and soft.  Each of us has a unique taste and   it may not be good for others but whatever scent you choose defines who you are and what you are as a person and it says a lot about your own personality.

                                  Free Shipping at FragranceNet.com on All Orders Over $70

Image via Wikipedia

If you are looking for a real deal, you can check out fragrancenet.com and choose from the wide arrays of  designer fragrance products which are actual and genuine and you even get a free shipping when you buy a certain amount. You might be obsessed with their Obsession or dance in Cool Water.   Nothing beat a real good feeling of smelling good.

Beauty knows No Age

Who says being beautiful are meant for those young only.  Staying beautiful even in your 30’s and 40’s and even in 50’s  are very important not because you wanted to let people see that you are still pretty even with your growing  age but it’s a good feeling for you.

Having a young looking skin is what we always wanted to achieve and sometimes we tend to use different beauty/cosmetic products to achieve the desired look that we wanted.  But little we know that this cosmetics products sometimes causes different skin problems because they used components that are very harmful to our skin and especially to our face.

There comes in our life that aging would begin to be visible and as much as we wanted to hide them, it will definitely show.  I always hate my dark under eye circle, i called them evil eye-bags but in time i have learned to appreciate it’s beauty and without it, my face would not be complete.

In this era of Photoshop, it’s very easy to manipulate our digital pictures, we can easily erase the visible lines to make it appear as we are flawless but in reality check, it was a different story to tell.

So, if there is a chance  for us to make things different and help us stay as gorgeous as we ,  hope this could be an inspiration to you,  from my well loved Hollywood actresses;

Audrey Hepburn

audrey hepburn

“for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”

Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth taylor

“the inner you shapes the outer you”

Sophia Loren

sophia loren

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age”

For me, beauty knows no age, you can be beautiful inside and out by having the right prospective, living a happy and contented life. There is no such ugly person in this world, what really makes a person ugly is having a negative aspect and not believing in her own capacity.

beauty knows no age
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Miss Wisconsin named as the new Miss America 2012

a 23 year old beauty queen from Wisconsin was crowned as the new Miss America 2012 last Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Kaeppeler beats other 52 young women from across the United States to be named as the new Miss America.

A whooping $50,000 scholarship plus a yearlong hold of the crown, it is the first time for Wisconsin to win since 1972.  While her competitors pushed platforms including promoting the health benefits of milk and protecting the environment, Laura Kaeppeler (KEP’-ler) said she wants children of incarcerated adults to feel less alone, to have mentoring and as much of a relationship with their parents as possible.

Miss America 2012 (via web)

She now says she intends to use the scholarship money to pursue a law degree and become a family attorney who specializes in helping children of incarcerated kids.

“I really feel like I’ve been called to work in this,” she said. “Whether I became Miss America or not, this is something that I would pursue in my career no matter what.” (web)

 Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson came in second while Miss New York Kaitlyn Monte placed third.

Stay beautiful with Celeteque Advanced

Study shows that skin aging starts when your 25 years old and when you reach the age of 30’s your skin will tend to break more and fine lines will be visible as much as you don’t want them to happen.  It’s a mere fact I can’t deny.  Having married with children and over 30 is not a reason for us to compromise our self and of course our skin.

When you are a mother, you tend to prioritize things for your family and sometimes we just take for granted ourself but it should not be that way.    I always believe that beauty is not jut skin deep, it is your true personality that radiates and you become lovely if you have good thoughts and positive self-image but sometimes I do envy those beautiful face with good attitude and I realized I must always look good not just for myself but also for my family.

Celeteque products are not entirely new to me, i have tried and used them before but then Neutrogena, another brand manufactured by Unilab was introduced to me and that’s what I have been using for sometime now and it is not that i don’t like them because i think it was also great.

But when i have read Lev’ys  Living Life to the Fullest post about her experience with the new Celeteque Advanced Trio, i thought it was the best time for me to take into consideration these ugly lines that i had in my face afterall I’m not getting any younger.


i wish i could just erase them

For just Php. 199.00 it’s a real deal for your money because the benefits you’ll get could not be compared to anything.  I wish those visible lines could just be erase by using a pencil eraser but it could not done that way and that’s why I’m putting my trust with Celeteque’s Advance “Anti Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleanser Light Cleansing Oil” to maintain my skin’s natural level of moisture.

celeteque advanced

There are two ways to use it as directed, the first time i used them, i put a small amount of oil in my palm and put them in my face with gently massaging in a circular motion, specially those black spot around my eyes and then I wash them with lukewarm water to remove the excess oil if there was any.

The next night, i tried the second procedure  by putting a few drops on a cotton ball and apply them to my face and neck to remove any deep seated dirt and guess what, even i have already clean my face with a cleanser  there are still remaining dirt in the cotton balls, proof that my face is not thoroughly cleaned.

The smell was very light and i thought that my face would be shiny but it was not, their was no greasy after feel.

celeteque advanced Anti wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleanser Light Cleansing Oil

I know results can not be achieved overnight, that’s why I have been using them continuously for three days now and i can feel the improving effects it does in my face, i felt relieved and i’m looking forward to a healthy skin, free of those lines, wrinkles and black pigmentation. I’m so happy that i had this chance. I wish i can also use the moisturizer and their Anti-Aging Power Serum Concentrated Break Off Capsules for a complete skin regimen but i need to buy milk for our  little newborn baby! (LOL)

* picture taken from google

  • Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Trio are available at all Watsons branch nationwide.

  • Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer (45 mL) – Php 620

    • Anti-Wrinkle Hydrating Cleansing Oil — Php 199 (50 mL) and Php 369 (100 mL)

    • Anti-Aging Power Serum Capsules — Php 699

    For less than Php.2,000 pesos you can achieve a beautiful looking face free of wrinkles and fine lines and pigmentation, where else can you find that amazing deal?


    Thanks to Celeteque Advanced Anti Aging Trio.  Cheers to a new beautiful me! Learn more about this great products range from Unilab!

    Pink is fabulous

    I am not really a fan of pink power before.  I would rather color my world blue because of the feeling of loneliness and sadness but then this feeling was eventually gone when i have my first daughter and thus she influence me on accepting pink in my life and ever since, we appreciate pink so much and every time i see this color, it makes my heart delights more.

    a pink flower



    DIY handmade card

    my peachy wearing pink

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    Tuesday Treasure


    Passion in Life

    Whatever you do, do it with passion, with love, with full attention and awareness. Put all you have into even the smallest of acts.

    The richness of life is in the doing. Fulfillment comes not from getting, taking, having or keeping, but from being and becoming.


    In every action there is the opportunity for greatness. The more of yourself you put into all that you do, the more successful you will be.

    passionate desires

    This moment is not a practice or preparation. Now is when real life happens.

    Give your energy, your attention, your thoughts and your love to what you are doing with now. Put yourself fully into what you do, and whatever you do will be of much value.

    There is no task too small or too large to ignore. Life is truly rich when you can see that every moment, every act has its own special greatness.

    – Ralph Marston

    What is your passion in life? Do share with us and get a chance to win as much as $60 first prize.