Beauty Review : Etude Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Foam

etude foam wash

This is my first post for 2014 and I’m trying to be more productive and give you more beauty and fashion review in the next few days and months.  I have been hiatus last year and i must say that i was really crazily lazy to blog and busy to mend my personal life.

 So to start a fresh new year, i bought this Happy Teatime Green tea cleansing foam along side with other Etude beauty products on my very short visit to Manila last December. It was short since it only lasted a day or i wouldn’t consider it a day since it was only roughly 12 hours.

Since, I have been hearing good things about Etude products, i thought it would be very nice to try some of them.

etude happy teatime foaming cleanser

This mild cleansing foam has green tea on it and for some who doesn’t know the benefits of green tea in our skin, I will elaborate some.  Since green tea has many antioxidants on it, used in beauty products it can give a glowing skin and perhaps you can achieve a more prettier acne free skin which I have been wanting to have one.

The name Happy Teatime is definitely eye catching and for the price of only less than Two Hundred Pesos or  $5.00 it’s definitely worth your money.  I chose the green tea since it says that it cleans your pores and provide less oil which i badly needed since my skin tends to become oil this days and i really hate this acne and the blemishes that it caused after the breakouts.


There are 5 types of cleansers in this line which are; 

Green Tea – Pore cleansing and oily shine relief
Milk Tea – Moisturizing and smoothing formula
Lemon Tea – Vitalizing and nourishing formula
 Peach Tea – Brightening and clarifying formula
Aloe Tea – Moisturizing and complexion health formula
When you used them on your face i can feel that it dry my face immediately after using them perhaps it’s the work of tightening my pores but it goes back to it’s usual texture after i go out of the bathroom.  You only need a pea size each time so i guess this bottle will last for months based on usage. I have been using this for a week but i couldn’t see any improvements yet.  My face is still oily sometimes and some breakouts are still visible.
The smell is quite good since green tea is known for it’s relaxing and calming effect.  I hope i can try the other variants since I have been loving this green tea cleansing foam.   I will definitely update you after a month of usage.

Beauty Review : Rojukiss Yellow Tox Peeling Gel

Healthy, smooth and radiant skin, that’s what we always wanted to achieve but sometimes with all the  stresses in life,  blemishes and acne could not be avoided.  That is why, it’s very important that we exfoliate once in a while besides the usual routine of cleansing the skin using mild cleanser.

Recently , i got the chance to try this Korean product Rojukiss Yellow Tox peeling gel, and i must say that although it was not love at first try but the smell is so addicting that I want to use them every night but since it’s not advisable to exfoliate everyday, I have tried it twice a week.

rojukiss  professional cosmetics

“Professional cosmetic Rojukiss provides your with low irritation peeling gel. Papaya fruit extract, pineapple extract, lemon, honey extract and many other natural ingredients will help effective removal of dead skin cells.”

Containing natural ingredients like papaya, pineapple, lemon and honey extract, this peeling gel is very light on your skin.  But since the words are in korean, i couldn’t understand any of this words.  Now, it makes me want more to learn their language.

rojukiss peeling gel

So, when is the best time to exfoliate?

They say that the best time to exfoliate is in the evening before going to bed so that you will not be going out with red skin in case,  but since this product is very light, I can suggest that you can use this in the morning if your time permits you to do so since busy working mom like me doesn’t have that extra time to do beauty rituals during day time.

rojukiss yellow tox peeling gel

I tried only few exfoliating products, so i could not very well compare it’s effect but after a month usage, i haven’t seen much of a major transformation on my skin, i still get this usual skin break outs and acne but i can feel that my face is much smoother than before and there are certain areas that lightens too.

How to use

1) On your dry skin, take 
adequate amount and apply it 
over the face avoiding 
eye and mouth area.

2) Gently roll out the product and 
massage to remove dead skin cells.

3) After the massage, wash it off 
with lukewarm water.

You can buy Rojukiss Yellow Tox Peeling Gel at Wish Trend for only $21.50 or around Php. 840.00 but since it’s the holiday season, you can get the chance to get them at discounted price.

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IN 2 IT Oil Control, Oil Free Powder Review


Although, I don’t wear a full make-up everyday, one product that i always had in my bag is face powder.  My face tends to get oily so it is just natural for me to use a powder to help minimize oil and even out my skin.

If only i could get back in time, i would definitely take care of my face then so i would never have problem like what I have today.

But nonetheless, here’s my recent face powder haul.  In2it was not new to me, i find their products really nice and dependable.  Although, this is my first time to try their face powder ( i previously use maybelline) the color is just perfect for my skin tone, not a bit light nor dark.









With and without  powder.

Although, i couldn’t see much the difference since it blended so well.  The actual effect is similar to this .


The powder leaves a matte feeling but it doesn’t hide imperfection, blemishes or problems in my face  so I still need to use a good concealer and foundation to do that but overall, i’m loving it for now since it does control the oil in my face even after several hours.

Would i buy again?

Yes. I would buy this one again.

Affordability :  For the amount of  less than Php. 400.00 or $10, it’s really a good deal.