Chelsea boots – a timeless classic

Fashion changes with the seasons, but there are some styles which are classic, retaining favour with men and women throughout the years. Chelsea boots are one such style.

What are Chelsea boots?

Originating in Victorian times, Chelsea boots, also known as dealer boots, were originally worn for horse riding, growing in popularity with both men and women at the time. Chelsea boots are identified by their elastic sides. There are no buckles or laces and this gives the boots a stretchy, comfortable fit.

Famous appearances

Perhaps the most noticeable appearance of Chelsea boots was in the first three Starwars films. Not many people will have noticed this, but the boots worn by the stormtroopers were classic black Chelsea boots stained white!

Chelsea: Home of the fashion elite

Chelsea in London has always been known for its wealthy residents and designer boutiques, selling everything from Louis Vuitton to up-and-coming London designers and the recent smash reality TV show Made in Chelsea features Chelsea’s elite young things wearing high-end designer labels. Whether or not they would be seen wearing Chelsea boots is anyone’s guess – for anyone working a 1960’s mod look, they would be perfect with dark skinny jeans and a fitted tee. Anyone looking to buy Chelsea boots online will be spoilt for choice with the huge variety of colours and styles available to choose from.

Chelsea boots today

While they are an iconic, classic style, today Chelsea boots have moved on a little from the plain black versions which were once all the rage. A classic black Chelsea boot is still super stylish, whether paired with jeans or a dress, but today you will find heeled as well as flat versions on the catwalk and the high street. Chunky, stacked heel Chelsea boots make a great addition to a floral dress on a summer’s day. As well as classic black, you will find funky coloured Chelsea boots in a range of hues, from burgundy and brown for winter to blue and red for summer and everything in between! While Chelsea boots are traditionally made of leather, suede versions have become popular in recent years, with black suede flat Chelsea boots adding a retro twist to casual styles.

Enduring appeal

Part of the enduring appeal of Chelsea boots lies in their comfort. They are easy to slip on with no buckles or laces and thanks to the elasticated sides, they provide a stretchy and comfortable fit. Because they can be dressed up or down, Chelsea boots are a versatile footwear choice for men or women of all ages and will always hold a certain appeal for anyone who grew up in the 1960s or who loves mod fashion.

Paula Beattie is a freelance writer, who writes widely for fashion blogs and websites. Her main passion is footwear and she always recommends that friends and family buy Chelsea boots online to make great savings compared to the high street. She estimates that she owns more than 50 pairs of shoes.