Get to Know your Jeweller Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

You know that heavy feeling in your gut when you hand in your money to pay for something expensive and you just hope, really hope, that this thing is worth it. Well, that feeling is even more magnified when you’re buying something as valuable as diamonds. They’re tiny pieces of stone but their prices are no joke. You could easily lose $4000 if you’re careless with this tiny piece of stone.

We’re not saying diamonds aren’t worth the investment. Of course they are (cough!) And because they are really worth it for such a tiny size, it’s only important that you put careful consideration into it before buying. One of the things to consider is the jeweller. There are many jewellers who sell diamonds but only a handful will truly have your best interest. This is why it’s so important to know who your jeweller is before purchasing any diamond jewellery.

So what makes a good jeweller and where do you find one? Well, that’s a question we will answer in this post.

1. Listens to your needs

A good jeweller, such as Diamond Jewellery Studio, will listen to you and ask you the right questions to help them determine the kind of diamond jewellery you are looking for. If they persistently push you towards items that you don’t really like despite having clearly defined what you are looking for, run. This is a big red flag. They don’t really want to help you find the perfect diamond, they just want your money.

2. Loyal customer-base

A good jeweller is someone who is established and has gathered a number of loyal customers. If you know someone who has been with their jeweller for quite some time, you might want to get a reference. This is usually a good sign since it means that the jeweller is trusted enough to help their long-time customers pick the right jewellery they need.

3. Wide array of services

Your jeweller can’t just be the person who persuades you to buy diamond jewellery. They should have other services that go along with their products such as diamond inspection, repair, resize, and custom design. A reputable jeweller will be able to answer or should have staff that can answer any questions you have with ease. It’s even better if your jeweller sells loose diamonds as they are often more knowledgeable about the qualities of diamond than most. If you’re interested, you can check out wholesale diamonds in Brisbane from Diamond Jewellery Studio.

4. Wide selection

Okay, so maybe going into a big jewelry boutique might not be the most ideal since you could get overwhelmed by the choices. Despite the huge selection, a good jeweler will go the extra mile to help you find the jewelry that you’re looking for and narrow down your choices. They can’t just present you with ring after ring hoping that you’ll settle for something they can quickly sell.

5. Recommends other jewelers

So we mentioned that your jeweler should at least have a decent amount of jewelry to choose from but if they don’t have the specific jewelry you’re looking for, they will readily recommend another store that might have what you need instead of maligning their competitor.

6. Respects the value of jewelry

And not just the money that comes in exchange for it. If you have a special design in mind that you want to have made or you have a broken piece of jewellery that you want repaired, your jeweller should be able to take the extra step in helping you fulfill those needs. They respect the value of jewellery as well as the feelings of their clients in regards to their needs and the sentimental value of their jewellery.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to settle for the first jeweller that you meet when there are others that can readily give you more than just a hard sell. If you want to get the best value out of your purchase, it pays to take the time to choose a jeweller that is reputable, respected, and genuinely cares about your needs.

Look After Your Valuables On Holiday

We know that diamonds aren’t cheap. And they’re certainly a precious possession. Generally, it’s not a good idea to travel with your jewelry but there are probably times when you really want to.

Here’s how you can keep your diamond engagement rings safe if you’re taking them along on your next holiday or honeymoon.

Keeping Diamonds Safe During Travel

Before You Travel

If you’re going travelling with your valuables, don’t skimp on insurance. A suitable policy is the best defense against any eventualities of losing your rings.

Be aware that most travel insurance policies don’t cover massive jewelry claims so you might require a separate policy. It’s worth doing some homework first.

If you’re taking your diamond engagement rings overseas with you, it’s a good idea to keep a list of the jewelry you’re taking with. Make a copy of the list and pack it in with your belongings. Also take pictures and even video footage of your rings and keep those in your camera or mobile phone. They could come in handy should you need proof of identification.

Be Street Smart

You’ll want to use your common sense when travelling with your diamond jewelry. Do avoid wearing your diamonds in public areas. There’s no better way to attract a thieves’ attention than adorning expensive jewelry. This is also true of wearing jewelry at airports during your flight transits.

Another good tip is not to keep your precious jewels in your checked-in baggage when using public transport and on flights. Often security guidelines dictate that luggage needs to be inspected and that puts your diamond engagement rings at risk of theft. Keep your jewels in your hand luggage and on your person.

A carry case especially designed for storing jewelry is a good idea too. A jewelry box with different storage compartments can pad your loose items during transit, preventing dents and scratches.

Be Cautious if You’re Leaving Valuables In the Hotel

Don’t leave loose jewelry lying around the hotel room. It’s just begging to be stolen. Instead of doing that, check if there is a safe-storage facility at the hotel that you’re  staying at. This could be a security box at reception or a safe in the hotel room. These are safe methods of keeping your valuables locked away when you’re not in the hotel room.

If no such storage is available, then carry your items with you. You should never, ever leave valuables in the hotel room if you’re not there. Remember, hotel cleaning staff will have access to the room.

Save the Trouble – Leave it At Home

Unless you really, really want to bring your diamond jewelry on holiday with you for a special event or occasion, save the hassle and leave it at home. You really don’t want to unnecessarily expose yourself to risks in a strange country.

Keeping Your Diamonds Safe At Home

If you’d rather leave your jewels at home, make sure they’re safe there too. While you’re not at home, choose to suspend newspaper deliveries and ask a neighbor to empty your post box on a daily basis. Post and newspapers building up broadcast to everyone that you’re not at home.

Also, avoid announcing on social media that you will be away on holiday. These days thieves are incredibly tech savvy.

A decent safe is essential for your diamond engagement rings and other precious belongings. Keep the safe in an inconspicuous part of the house. The first place burglars usually check are the jewelry box, dresser drawers and wardrobe. But a fireproof safe that has been installed in the wall and hidden behind something will make is near impossible for robbers to get off with your jewelry.

Finally, don’t forget to latch the window locks and remove any spare keys on the

outer premises.

Shine Brighter Diamonds

Diamonds are indeed valuable treasures we love to have. They may cost a lot, but how can you possibly put a lower price tag on such beautiful creations. Shopping for these beautiful gems from the earth is quite a challenge especially for first time buyers. Get the best value from your diamond purchase via a visit at Diamond Database.

This site is created to help first time diamond buyers, even those who have been into the diamond craze for quite some time creates the best and wise decisions in purchasing these rare beauties. Diamond database is a diamond comparison platform. With the help of this website, diamond buyers will get a better idea of their diamond purchases, it’s a diamond ring simulator. It also helps buyers access diamond shapes, sizes and values. Users can also view what their purchases would look like on their fingers. The website is indeed a very impressive and helpful tool in getting the best diamond for our cravings for beauty and fashion.

Comparing diamonds is also one of the features this website offers. By simple typing in the length with and dept or a ring, their arbitrary dimensions are then evaluated. You can also check out  GemSize , a web application for comparing and learning about gemstone shapes and sizes so users will get an in depth comparison on the actual size, face-up area, depth, size and the actual appearance of the ring on the users finger. Other comparison standards can also be accessed via this website.

The website also has an extensive library of diamond cuts and shapes. Even the most rookie diamond can use and make the most out of their diamond purchases with the help of this website. Just like the websites tagline, no two diamonds are alike. Each diamond is cut into perfection to create a unique beauty that will suit your needs, wants and your personality. That is what the beauty of diamond is. Each one is unique; each one has its own rare beauty. Let me wrap up this post with the lyrics of my favorite James Bond movie,  “diamond are forever, they are all I need to please me, sparkling round my finger,  for when love’s gone,  they luster on”. 

Diamonds are Forever

They say that diamonds are forever, perhaps it is because of the fact that diamonds had undergone a long process, tedious and precise work before a small diamond can be produced into a beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Today, diamonds that are used in your jewelries comes in two different forms.  The one that was made out of highly carbonized carbon and the other one is a synthetic diamonds comes from a well trained manufacturer or simply a laboratory that produces this diamond.

Since time immemorial , diamonds are really hard to find and processed, the latter has been the more popular one today, since it only requires a less time to produce a laboratory diamond and more affordable.

But even with the laboratory produced diamonds, real diamonds are still very popular especially for young couple who are getting engaged.  For them, affordability is isn’t just the factor of buying a diamond ring but the value that goes with it.   That same value embodies each  Tacori engagement rings by Whiteflash .   Each diamond ring is created with precise state of the art manufacturing and meticulous inspection which every buyer can be assured that they are getting the best out of their money and a lifetime of precious memory and enjoyment.

Tacori rings for example is a well known brand in terms of engagement rings, it is because they were crafted with passionate desire to give the best for the couple.  Each ring has a crescent silhouette with interlocking half-moon arcs that gives it distinguish look with other engagement rings.  It’s a beauty beyond compare and will surely be a prized collection of every wearer.

Every diamond jewelry tells a story. Each of us can create are very own story, a story of love, friendship and family.  Some becomes an heirloom of the family, transferred to every generation. You can find different story on this site  and even the process how diamonds are created.  It can also be considered vintage since the design gives a classical feeling but fashionable in the same way.  Delicate, dainty and sophisticated, something a woman would wish to own in her lifetime.

Owning a diamond collection becomes a status for others.  Royalties and the rich and famous own different collections of diamonds that are very rare and could not be afford by middle class earner.  For others it is a form of  luxury since it’s not something that you can buy everyday nor you can wear that high end diamond collection on an ordinary day unless you wanted a thief to watch your back.

But it doesn’t mean that diamonds are really not affordable.  There are many shops that offers affordable diamond with low carats but still the quality are still at best form.  Maybe the same reason why the words,  diamonds are girls best friend, since the fact that girls are so in love with glittery things, I for one can attest to that.

Beauty at it’s finest, that is what a diamond portray and such diamonds can be found in Whiteflash Showroom.

Black Diamond by Azature- Most Expensive Nail Polish

Most woman loves beautiful nails and what way to have one  is to wear such beautiful polish.  I am a certified lover of beautiful nails and i can wear any color depends on my mood. Red, green, mauve and pale pink are just one of my favorites but i can even go beyond the natural colors and will try something exotic or colorful.

I remember the first time i wear a black polish and studying in an all girls catholic school, provoking nail polish is definitely a no, no.  But because, i’m on my age who loves to try different things, i wear this black polish in a rock concert and i totally forgot to remove them when i went to school.  Good thing, only the teachers saw my nails and no nuns or superiors found out about it or else, i might get expelled for a very simple reason.

azature black diamond-most expensive nail polish (img via web)

So, when i saw this black diamond by Azature dubbed as the most expensive nail polish, it reminds me my youth and the days i used to wear heavy nail polishes.

Black Diamond by Azature worth a staggering $250,000 that’s equivalent to million of pesos  , the nail polish contents 257 carats of diamonds, could you just imagine that, wearing diamonds on your nails?

For a minimum wager like us, millions of pesos means something, we can pay our house, buy our dream car,  secure the education of our babies, travel to the places we can only see in magazine and internet and i can eventually start my dream of teaching farmers about organic farming.

So, if you would given a chance to try this black diamond would you ?  I definitely would love too as long as it’s free.  🙂

But seriously speaking, if you really love to try them, you can buy one for $25 in major malls in US.  That’s budget friendly for those who love to try the feeling of having diamonds in their nails.