Modest homecoming dresses 2014 from DressV

Homecoming is undeniably one of the most anticipated school celebrations in a teenagers life. This is the time wherein boys and girls gets the chance to spend their night with someone they consider special. This is also the chance wherein teens can express themselves openly when it comes to their fashion choices. But of course we all know how forward fashion is nowadays. Modesty and chastity has already become a scarce adjective for the types of dresses we have nowadays and that’s the belief of dressv.

Luckily there are still a lot of modest homecoming dresses to choose from in the market. Teens could still stay fashionable and can shine during this important moment in their lives without compromising modesty. A simple spaghetti strap gown with a princes neckline is a perfect example of a modest yet fashionably forward attire for homecoming. This year , there are many Modest homecoming dresses 2014 that you can find, has many dresses to offer. 

Light colored shades like peach, yellow and cream are also advisable color choices when it comes to dresses and gowns for homecoming. An above the knee bloom dress is also a girly, hip and attention grabber piece you could wear for homecoming and there are lots of it at

You could always be the homecoming queen without having to bare too much skin or trying to hard to dress up for the occasion.  After all remember that you are going to a homecoming affair in your school and not somewhere else. The designs I have mentioned above backed up with a redeeming personality and a bubbly attitude will surely make you the queen bee of the night even with your simple and modest dress on. So grab a friend and go hunting for the perfect, vibrant , fashionable and modest dress that suits the queen bee in you.