4 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

When a marriage ends, some women can find themselves suddenly and unpreparedly responsible for car and home payments, plus other recurring bills. Before scrambling to pay your bills on time, consider selling one big asset: your engagement ring. How do you make money off your already-worn diamond? Read on.

1. Know what you have. Before agreeing to sell, you’ll want to have a clear idea of how authentic your ring is and how high the quality of the diamond is. Bring your ring to a qualified appraiser, ideally one who doesn’t buy or sell diamonds. They’ll give you an unbiased opinion. You can also start to figure out how much your diamond engagement ring is worth by visiting https://www.diamondlighthouse.com/how-much-is-my-diamond-worth/5.

2. A professional appraiser, who doesn’t buy diamonds for themselves  should give you a more honest estimate.   The Gemological Institute of America provides undisputed appraisals for a small fee.

3. Decide whether you want to sell the ring to the diamond industry or to the public. Sometimes price isn’t the only consideration; many sellers want to get rid of their ring quickly, even if it means getting a bit less than it’s worth. If time is of the essence, the quickest deal you can make is with someone in the diamond industry.

4. Try to leave your emotions out of the deal. Engagement rings carry a lot of promises and memories with them, and it can be extremely difficult to part with yours. Since you view the ring as sentimental, you may want to put a higher price on it than a seller is willing to pay. If you’re not able to leave emotions out of the selling process, you may want to wait a while.

If possible, try not to rush the sale of your diamond. Resale prices for diamonds vary greatly, so if you put a little extra time into research and finding a buyer, you can really make out.

Engagement and a promise of forever

Weddings are one of the most memorable events that could ever happen in a woman’s life. A man who knows and acknowledges this fact will do their best effort to give their one true love, a dream wedding they have been dreaming off their whole life.

But of course, before the hectic planning and stressful preparations of your brides’ dream happy ending with you is the pre-marriage chapter in your lives – engagement. The engagement period can be a year before the actual wedding date or even a week before, but nonetheless, this stage, the very first page of this chapter in your life is as crucial as the wedding day itself.

All women will agree to the fact that we all want a dazzling prince charming that would swipe as off our feet and would ask our hand in marriage. Through the years, proposing to the girl of your dreams has innovated from the usual intimate dinner date to the extravagant and high-tech YouTube worthy public wedding proposal. Do you still see the common denominator in these engagement proclamations? Engagement Rings designed by Verragio is something every woman would truly cherish.

The ending of every genius proposal gimmick and the start of a couple’s journey to their wedding start ends and starts with an engagement ring. Tacori designs are definitely a nice find, with it’s unique quality you can never go wrong.   Whether made of big diamonds or simple rhinestones, an engagement ring is an emblem of love that is genuine and worth investing a future with especially for those hopelessly romantic couple.