Flex Wear : All in one Lens solution

Although I don’t regularly use my contact lenses, it’s very important to have a reliable solution since we are talking about our eyes.

I have already used several solutions in the past but i think Flex Wear is nice so i eventually buying it often.  It disinfects, lubricates , cleans and removes the protein on your contact lens so you don’t need to buy a separate solution for it.

But of course, it’s good to thoroughly clean your lenses once in a while so i used another product for it but i forgot it’s name.

How about you, what brand do you used?

Care for your Eyes with EyeBuyDirect 5/7

Fashion and Passion Online together with NaturalHairLatina is giving you this awesome giveaway in behalf of  “EyeBuyDirect” #EyeTry.  I always believe that our eyes need special care after all it’s one part of our body who does big work.  I have been wearing eyeglasses in a very young age that’s why I know the reason why finding a good eyeglasses matter.


Now, get the chance to experience a whole new eye care with EyeBuyDirect, join the giveaway and one lucky winner will receive a $30 gift voucher(exclusion of designer eyewear and sunglasses).  If you can’t wait to win, you can also purchase a new pair of eyeglasses or even sunglasses with a discounted 15 % in your first purchase. (leave a comment that you would like to avail, so i can send you the code)

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