Fur – The Timeless Fashion Accessory

Ask those who adore it and collect it, and you will find that there is nothing else quite like the feel, look and luxury of wearing a genuine fur garment.

Fashion designers appreciate the beauty of fur pieces but also their timeless essence, lasting quality and growing versatility as a stylish garment that can be worn all through the seasons. Today’s contemporary fur garments are not only designed to ward off the cold but are made in lighter weights so they also act as amazing layering pieces.

A fashionable fur gilet, jacket and poncho are all fine examples of modern design and the garments women are asking for from the fur industry now. Some don’t want a heavy floor-length fur coat like ladies wore in yesteryear. Today’s woman is still seeking the luxe elegance of authentic fur garments but in chic, real fur gilets that deliver so many cool styling options at an affordable price.

Modern famous women around the globe travel with their fur garment, relax in one or head to formal events in a fur gilet because fur looks fabulous with everything. Genuine fur never looks out of place, and stars like Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, Liz Hurley, Pippa Middleton, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Nicole Richie, Nicki Minaj all wear it proudly and so fashionably.

Real fur gilets, ponchos and jackets come in a variety of stunning colors and fur types and styles to choose from. Fur is gorgeous on women of all ages, skin tones and body types, and it has been that way for decades. Investing in a quality, genuine fur gilet is a sound move for one’s wardrobe. When handled and cared for properly, a fur garment can last for years and years. Its softness, sexiness and high glamour are timeless and amp up the style factor of every article of clothing it is paired with.

Women like Kim Kardashian West have often worn their fur jacket with a pair of sweats and looked like a million dollars.

Genuine fur gilets are extra soft and pretty in fox and rabbit (coney) and light enough to add dazzle to one’s wardrobe year-round. These polished sleeveless pieces are available in short, long or hooded. Neutral shades of grey, cream, camel, mocha, black or brown are classically elegant with any ensemble. There are also days one wants to add double pizazz, and a light turquoise coney and fox fur gilet is a beautiful combination. Or maybe real fur gilets in pink, red or navy trends are fun to put on.

The beauty of a gilet style is in its simplicity and ability to look glamorous over a sweater, under a blazer, over a parka, over a sleeveless top or silk blouse or a casual tee shirt. A fur gilet looks sexy with jeans or sophisticated with a long, flowing gown.

Authentic fur gilets are a wonderful styling option for today’s contemporary woman. It is a longlasting natural material, provides warmth, the ultimate style and won’t dent one’s fashionista budget.

A Different Kind of Fashion Career

Are you looking for a career that combines art, science and fashion in a unique way? Consider Lash Technology. That’s right, the Art and Science of Eyelashes. Just when you thought that spectacular lashes were just another fashion trend, it turns out there’s a whole science behind the research and production of lash extensions, application and developing formulations that take natural lashes to a new level of lush. Companies like SugarLash Pro are at the forefront of this emerging field of fashion career.

What is Lash Technology?

Cosmetics companies ranging from budget to luxury products have flooded the market with eye makeup that does everything from nourishing lashes to making them longer, fuller and more lush. Recent trends also include the development of mascaras that add fibers to ‘grow’ lashes instantly. However, the wave of seems to be lash extensions.

The leading edge of the technology side seems to be with the so-called “Russian Treatment,” which is sweeping Europe and Asia. Called 3D extensions, these are lighter and longer-lasting than traditional extensions. This technique differs because instead of lash-on-lash application, there are 3 – 4 ultra-fine extensions applied to each natural lash. The company also focuses on safety and innovation.


What Are Lash Extensions?

These aren’t your grandma’s false eyelashes. Lash extensions offer a permanent solution to the problem of short or sparse lashes. A technicians applies lashes to the end of the natural eyelash with an adhesive bond; think of it as nail tips for your upper eyelid. Well-made extensions from a reputable manufacturer, applied by a certified lash technician, are a safe, long-term way to add the level of thickness and length desired by clients everywhere.

Lash extensions can be made of natural human hair, mink, faux mink or fox fur and even silk. When properly applied, they can lat up to one month. However, experts recommend a touch-up every 2 – 3 weeks to keep them in good repair. They can be worn with makeup, but be careful about getting them too wet or using oil-based makeup removers when you’re wearing extensions. The good news is that you won’t need to bother with mascara any more. Be aware that they must be removed by a professional lash technician or allowed to fall out on their own. Trying to remove them yourself could damage your natural lashes.

Are Certified Lash Technicians Really a Thing?

Yes, it is, and many cosmetology programs and colleges now offer certification courses in lash technology. This is a good option for those who are already working in the industry and want to add a specialization, students entering the field of cosmetology, makeup artists and beauty industry entrepreneurs. The only requirements are a passion for the job, steady hands, good eyesight and concentration. If attention to detail, the ability to work well with people and a string head for business are among your defining characteristics, lash tech may be a good option for you. Lash technicians can work at teaching, in beauty salons or spas and as makeup artists for private clients as well s in the film and stage industries.

The Way Forward in the Lash Industry

The new research and development models also move forward a feminist agenda that includes a sisterhood of scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating a foundation of products for women by women in all sectors of the industry that extends from makeup artists to CEOs. We want to create products that are safe, sustainable and ethical without using animal testing or exploiting women. Innovators strive to develop products that offer breakthroughs for longer-lasting, better looking lashes that truly pup up the ‘wow’ factor for even the most discerning of clientele

Whether you’re a cosmetologist, a research technician or you just adore beautiful lashes, I think we can all agree that advancing the industry in a way that’s sustainable and responsible benefits everyone. Beauty and science can coexist, and innovators in fashion are at the forefront of pushing forward into the 21st century and beyond.

Finding a good Women’s clothing website

Women often have a very difficult time shopping for clothes. There are many reasons why this is the case. Some women are very picky about the style and color of the clothes they buy. Others have a hard time finding the right size. Whatever the case may be, the key to finding the clothes that you will be proud to wear is simply knowing where to look. The Internet is a very big place. There are websites for almost anything these days. There are an enormous amount of sites that specialize in selling women’s clothes. It will be up to you to find the best ones and determine where to do your shopping in the future. What makes a good women’s clothing website? Here are some things you should consider during your search.

A superb inventory

Having to go to many different sites to find the exact clothes you are looking for can take a lot of time out of your day. Therefore, you should try your best to find a site that will make those treks around the Internet a thing of the past. Ideally, you want to find a site that has everything you need in one place. This may sound like a fantasy. However, your goal should be to find a single site where you will be able to do at least 90 percent of your shopping. This will have a couple of benefits. Obviously, it will save you a significant amount of time. It will also save you a lot of money when it comes to shipping. Buying clothes from multiple sites will certainly cost you more than having all of your purchases sent to you in one or two boxes. Peak Boutique is a great example of a site with an outstanding inventory of women’s clothing.

Shipping fees that are reasonable

The price that sites charge for shipping is something you must keep a close eye on. There are many sites that have started charging a flat fee for the shipping of many of their orders. However, there is a big problem with doing this. The customer is often ripped off because the flat fee is far more than what is costs to ship the item. The site then pockets the remainder of the money as profit. Therefore, you should try to avoid clothing sites that use this practice. Make sure you understand how each site is arriving at their shipping fees.

Staying Cool and Fashionable with Hoodies

Being a woman offers several opportunities when it comes to looking good and dressing up. There are a lot of styles and wardrobes for women targeted to make them look and feel great about themselves. One of the common and almost androgynous wardrobe options for women is casual hoodies.

Just like the boyfriend shirt, hoodies are wardrobes that are usually for men but are also available and designed for women. It is perfect for casual attire and can really be a cool option for women who enjoys going out at night. It is not just for those cool night but as well as for parties and clubs – when mixed and match with other fashionable items and accessories.

One of the most favorite hoodie mix and match get up would be with a leather or short jeans and a stiletto. One can definitely enjoy a game of basketball with her boyfriends and then later on enjoy partying at a club. It also looks great with leather pants and boots perfect for shopping around the neighborhood. Others would opt to have it longer to look like a dressed matched with a wedge or a nice pair of boots. Long silver necklaces, a cap or a nice flower pin would work well with the hoodie as well.

Hoodies for women are also perfect covers at night at the beach. You can wear it over your favorite bikini as you enjoy taking and bonding with friends at the bonfire. Or you could simply wear it lazily as you drive around town on the weekend.

It is all about creativity and imagination to make your hoodie the perfect apparel for almost any occasion or setting. Accessorizing also helps in making it stand out even in the most unlikely places you might consider wearing it around. Your personal style and preference will make your unique and stand out with your favorite hoodie on top.

A Fashion Emergency Kit for your Prom

Many of us have massive expectations for our prom so that the slightest little problem can ruin some people’s experience. You can prepare yourself for many eventualities that may occur, and with a little planning and preparation you will be able to face any problem that arises, and deal with it quickly, and effectively. Here’s some fashion emergency kit for your prom;


Choose the Perfect Dress

If you look like a million dollars, you are going to feel like a million dollars, and looking stunning is important, but being comfortable is even more important. When you buy the perfect Sherri Hill prom dresses, you can easily accessorize these dresses to cover a lot of mishaps, and with the long flowing shapes of the dress, you could even get away with wearing trainers to make sure that you are super comfortable.

Take Some Band-Aids

If you are breaking in a new pair of shoes for your prom and do not have the luxury of a dress that hides your feet, you may wish to take some band aids with you in  your emergency kit. If your new shoes are rubbing on parts of your feet to the point that they are sore, place a band aid on the affected area and this will help to make it more tolerable.

Safety pins can be extremely handy if you have an accident with your prom dress and snap a strap or break a clasp. Keeping a few safety pins in your fashion emergency kits will make sure that you are going to be prepared for some of the most disastrous mishaps that can happen.

Take a Shawl with you

When you do have a major disaster and need to use your safety pins, you will be glad that you brought a scarf or Shawl with you. You can strategically place the shawl to cover the damaged area so that nobody would be any the wiser. You can also use this technique if you spill something down the front of your shop that you need to hide.

Take a sash with you

A sash is an excellent idea to keep in reserve in your emergency fashion kit. If you find yourself needing to tie the sash around your waist, to hide any blemishes or marks on the dress, as well as keep it up around your waist in case of any damage.

A broad sash is perfect to tie around your waist and can also give you a very stylish look. Take a look at the prom dress shop online store and choose the dress and material that you want, and then you can coordinate you shawl and sash accordingly, to make sure that if an accident does happen, you are fully prepared.

You will have contrasting colors to match your outfit that will help to hide any accidents that you may have.

It is important to take any medication with you that you may need, such as asthma medication. It is always a good idea to also have a couple of Paracetamol in the case of a headache. If your prom happens to coincide with your menstrual cycle, then you will also have to be prepared with spare tampons and something for the pain if you experience bad cramps.

All in all, a lot of this is just common sense, but by preparing ahead of time for things that may happen, we can ensure that no matter what happens you have an excellent time. Think ahead will allow you to remain positive and still enjoy yourself, no matter what life throws at you!

Unique Ways to Present A Surprise Silver Jewellery Gift

When you buy silver jewellery as a present for that special someone in your life, it’s good to remember that the experience of receiving a gift starts from the first look at its outer wrapping. If the receiver sees a beautiful gift box or mesmerizing wrapping paper, they will get far more excited about the thought of what’s inside compared to receiving something in a paper brown bag.

However, the latter could also work well if you really want to fool the receiver into believing what’s inside is just another mundane item. But if you choose something that looks visually impressive, it shows you have put a lot of effort into thinking about the gift and what’s more, it shows something super special is waiting for them on the inside.

Maybe you have recently discovered some beautiful sterling silver jewellery by Silver by Mail in UK and want to move onto the next stage and start to think about how to present your gift. You might need a little help in coming up with ideas. If this is the case, this article will give you some inventive tips so you can present your special gift in the best way possible.

Choosing an artisan gift box

Something handmade always adds that extra special touch to any gift, especially something as precious as sterling silver jewellery. It shows you have gone the extra mile and thought about every element of the present you are giving. Even if you want to design one yourself, you do not need to be an artist! Just source some beautifully designed paper, card, or material and craft it to fit the outside of the jewelry box.

You can even get super decorative by using beads, dried flowers, or additional elements to bring your gift box to life.

Researching novelty boxes online

If you don’t want to get creative yourself, there are plenty of places online where you can find great ideas for unusual gift boxes. For instance, having a pair of silver earrings coming in a box shaped like a flower for your girlfriend who is passionate about gardening would be a great way of showing you have thought things through and kept it original.

Putting the jewelry on a beautiful teddy

Using a furry friend and adorning it with the sterling silver accessories you purchased is a lovely idea that will go down well with most girlfriends, wives, or fiancés.

Surprising the recipient via festive decorations

Depending on the time of year, you can think about putting the decoration in a Christmas tree trimming or attaching it to the mistletoe. This is a fun way of presenting your gift and surprising your loved one in an unexpected way.

A romantic meal

Even though this method is not particularly unique, it still makes for a great setting to present your gift to the person you love. If you want to stay clear of the over-used champagne glass with a (not so) surprise ring in it, you can try putting the ring underneath a cover or napkin on the plate before the course is served. When the receiver lifts up the napkin they are in for a lovely surprise!

Don’t forget to think outside the (Jewellery) box

You can get super creative with your packaging ideas too! Checking out Pinterest will give you some inspiration to think of something original and unconventional. For example there is chalkboard paper that you can write a little message on or draw a mini picture. Have you ever thought about wrapping the gift box in a pretty fabric?

This can really look inventive and quirky.

www.silver.uk.com, best shop for  silver pendants, is a good place to start when searching for silver jewellery. They offer a variety of bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and more. With a huge collection of handcrafted accessories adorned with beautiful gemstones, you will be able to choose something and have it conveniently delivered to your home or work for when you need it.

We hope you get some creative ideas for presenting your gift to the person you love by reading this article. Silver accessories are a great way to show that special someone just how much they mean to you and presenting it in a unique and meaningful way will help them feel even more loved.

The Beauty of Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is a fashion necessity nowadays. A few years ago, the fashion trend was associated with racers, or carpenters or welders and astronauts. It is easy to come up with the notion that a jumpsuit was a suit for hard labor. It is simply a buggy overall to protect its wearer from grease and paint back then.

Nowadays, the jumpsuit is one of the versatile fashion items and a necessity in every woman’s closet. The beauty of the jumpsuit has conquered not the just the cat walk and the runway but as well as the simple homes of ladies who enjoys fashion out there.

The trend was initially reintroduced to the cat walk by Chanel inspired by the 1930’s era. Stella McCartney quickly followed and created tailored versions of the fashion item. McCartney’s version of the jumpsuit paved way to its domination in the fashion industry.

Today, the jumpsuit has become not just a trend but a classic piece in a woman’s wardrobe. There are several versions of the jumpsuits. The classic jumpsuit is now adapted in several styles and shorter versions, like the jumpsuit has already evolved.

What makes the jumpsuit an iconic fashion piece, is that it works for any occasion. They are perfect for summer as well for those cold and breezy nights. It suits any age, shape and size. Its versatility is its edge over the other fashion pieces out there. The materials for jumpsuits are also vast. You can enjoy wearing the casual floaty chic suit or the playful denim type. The options are almost endless you’ll definitely find a style or two that complements perfect with your personality. You can find more at zaful.com for the latest jumpsuits.

Accessorizing your jumpsuit is also very easy. A simple long necklace or a choker would work perfectly well for your jumpsuit. You could pair it with flats, heals and with different bag designs as well. The beauty of the jumpsuit comes together with the versatility and function it offers.

Never Wear the Same Dress as Someone Else

We all know that showing up in the same prom dress is every girl’s worst nightmare. But how big a deal is it really?

pic_melandriaImage by: zizzybaloobah via flickr

Well, if it’s ever happened to you, you’ll know exactly how mortifying it can be. Sure, you’ve both got great taste and may well have chosen stylish prom dresses, but it’s no less disastrous, is it? Even worse, imagine showing up wearing not only the same dress, but the same shoes and accessories too. What a weird coincidence, right?

You can choose to be polite to one another and complement each other on your great taste. But every teenage girl knows that this is a massive deal. Is there going to be a fight? Tears? Tantrums?

So how can you avoid wearing the same elegant prom dresses this year?

Social Media is Your Best Friend

According to the NY Post, there are those high schools who are taking to Tumblr and Facebook to stick their heels into their dresses in an attempt to avoid the massive embarrassment of having a prom twin look-a-like. While showing up in the same frock does not seem like the biggest deal in the greater scheme of things, keeping a record of who chose what dress is a really convenient way of keeping track of these things.

Okay, a lot of the online groups have unsavoury names, like “Steal My Dress and I’ll Knock You the F-K Out” and “Bitch Don’t Steal My Dress”. There’s even the Brooklyn Teach prom page on Facebook that claims “welcome to the page where you tell people you’ll physically hurt them over formal wear”. But it all does the trick.

You Won’t Ever Turn Up at Prom Wearing the Same Dress As Someone Else … Or Ever

There are other really simple solutions too. For example, if you purchase Peaches Boutique prom dresses they will keep a register of who is wearing what to make sure you are looking unique at your prom.

There’s another really simple solution that helps girls to reserve their dress before events like prom, homecoming and parties too while even keeping the dress’s identity a secret. It’s called “Reserve THE Dress”. So before you go ahead and buy the dress, you can make sure no one else is going to be wearing it by registering in this unique site. The app then gives you peace of mind that you will be the only belle of the ball wearing that particular frock. You can simply download the “Reserve THE Dress” app and never ever again worry about showing up in the same dress as someone else.

If you’re okay with everyone knowing what you’ll be wearing to your prom, you could post photos of the dress to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and the like so everybody knows that that is your dress and not to buy the same thing. This way you’re guaranteed not to turn up on prom night wearing the same thing as one or even more other girls.

Would you be distraught if you accidently arrived to the prom in the same dress as someone else?

Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s

Love is definitely in the air and everyone seems to be happy and enjoying the sense of feeling loved and cherished on this special day of February. It’s a great day to express our love to the ones we really care about and spend some quality together just like the rest of the couples around the globe.

So you have finally found the perfect gift for your love. It’s nice to have some fun on Valentines. To make things even more romantic, preparing a perfect date comes next. Here are some of the tips you can try for your special love ones this Valentine’s Day.

1. Personally cook dinner and set your table on your rooftop or balcony. Almost every restaurant is fully booked, the malls are crowded and traffic will just ruin your day. Why go out when you can whip a perfect dinner and enjoy hearts day right at the comfort of your homes? Let the kids enjoy a movie night in their rooms while you two celebrate the night together. Are you still single? Impress your dream girl or dream guy and add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

2. Candle-light dinner by the beach

It may sound “cheezy” and the idea as already been used in several movies, but the fact remains that every girl dreams of having a date by the beach. With candles all around you and the soft sound of the waves as your background music, you’ll definitely enjoy bringing back the memories of this night together.

3. Have a picnic date at the park at night This is perfect for young and old couples. Choose a park that is not so crowded and bring along some of your favorite finger foods to enjoy. You could simply enjoy looking at the stars together as you share stories about your pasts and the things you look forward to in life as a couple. Bringing a telescope along would make the night even more interesting. You can even go as far as setting up a surprise fireworks display if you want to.

But in the end, it is not where and how you celebrate this special day for the heart. What matters the most is that you spend it with that one person you really care about.

Fashion Finds: Kate Spade Fall 2015 Collection

One of the leading brand in the fashion market today, Kate Spade at New York Fashion Week unveil the details of their Fall 2015 Collection.  Such a lovely colors for all fashionista out there and definitely something to watch for.

The collection shows femininity with it’s pretty pink and minimize design. The black bag is worth having for special or just a plain occasion.

Check out Kate Spade today to learn about this fabulous offering.