Women’s Designer Clothing

Every women loves fancy clothing and as they say, you need at least several pieces of tops, bottoms, skirt or jeans to complete your daily fashion ensemble.

There are those basic staples for a wardrobe, it doesn’t mean or necessary to have them all but it is always good to have different pieces that you can choose so you still have some options or alternative.

It doesn’t need to be branded  but something that is comfortable, stylish and can be worn in multiple ways.  You need trendy pieces like the collection of  womens designer clothing online at Tuchuzy that will make you stand out of the crowd during important events, a clothing that will give you the  classy, chic and sexy look .

An outfit that you think can give you an edge during special times is definitely something that you need to own.  It’s a wardrobe essential to have key pieces that matches your lifestyle.  Designer clothes are sometimes expensive but investing on it does not just give you satisfaction but also make you look fabulous.

Creating a timeless and chic wardrobe is something every woman must achieve, remember that it doesn’t need to be as expensive as it is since you can always find clothing that are chic and elegant  but less expensive.

A wardrobe with essential fashion pieces is what every woman’s desire and if you have those, then you can consider yourself lucky.

The Classic Beauty of Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry has been adorning men and women for thousands of years, and no variety has been more cherished than pearl jewelry. A simple design with the shimmering, exquisite beauty of iridescent pearls has long been the standard for classic elegance. A basic, lovely pearl necklace is the ideal accessory for a high school girl’s prom gown as well as a grandmother’s anniversary dress. Likewise, a pearl stud will complement a young man’s first tuxedo as well as a grandfather’s fiftieth anniversary tuxedo.

pearls are just one of my favorite accessories

pearls are just one of my favorite accessories

Ideal For Any Occasion

Pearls come in an assortment of colors and styles and may even vary in shape. The most valuable and rarest form of pearl is the natural pearl created spontaneously in a natural habitat. Sometimes, a natural pearl may develop in a shape other than round and are known as baroque pearls; however, pearls are most commonly round. And, with the high demand of pearl jewelry, most pearls are cultured pearls, created by mollusks that are farmed in a controlled environment. Otherwise, the rareness of pearls would make it prohibitively expensive for the young girl to wear to the prom or for grandmother to wear on Sunday.

Pearls are naturally created in freshwater mollusks as well as saltwater mollusks. While they may look similar and are created the same way from the same source, a microscopic object inside a mollusk, the quality and value can vary tremendously.

An Intruding Irritant Becomes A Thing of Beauty

The origin of a pearl is as a microscopic irritant inside a mollusk. With the irritant trapped within the mollusk’s inner folds, the mollusk gradually adds liquid layers to offset the irritation. It’s like having a small but pesky pebble under your tongue. Humans can spit it out; mollusks cannot, so they cover it with layers that eventually harden and form a larger object, a pearl. A note of interest and word of caution: pearls will dissolve in vinegar; their chemical composition will break down and your lovely accessory will disappear.

Because akoya pearls are available in a fairly wide range of varieties and qualities, it is wise to buy from quality, reputable jewelry dealers. Online dealers like The Pearl Source carry exquisite pearl jewelry items in a number of varieties like Tahitian South Sea, Golden South Sea, White South Sea, Japanese Akoya and Freshwater. Buying from a reputable, reliable jeweler ensures that you are getting the best quality for your money. The last thing grandma or the prom queen wants is to wear a phony pearl necklace.

Dressv Discount Evening Dresses for Special Occasion

Most girls dreams to  be a princess even for a night. And a perfect event where a girl can feel like a princess is during Prom Night. Where boys turn out to be like Prince Charming and to dance with ladies for a whole lovely night.

Dancing as one, swaying to the tune of any love mellow music, and feeling each move while they sway with a bit of awkwardness.  Some may feel that prom night is a start of a new beginning, a blossoming  or hopeless love.

Each gals and guys prepare their best for this wonderful event, but most of the time the gals are full of anticipation and looking forward to be the most beautiful swan in the ballroom.  It is hard to start planning what to wear for prom night especially if you don’t have the idea where to begin.

Looking for what style will fit for her look and personality is even harder. And for those who have strict budgeting, looking for affordable dresses is the hardest. It is a must to look for Discount Evening Dresses that look elegantly beautiful but still considering the price of it just like what Dressv could offer.

You don’t need to have a basket full of patience when looking for one.  Since their site offers a great choices of pretty dresses that you will surely love. Find the one which you think you will be comfortable, equally fashionable yet affordable.

A month before the most awaited event, girls should scout for dresses and imagine how they will look on it to avoid cramming and make prom night the worst night ever. Don’t be a wallflower during prom night, mingle and socialize with others. A lovely dress from dressv that match a beautiful face will reach you into fame during prom night and bag the desired crown and title of being the prom queen.

Check their collection today and find great discount.

Halloween Treat : Fashionable Evening Dresses

Exquisite womens evening dresses can make a lady feel confident, stylish and have the ability to be “the belle of the ball.” Feeling elegant and eye-catching at an important function, event, party or as the mother of the bride or groom or as a guest at a formal wedding, a gorgeous well-fitting evening gown will pave the way for you to stand out in the crowd and feel like a goddess.

Fascinating styles, materials, patterns, colors and numerous other details go into making that evening dress outstanding. Additional delightful features such as lace, embroidery, various trims including hand-embellished floral appliques, the shape of the neckline, the drape of the skirt, and so much more finishes off the spectacular appeal of the gown.

Most evening dresses are in one color or perhaps in two if there is a panel or inserts of a contrasting color, but you can also get a multi-colored stunning version.

Necklines vary including V-neck, sweetheart, bateau and plunging. There are strapless dresses as well as one shoulder and off shoulder. Sleeves may be edged with scalloped lace.

Flattering draping of the gown beautifully accentuates the curves of your figure while a bodice that crisscrosses at the narrowest part of your waist, or has a hand-beaded inset at your waistline, slims your figure. A matching wrap or an elegant train will set off the evening dress to its maximum appeal.

Romwe Fashion – Halloween Collection

Before, halloween was just an occasion that we never bothered to remember but when my daughter came into my life, it added additional meaning.  It’s a time for us to dress up and enjoy a night filled with fun and spooky things.

For some Halloween is something to be scared of but honestly, it’s also a time to wear something exciting and different from your usual self.

Romwe Fashion brings Halloween alive in this spooky yet pretty Halloween apparel.  This dress will surely fire up your night.

Check them out now!  Pick what you like and make Romwe part of your Halloween night.

Celebrating National Language Month


It’s almost mid of September and everybody is busy thinking about the coming holidays.  It’s a merry September month for our city since we are celebrating the feast of our Dear Ina “Penafrancia”, the patron saint of the Bicolanos.

With all the busy thoughts and preparations, i forgot to talk about my daughter’s participation last month on the celebration of our national language.  From a day celebration becoming weeks and now a month long celebration, it is just right that our national language should be given a big importance since it’s a part of what we really are.

Back to my daughter’s performance, she was really  excited on that day since she was assigned by her teacher and placed in the middle to become the leader.  Although it’s not really quite much but for a little girl, it means very important.  That’s why I have been busy preparing her national costume as well as her igorot costume for the dance number.

The event was a success and I’m so happy seeing her performing the dance she memorized for weeks.  With all the busy stuff, i guess I think i needed a much break i have been wanting to have. Recently, i have been planning to visit Manila and might as well think of buying a coupon that can help me win an awesome prize for groupon getaways.  You know how much I’m addicted on winning prizes and great deals, i bet this would really help me de-stress somehow.

Fabulous Online Shop for Plus size Apparel

Even I’m so obsessed to get rid of some flab in my body, I always admire plus size woman for their bearing and courage to be fabulous and proud.  Sometimes, it’s really hard to find extra size apparel in a local mall, it’s quite a dismay and frustration if you find something you really love and end up not having the right size to accommodate you.  That feeling can sometimes add pressure but if you accepted the fact of who you are and made that choice to belong to those fat and fabulous, then I guess all you need to do is to find brands and shops that caters plus size apparel.

It’s a great news because  there is an online store for plus-size clothes that Hollywood and British icons like Adele , Jill Scot and Oprah Winfrey believe into.   They offer different quality apparels that comes from well known brands and designers that understand the needs of plus size woman.   What makes this online shop  very interesting is that it offers different designs and wide array collection from blouses, pants and even swimwear.

This particular swimsuit can boost your confidence.  The details is very interesting and create a contour on your body which is not too revealing.  Being fat is not an excuse not to look good.  If it’s a choice you have made, be proud and confident and choose apparel that makes you comfortable and beautiful.

Celebrate Homecoming at Dress First

I remember the days when I was in still in my secondary years, it was a lot of fun exploring new things, learning new ideas and attending parties and special events.  They say that high school life is the most exciting since it can give you new experiences that you might not have when you were young.

I guess it was quite correct since it’s the time i got the chance to watch a movie on a cinema house, a time when I can go out without my grand mother accompanying me and the first time to sneak out to watch my favorite band only to be scold later on.  Another part I look forward is the homecoming celebration which we get the chance to be busy and welcome  alumni and prepare shows for them.

When high school life comes to my mind, i could not help but smile.  Although, I could not say that it was the best days of my life, it was indeed a part that I can cherish.  That’s maybe the same reason why DressFirst believe highly about homecoming celebration.  They knew that homecoming is very special for an alumni  and the excitement of choosing your homecoming dresses is as important as attending the event itself.

Finding that perfect dress for that special occasion of meeting old friends and school mate is somewhat a pressure and of course, you don’t want additional tension of how you can look good because you haven’t had something to wear on that day.

So, i hope this collection can give you a big help on finding that perfect dress for your upcoming homecoming and I have posted some of my favorites above.

Three minute make-overs

For busy working mom, looking good must not be overlooked and forgotten.  Before going out for work or doing some errands on the mall, try this simple and quick beauty boosts for a fresh looking, pretty face.

Go with a BB cream, it gives good coverage,  hides your blemishes and helps even out skin tone.  It’s easy to apply, you can use the tip of your fingers to spread them out or use a sponge.

Find a lip gloss with a tint since it can help you give a good color on your lips while keeping them smooth or you can opt to wear a lipstick that lasts for hours,  so whatever you do your lips will stay as luscious and beautiful.

You can also use an duo eye shadow and blush tint.  this can be used on your face and eyes to add more color.

Our Favorite Go Jane Dresses

Who doesn’t love a cute spring dress or a glitzy formal gown? There’s something to be said about the feminine beauty only a dress can provide. For nearly every occasion a dress can be worn. It’s all about how you wear it and what you pair it with. Accessories are almost as important as the dress itself. Below you’ll find instructions on how to wear various dress fashions, from the sensibly stylish to the over-the-top extravagance.

 Formal Wear

 Formal dresses can range from short prints with creative designs to long dresses with sweeping skirts. Formal wear should be beautiful and original, so that you stand out in the crowd. When it comes to formal wear, it’s all about where you’re going and who you’re going with.

If you’re attending some sort of gala event, like a fine art exhibit or an opera, you’ll want a dress that’s beautiful and sexy, but also very refined. Flowing gowns are appropriate, as are shorter dresses with high-end detailing. Choose statement accessories, like large diamond earrings. Your companion should wear accents that match your primary colors.

 If you’re looking to make a statement, choose a formal dress that really stands out. For the beauty who loves bling, there are options for bedazzled bodices. For the rocker chick with a soft side, check out dresses that have hard bodices paired with whimsical tulle skirts. Short formal dresses can be paired with shoes that really stand out, like with bows and ornamentations.

best accessories for office

 Wear to Work

 Some dresses are inappropriate for the work place. Unless you’re pairing a short mini-dress with a pair of leggings, it’s not going to work for the workplace. You don’t want to be distracting the boys in the office or ticking off the women. Instead, you want to look chic, fashionable, and beautiful.

 If you’re a busy-body after work, you want to choose casual dresses that transition beautifully from day to night. In the springtime, pick a floral dress and pair it with a light blazer. You can roll up the sleeves of the blazer if it gets too hot and then ditch it in the car when you roll up to happy hour. Draped maxi dresses are perfect for the office, if your office allows for bare shoulders. Wearing the right maxi dress will have your coworkers begging to know where you shop.

Casual Dresses

 Casual dresses are best paired with some cute sandals and colorful jewelry. Go Jane is home to a variety of great womens dresses in a variety of formal and informal styles. Some of their casual dresses are so spicy, they’ll have you screaming, “Muy caliente!” Check out their Crochet Back Dress. It’s sexy, with an air of sophistication in the black crocheted detailing around the back. It’s perfect for a summer concert.

 For casual nighttime dresses, consider off-the-shoulder-dresses, in bright colors that scream confidence. Pair this look with leggings, if it’s cold outside or you’re simply looking to dress it down. Edgy girls should choose casual dresses that express their style, like t-shirt dresses. No matter the style of dress, casual dresses require casual accessories, so don’t overdo it with formal jewelry or shoes.

Cocktail Dresses

 Cocktail dresses are appropriate for night-time birthday parties, nightclubs, office mixers, dinner parties, and so much more. This look should be something you’re comfortable in, but also make you feel super sexy. Cocktail dresses are often described as elegant, sexy, and semi-formal.

 High-low dresses are currently in-style. Seventeen Magazine says that, “rocking the high-low trend is the perfect way to show off your fashion-forward summer style!” When you rock a black high-low off-shoulder cocktail dress, your friends will know you got the memo.