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Fashion and Passion Online  was created to cater and featured the good things in life. It was born out of passionate desire to let everybody knows how beautiful our life is.  This site offers tips about fashion, beauty, skin care and health, luxury, totally hot shoes and my passion in life.

Although this blog is barely new, it’s starting to build a worldwide readers who shared the same desire and interest on fashion and helping others through advocacy.

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Possible ways we could work together include:

  • Press and Coverage , please visit my press page.
  • Contests & giveaways for your product. I have reviewed different products since inception. I have a large love for consumer products and enjoy getting the opportunity to review and learn more about them. Read my requirements for giveaway.

Unless discussed beforehand, any product given to me is mine to keep as payment for my review. I also require that you directly ship the prize(s) to the winner(s).

Product Reviews: I always provide honest opinions that are solely mine on reviews. All I ask is that you provide me with a sample product and any requested information about the product. I will include company information and an image of the product in my review/giveaway.

Timeframe of posting the review/giveaway:
I generally post my review within 7 days of receiving the product or 14 days for beauty products.


About Melandria 


Thank you for your interest to work with me.  I’m a proud eco- mom of two adorable kids.  Working in the judiciary is a big way different on my real passion.  Because of my passion for writing, this site along with the other blogs i have was created to share my inner love for beauty, fashion and journey of getting fit and my musings as a working mom.

Check out my other sites;

My Green living Ideas Fashion and Passion OnlineJourney of a DreamerMelandria’s Musing, Parenting and Babies , Movie Drama Addict

Although I am not a professional makeup artist , fitness trainer or fashion guru,  i tried my best to provide my readers the accurate information regarding the products i used, brands i love and my obsession on lipsticks , make-ups and skin care.

Contact information:
Melandria Romero

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Passion of a working mom : The best of me

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The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves

Fashion and passion always goes hand in hand and for a working mom like me, it’s always my passion to make my family happy and healthy.

I have experienced different changes in my life, from mild to drastic and a once ugly duckling evolve into a more mature woman.  Honestly, i’m not yet contented with my life but I have never been happier until now. It’s a delight to wake up in the morning with your kids and your husband beside you.  To end the day with a whisper of prayer of thanksgiving for all the good things the Good Lord had given me and my family.

Life can be a struggle, who doesn’t experience that?  We may be experiencing money problems but we have learned one thing, you need to talk it out so it won’t be the core problem in your relationship because at the end of the day, the most important thing in a relationship is not the material things but the trust and the happiness the family shared.  Money can buy happiness but true bliss can only be found when it was shared with people you truly love.

Pink October Giveaway- Fight against breast cancer #breastcancerawareness

fashion and passion pink for october – (1 lucky participant will get this treat)

I always believe that every woman has the duty to take care of our self not just for our own benefit but also for the sake of our family. Studies shows that our country, the Philippines rank as number 1 with most cases of breast cancer and this fact is indeed alarming.  Although, there are many international and local companies spreading the advocate against breast cancer, I believe it is still enough to just rely on them.

Having the voice to say my thoughts and a site to write my ideas, i want every readers to know the importance of early detection of breast cancer.  Last year, i launched a giveaway to spread awareness.  I have joined Avon’s walk and this year, i am planning again to join the Department of Health(local breast cancer movement) and share my help through running.  Pink is not my number one fave color and I guess, you’ll know what it is(need a hint?)  but pink is very special for me and as a woman, i know that we need to stand together to fight this sickness.
As a way of sharing this great advocacy, i am also giving away small pink treats to all my readers.  Joining is very easy but i would love to give this a twist.

here’s a thought of pink from one of my fave actress

Now, for the procedure of the give-away.  Post a picture of you wearing something pink to show your support for breast cancer. No need to input any words , post it in my facebook page and come back here to do the remaining tasks.

Whether your a male or a female with any status, you are qualified to join. All participants who posted out their pictures will be qualified for the raffle.  By sending out your pictures, you will allow me to post them in this site/facebook page among with the other participants.  (no worries, this will not be used in any other activities or promo)   After sending your pictures, i do hope you can like me in facebook and follow me in twitter because i will be announcing the lucky winner on this social media.

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On the comment section, please post your thoughts about breast cancer. Along with your facebook name and e-mail so i can contact you in case your the winner.    One winner will get a chance to win this Pink Treat posted above. ( valid for Philippine residents)

Disclaimer:  This giveaway is no way connected with brands or any organizations. Prize will be shipped to the winner at my expense.  Contest end , November 20, 2012.  Winner will be determined via raffle.