The Process Of Converting AVI into Other Formats

Sometimes what happens is that you may have a lot of files on your computer or laptop and have no time to watch them sitting in front of these devices. This is when you will prefer to have them on your mobile. Now, on transferring such video, you find that the type of format that is used in these videos isn’t supported by your phone. Well then, you should know that those videos were in the AVI format.

You need to convert AVI to MOV and other formats. With the Movavi video convertor you can convert them into any format of your choice. MOV, MP4, AVCHD, DVD, etc. all are made and converted by the software. Don’t worry if you are not used to with the software of AVI or its settings. Just open the convertor and do as the step tells you to. Below is a step by step guide to show you the process by which you can convert your video very easily and fast too.

Download and install the Movavi video converter in your computer. Then choose and open all the videos that you want to convert. Click on the “Add Video” button to bring all the AVI files into the convertor.

Select the video format of your preference by selecting a preset from the list that is given at the bottom of the window where the conversion is done. Now it’s time to start converting your AVI files. Click on the button saying Browse and then the Destination Field to tell the convertor where you want your files to be placed after the conversion is done. Then just click on convert.

When all of it is done, it’s time to transfer the videos to your mobile. So get the device and connect it to the pc. Start the uploading function depending on what kind of phone you have. Some phones tend to have a setup wizard and you might have to follow the instructions there.

The uploading process takes time according to the size of video or speed of uploader. The Movavi software is usable for not only converting, but also for the editing purposes of a movie. Now the above is all the information that you could need to convert a video. Let’s hope it is useful and you find the rest of the process to be easy.

Lazada’s Top Gift Ideas for Newly Grad

Graduation is one of the happiest moment in a parents life.  It is a delight to know that after several years of perseverance and hard work, your children will be reaching another milestone in their life.  Not everybody student got a chance to finish their studies because of many circumstances, so seeing your own children receiving their diploma is something every parent is proud of.

That’s why in this milestone, Lazada Philippines knows exactly what you would love to give to your newly grads.  They have wide arrays of products from gadgets, to apparels, fashion accessories and even for all the book lovers out there.

I took the privilege to choose the best gifts i can found on their site.  Here are some of the gifts your newly grad would really love to receive.  Whether your a parent, a sibling or just a friend, they will truly be delighted to know that you are proud with their accomplishments.

apple ipad mini 16gb

Apple iPad Mini 16gb  with Wi-Fi Php. 19,800 -Php. 15,990  –  With many people gearing for gadgets, your newly grad would surely be ecstatic to receive this tablet.   You get it with a discounted price and free shipping within the Philippines.  Cool deal indeed.


Samsung Series 5 NP-535U3C-P01PH 13.3″ Laptop (Brown) –  After graduation, she/he will soon get a job and having this Samsung laptop will give your newly grad an edge in technology and knowledge.  Ooh, just give them a reminder that learning is good but never indulge viewing bad websites. ( wink -:)

Nikon J1 10.1 MP w/ 10-30mm NIKKOR Lens (Red) – Php. 26,449.  – Php. 20,790.00 Ever heard about this mirrorless camera?  Ohh, i have been wanting to have my very own and who know’s someone would be generous to give me this as a gift not for graduation but for being truly awesome.

Forgive me, i’m such a bag addict and i can’t help to leave this on my list. But definitely ladies out there would totally agree that this is such a great catch. Fides Francesca Hand Bag (Blue) can accommodate all your things.  Working for a new company,  it doesn’t need to impress them but just as they always says, first impression last and giving a good impression about you is something worth having.

Music in our life is such a sweet delight.  Treat your newly grads with this Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB (Pink), comes in different colors with built in speaker and a 5mp isight camera.  It’s a handy thing for lazy days waiting on heavy traffics while finding your dream job.

  Above lists are just some of the awesome things you can find on their online site. And here’s a great deal,  Lazada Ph delivers free of charge when you reach a certain amount but of course shipping fees differs when a product is big enough. Payment methods can be via Visa, Mastercard or cash on delivery and they always have a costumer service available to answer your questions.

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Blue Microphones – music lovers best friend

Blue microphones?  I have never heard that before.  I usually see silver,black or gold but i have never seen something blue.

blue microphone

I may have taken this instrument literally but honestly it was my initial thought when i have heard it but checking it out, it gives me a better idea about blue microphones and how it actually works.

Music lovers might have laugh at me when they learned that I look like a little silly looking at this music gadget.

blue microphones

I’m quite impressed that there are different microphones that you can buy in the music store which reminds me that i haven’t been there for years.  I guess, this would be a perfect hit for all blue lovers out there.

Proper Kitchen Tools That Give You an Edge

Whether you are a high-end chef or a home cook, if you have spent any significant portion of time preparing food, you are well aware of the importance of your knife set. When you consider the amount of time that you spend cutting, slicing or chopping during the preparation of meals, it should come as no surprise that getting a good knife set is important. More and more, Western cooks are turning to the Japanese chef knives for several reasons.Proper Kitchen Tools That Give You an Edge

If you are a home cook who prefers to use professional-quality kitchenware, then you may be aware of some of the benefits of a Japanese knife. If not, it is never too late to learn. A Japanese knife tend to be lighter than the Western variety. This means that the knife can be used more quickly, and causes less fatigue over the course of cooking a meal.

They are also usually sharpened on only one side of the cutting edge, with the opposite side being slightly concave. This means that they can cut much more delicately. This last factor is very important when you consider things like Japanese sushi chef knives, which need to be used with much precision. You may also consider a Japanese ceramic chef knife set if you want a knife that holds its edge without sharpening for a long time.

When it comes to slicing and dicing in the kitchen, having a great knife set is key. For a variety of reasons, you may want to consider adopting a Japanese set. With the intricate and delicate cuts you make, the whole family is going to love your dishes.


Broken Cd’s

I am cleaning my cd collection and found out that some of them are already not working.  Now, i wonder if only followed the advice of a friend to make it a point to have  cd reproduction , i would not be having difficulties on retrieving them.

That’s the main problem with cd’s when it is already over used or stored for a long period of time, the quality of it is reduced and sometimes things like this can happen.  So, i guess, choosing quality cd’s are really important especially if you are storing important files.

Pictures of us are stored in cd’s to keep them for many years but if this cd breaks, those memories will turn into just simple mind memories which i really don’t want to happen.

Traffic Violations and Helmets

Municipal Ordinances including traffic violations especially no helmets are just one of the many pending cases we have in our court sala and each week the numbers are getting bigger.  I guess, the main reason for this is the fact that drivers have some negligence on their part too.

I wonder whether poor information dissemination may be the cause of the problem but I don’t think it would be the case considering that the government especially the agency that is concern with the implementation of such traffic rules made very clear that one should bring helmets not just to abide with the rules but also for one’s own safety.

There are many helmets that you can buy in different stores, take scorpion motorcycle helmets as an example, they have many varieties and different colors and style to choose from.  With the recent ICC thing, i really need to change my old motorcycle helmet and buy a new one.

Scorpion Helmet

I would like something pink again so i really wish that the store would have some pink helmets again. Closed helmets are not really my type because it can also be banned with the recent robbery problems, but just looking at this picture makes me realize that it was indeed a beauty.  I love the design and the color but i still go with the half size.

Fashion and Guitar

I don’t know about you but for me, fashion and music has a great connection, take a tonelab and you will know that it was a great fashion  statement of any music enthusiasts.

I have always wanted to own a guitar or maybe a piano, it’s a trademark for some people , call me crazy but i think it was somewhat connected.  If you still don’t believe me, check the net and when you searched music and fashion, a huge lists will appear in your eyes.