Making your practice work for you

Many doctors who got into the medical industry hoping to help people have been frustrated to find that the insurance company lobby, backed by the federal government, is making it especially hard to provide the right kind of care for patients without taking a substantial financial loss in most cases. There is very little leeway that the insurance companies are willing to provide medical practices that do not have a great deal of power. There is also no effective lobby that doctors have created to combat this trend – at least until now.

Many doctors have made the transition into a completely different kind of medicine: a weight loss program that provides the doctor with the ability to give the treatments that are actually best for the patient without having to worry about any subsidies from insurance companies. Patients are happier and healthier, and the doctor is able to pocket more of the money than ever before. The records of this practice are also not subject to many of the needless regulations of the federal government such as the switch to an expensive and inefficient centralized electronic medical records system that is now mandated.

We have information and the doctors who have been successfully able to transition their practices from a family office that was dependent on insurance company payments to a completely free office that now calls its own shots. You can follow the same example and do the same thing for your patients as well.

Get information about the transition here and free yourself from the ridiculous bureaucracy that is forcing many family doctors to completely shut their doors. Your patients are depending on you for the best medical care that is out there. If the insurance companies are stopping you from providing this care, then you owe it to yourself and to them to seek out other ways of providing it to them. We have the way; all that you have to do is avail yourself of the technical and personal resources that we are giving to you. Change is possible if you take that step into the realm of new business!