Fab Gift Guide for the Holidays

The season for gift-giving is just excitedly waiting at the corner. Have you completed your Christmas gifts already? Christmas also happens to be one of those stressful seasons wherein you feel the pressure in finding the best and the most fabulous gift you can give to your friends and families. Ease those lines building on your forehead as you stress yourself with the last minute shopping rituals your about to endure over the weekend with these fab gift guide ideas you can try for the holidays.


Wearable Technology

The geek and gadget lover will definitely love this. Having a hard time with your budget? There are many versions of the android watch nowadays that wouldn’t hurt your pocket. However, if you are planning to win the heart or the smile of your gift receiver, an authentic Apple Watch or Samsung Gear would definitely do the trick.

Audio Speakers

There are a ton of high-end and newly released versions of the speaker. You can give away colorful speakers for your nieces of a nice waterproof one for your favorite cousin. Lead the party and enjoy some good old house or pop music as you enjoy the quality sound produced from these music blasters.


No matter how many pixels Smartphone offer nowadays, nothing beats the authentic feel of having a good old trusted camera on your hand. You can go vintage and give away Polaroid cameras for your favorite sibling who just loves to take selfies. This will definitely give them a new perspective when it comes to taking pictures.

Car technology

Your husband, daddy, brother or practically any man in your life will definitely enjoy tech gears for their cars. You can choose from portable chargers, GPS, new speakers, car seat covers or a set of new blinking lights for his hood. Go all out and surprise that man in your life.


Mom will definitely love a new gadget for her kitchen or the latest cleaning tool for the household. A new washing machine or a brand new oven would definitely make your mom hug you in delight.

With the right perspective and knowing the personality of your love ones, you can definitely make any simple gift, a fab one for them these coming holidays.

Caricature Statues

Finding a nice gift ideas this valentine day 2012, check this Mini Me, caricature statues that will surely make you smile when you receive one.   I fancy taking pictures of my children and my family and when i saw this personalized caricature, i thought it would really be nice if we also have one.

mini me

This mini me caricature can be a great gift for this valentine, traditional gifts are old book, why not try something new and unique. No matter what your budget, it’s certainly easy to find perfect Valentine gift ideas for your love one. If you give your love a gift that fuels their passion, it’s more than likely that passion will spill over to lucky you!

marilyn monroe

Mini Me can be found on major SM Mall branches.  Check them out and don’t forget to remember that you see them from here 🙂

manny pacquiao


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