Hair Extensions and its Benefits

The hair is out crowning glory. The fact remains that changing our hair style and hair color is not as easy as changing the color of our nails. Thus is not a surprise that more and more women are leaning into wearing hair extensions.

The trends when it comes to hairstyle changes from time to time. To be able to be fashionably forward and be up to date when it comes to hair style using extensions seems to be the most practical option we have.

human braiding hair

What are the practical benefits of hair extensions?

1. Easy to use

Simply use thread the air extension you have in your mind onto your hair and feel great afterwards. Check out CC Hair Extensions for example.

2. It looks as equally natural

Hair extensions are not more natural and look exactly like real hair. You do not have to endure using plastic and synthetic extensions and wigs anymore.

3. You can personalize as you need it

Have red hair, green, blue or any color you want instantly without having to worry about damaging your hair. Simply pick a color you feel like wearing and put it on.

wigs for black women

4. No chemicals involved

We all know how dangerous hair chemicals can be to our hair and to our health. With hair extensions, we do not have to worry anything about it.

5. Cheaper than other hair treatments

Besides being more affordable compared to other hair treatments, you will also get the chance to save time with hair extensions. Extensions like  hair weft  would fit just any hair.

Enjoy any hair style you want at any color with hair extensions!

Trends from the Spring and Summer 2013 Runways

Does the cold weather have you dreaming of spring? Unfortunately there are more than six weeks of winter left, but until the days of warm weather and birds chirping are in sight, we can continue to dream by preparing our closets for the upcoming season! The clothes may not even be on the racks at stores yet, but we can still learn about the new trends so we’ll be ready when they do! That way your wardrobe will be updated and everything will compliment your Indian hair extensions too!

Full Spectrum Monochrome:

Tired of wearing all black this fall and winter? This spring we’ll see a new kind of monochromatic: one color, but bright! Wear one color from head-to-toe like kelly green at Stella McCartney and Akris, bright orange at Carolina Herrera, mustard yellow at Fendi, hot pink at Etro, red at The Row, or cobalt blue at Gucci and Hermès. You can choose any color within the spectrum as long as you stick to just one.

Modern Delicate White Fabrics:

Delicate white fabrics traditionally reappear when the weather becomes warmer. This spring, however, design houses and designers like Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Roberto Cavalli, Vera Wang, Chanel, and Bottega Veneta updated vintage embroideries, lace, eyelet, and sheer veilings for modern times. Designers updated vintage styles by incorporating delicate patterns into fitted, architectural pants and tops instead of flowy skirts and dresses for a new angle.

Far Eastern Influences:

If you’re looking for a completely new look, Asian influences from the Far East may be the perfect spring trend for you to try! Digital-printed geishas were seen on the runway at Prada, Vietnamese ladies at Pucci, and even Indian-inspiration at Peter Pilotto. Other design houses like Miu Miu and Aquilano Rimondi embraced Eastern influence and a red, grey, black, blue, and white color palette.

Architectural Frills:

Architectural frills may sound like an oxymoron, but in fashion, there’s no such thing! These frills are a long way off from the sweet ruffles of spring/summer 2012. These frills showcased the incredible skills of designers at Balenciaga, Marni, Dior, and Gucci. Designers created frills in black, grey, and white for added drama. Which trend are you looking forward to the most?

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Wigs for all season

There are different wigs that are available in the market.  Some are used for fashion and some are used for a specific purpose.  I don’t know about you, but for me, the idea of a wig is very interesting.  I have always wanted to have my hair styled in different ways depending on the day and mood that I am in.

I guess it shows how open I am, always willing to try new things even if it is a little weird. For me, owning wigs can give you freedom to choose whatever style you want to have.  There are many kinds of wigs too. For instance, human hair wigs are very popular this day but you can also find synthetic or plastic wigs.

That’s why its great finding a site that is not for fashion alone, but also selling wigs as a form of hair replacement. The wigs they make are of the highest quality, so you won’t think twice on getting one.

As I mentioned, wigs serve different purposes. They are a great help to those who are suffering from the Big C.  We all know that people who are suffering with this kind of disease lose their hair because of the treatment they have to undergo. Sad it may seem, but having these wigs is not just to lighten their burden, but for them to feel good even with the problems they are suffering.  Wigs can be just one of the tools they needed for them to feel their best despite what they are encountering.