Lipstick Diary : Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Lip colour

laura mercier lipstick
You know how much my love for lipstick.  So, you could imagine my surprise and delight when i received this Laura Mercier Lipstick from one my good friend online.  This is a part of payitforward 2014 program. It’s like an exchange of something you have or you wish to give to one of your online friends.

I have been hearing about Laura Mercier and read several reviews about it and yes, i have been wishing to have one too but unfortunately living in the province means you get to missed some things and products since they are not available on our place or if they does, it costs hundred or even thousand of pesos that for a frugal mom like me would not even dare to buy.

laura mercier lip colour

So, going back to this Laura Mercier Lip colour in Cozy tint, it’s a combination of pink, red and violet hues or if you look at it more closely, you will find that it’s similar to wine red or plum.  It’s not very red and yet not very dark which i think is perfect for white complexion or fair and tan colored women.

Just like it’s name, this lipstick is really lighweight and the color is very nice and what’s really best about this product is it’s color lasts for hours even after eating and talking that much.  For the picture below, i applied a very light lipstick but it can goes to medium and full coverage depends on the amount of lipstick you apply.

laura mercier cozy lipstick

laura mercier in cozy

I have read that you can get this at Sephora for $24 , i’m so lucky, don’t you think? Super Thanks to the one and only Diva Fabulosa.