H&M new hub

The news of H&M opening in the Philippines makes every fashinista somewhat crazy.  H&M was known for their wide collection of not just woman apparel but also for me and kids alike.  They are not just pretty and stylish but also affordable. Located in Mandaluyong City just near Mega Mall.  I have heard that it was three stories high, so just imagine the craziness you can get going from floor to floor, choosing and getting the apparels you wanted.

The first time, i have a H&M shirt was a gift from a friend but this time, if given a chance, I would definitely want to visit and check for myself what the store can offer. Ooh, i think i could end up broke or perhaps even  kustom powered monitor could not save me from ending buying all the things i wanted.

Toss Winter Blues and Grab Summer Sunshine

Time to Grab the Sunshine

America is winter weary and ready to trade in their worn out boots for the embodiment of summer- warm weather flip flops!

To take advantage of people’s wistful longings for summer, small business owners shouldn’t wait to order plenty to attract customers ready for winter to go away. They are ready to buy now, so businesses must shop now to stock their stores at wholesale sites, such as http://www.buymerchant.com.

A Colorful History
Flip flops may have caused a stir when the 2005 Women’s Northwestern University Lacrosse Team visited the White House after winning the National Championship but they have been a staple summer footwear since World War II. After the war, soldiers returning from Japan brought “zori” shoes with them to the states. In America, the standard straw zori gave way to shoes crafted from various materials including rubber, leather and man-made materials like nylon and canvas. The “flip flop” sound the shoes make is what led to their American name. More changes came with bright colors and embellishments like rhinestones, beads and charms.

Still a summer staple, flip flops have evolved from being considered strictly casual footwear to acceptable wear for more formal occasions. Designs are plentiful and demand high, making them lucrative merchandise for small businesses to carry.