Holiday Gift Guide : Drum it on

It’s almost Christmas, perhaps your gifts are all ready, packed and wrapped for your special one.  But if you still haven’t had any idea of what to give this christmas, you can start from looking at this drum buying guide which is perfect for every instrument lover.

I remember when my daughter is still two years old.  We used to go to the arcade just for her to play the drums.  It was just for 30 minutes but the experience lingers on for about a week and she knows by instinct, every Friday she would  asked me that we should go the following day on the mall, so she can play the drum at the arcade.

If only we have that space, i would have bought her that drums we saw on the internet but since, we don’t have any place to to put it, we just had that same routine until such time that she was able to get over that thought.

Yamaha and You

I been lazy for this few days.  My mind tells me to do more things but my body is just too tired to even write. Our darling Peachy just had her examination this week and even she was dead tired after a day’s work.  She can’t even go to her piano lesson and hold her favorite yamaha slg110s.  Although, she is missing some piano lessons, her heart and mind is still determine to do better.

I can see her humming and pointing her fingers on the imaginary piano.  I wish i can get her piano but i told her not this time since we still have many things to prioritize.

Holiday shopping guides : Shop till you drop

With the holiday season just around the corner, I know many of you are going  around to find things to buy as a gift for your family or love one.

If you are looking for the best gift this coming yuletide season, here are some ideas you might find worthy of  giving ;

For the music lover, a good wesc headphones at musicians friend would be a perfect gift for those ears who always yearn for good melody.

For those who love to cook, a cook book, a set of kitchen ware or crafts for cooking would be interesting.

If they are into fashion, it’s easy to find accessories and pretty things to crave their delightful eyes.   There are thousands of gifts ideas in the net today and finding one might be hard at first but always keep in mind the things they like and from there you can get a better idea on what to give them.

Holiday Music

Christmas is all about giving and forgiving and that’s the main point of many music created for the holiday. You would definitely feel that christmas is just around the corner when you hear the lively jinggle bells or the sound of cheap used flutes outside the church you used to go to.

If there is one music i love the most and definitely it’s about Christmas since it’s the great time to enjoy another beautiful moments with your family and friends and receiving and giving gifts is another factor.

Now, i feel like singing. Merry Christmas to all.

Celebrating National Language Month


It’s almost mid of September and everybody is busy thinking about the coming holidays.  It’s a merry September month for our city since we are celebrating the feast of our Dear Ina “Penafrancia”, the patron saint of the Bicolanos.

With all the busy thoughts and preparations, i forgot to talk about my daughter’s participation last month on the celebration of our national language.  From a day celebration becoming weeks and now a month long celebration, it is just right that our national language should be given a big importance since it’s a part of what we really are.

Back to my daughter’s performance, she was really  excited on that day since she was assigned by her teacher and placed in the middle to become the leader.  Although it’s not really quite much but for a little girl, it means very important.  That’s why I have been busy preparing her national costume as well as her igorot costume for the dance number.

The event was a success and I’m so happy seeing her performing the dance she memorized for weeks.  With all the busy stuff, i guess I think i needed a much break i have been wanting to have. Recently, i have been planning to visit Manila and might as well think of buying a coupon that can help me win an awesome prize for groupon getaways.  You know how much I’m addicted on winning prizes and great deals, i bet this would really help me de-stress somehow.

Making your music passion works

Music practice with wittner metronome at guitar center is really interesting especially for those who are learning music.  If your just starting to learn the instrument, it’s always good to be prepared with tools that can help you after all it’s not very easy to learn something if you haven’t had the tools to get you going.

Even if you have the passion for music,  you need music tools that would help you learn easily and when you have them, be sure to take extra good care since it would accompany you for a long time.

Although, music is something that can everybody grasps, not everyone can learn them. It needs hard work, time and money to be able to accomplish them and if one is missing, it would really give you a hard time.

Play it hard

It’s been a while since I have last told you that i have been wanting to buy a musical instrument, perhaps to buy dave murray strat would be one in our may lists of instruments that we needed.

My daughter is all excited to begin her first piano lesson and I’m also hoping that she can find time to do this and not just because she’s excited to try.

Hopefully, she can pull this trough and i would be the most excited mom that time.

Enjoying the summer with your favorite music lesson

By this time, some classes are already finished and kids are already at home enjoying their vacation. But for some, this is the start of enjoying a good summer lesson like joining a sports clinic, an art or painting lessons, tutorials to enhance your educational knowledge or perhaps joining classes that deals with music.

I remember my childhood days, even though i wish i can learn to play the guitars using taylor guitars , i never got the chance to do so because we lack the money to enroll on music schools and i also i have the enthusiasm and the passion to learn, my skills are not accordingly proportion with that desire.

I can also remember the times my friends from the neighborhood would teach me how to play my favorite songs in the guitar.  Learning the basics is something i still treasure until now because aside from learning, the happy memories and fun times are something i truly treasured.

So, if you have the child who wishes to study and you can see the manifestations and eagerness to learn, grab that chance to give them the opportunity to learn.

Vintage Guitar for keeps

Although i’m not a music performer nor how to use even one music instrument.  My love for music cannot be compared and I have always wished to learn how to play just even the guitar.   But learning is i think something that would take years for me considering the fact that I don’t have any idea on how it was done even a marvelous whammy could not give me the basic learning i needed.

vintage guitars

Looking at this beautiful vintage guitar, i remember the days when i used to sit down in front of our porch where i used to sing along while a friend holds her vintage guitar given to her by her father.  I admire how she holds the guitar and how talented as she touch the whammy.  It was a perfect blend of music and frienship.

Sound of Music

One of the most popular movie musical ever made and even after forty seven years, the movie is still well loved by many viewers.  Even the  kaossilator can produce such beautiful music but the human voice is still unique to produce different sounds. I remember the days i used to watch the sound of music and still if given a chance, i would love to have a cd of this for my collection.

Sound of music was created based on the broadway musical show from the life of the Von Trapp family starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.