Nursing Home Or Assisted Living

When the time comes to think about placing your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are some things to keep in mind about the care that’s received from each type of location. A nursing home provides more medical care than an assisted living facility while assisted living tries to let residents live their life as normal as possible.

A nursing home is a place for those who have medical issues that the family might not be able to care for any more. The facility has several nursing assistants to provide care for patients as well as a few nurses who are on staff to administer medications and help with emergencies. Doctors can go to the nursing home to check on their patients, and if there are any concerns, the patient can be transported to the hospital for further testing or treatment. The facility will provide transportation to doctor’s appointments. It doesn’t matter if there is an emergency in the middle of the night. The staff will make sure the patient is cared for in the proper way. This makes it easier for family members to get the rest needed while they are at home because they know that their family member is being taken care of by professional staff members. Companies like Miracle Ear provide testing and other services for patients at nursing facilities.

There is a caring environment in both nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The staff at both locations will make sure the residents are treated with dignity and respect. This means that if there are problems that need to be addressed by either the patient or the family, they will be handled promptly. There are nursing assistants who will help with dressing residents who aren’t able to get dressed on their own. In nursing homes, the staff will help with bathing, feeding and other daily activities. Most of the residents in an assisted living center can still do these things, but the help is there if needed. Three meals a day are served at both facilities. Menus are created for patients who have special needs like low sodium or no sugar. Some facilities will let residents choose what they want from a menu, but most will serve a meal that is for the entire facility. Snacks are offered through the day so that residents have something to eat and drink when needed. Most facilities will let residents have a few snacks in their room, but they should be approved by the staff because of dietary needs and limitations of the resident.

In an assisted living facility, residents can usually have a few pieces of their own furniture. The residents can have their own clothing and toiletries as well. This helps make them feel more like they are at home instead of at a nursing facility. Activities are offered to keep residents busy. There are some day trips that are scheduled so that residents can go shopping or take part in activities that aren’t at the facility. Family members can often take loved ones out to eat or even to their home for a short period of time during the day so that they can spend time together.